Illimitable Until Death v2c87

“That is…”

Inside the cabin, Houri’s eyes were solidified as he spotted the massive influx of black shadows through the window.

From Houri’s direction, it was very clear to see.

A large number of black shadows were all Aragami.

The Aragami, whose body is made up of black and white, is like a flying black egg.

The large number of Aragami came like a black stream and swallowed the helicopter’s queue before the soldiers in the military helicopters could react.


With the sound of an explosion, a burst of fire and shock appeared in the Aragami army that had engulfed the helicopters.

Boom Boom Boom-!

As if causing a chain reaction, one helicopter after another exploded in the wave formed by Aragami, turning into a sky of fire and rubble, and completely disappearing from the world.

The troops from the Fenrir Far East branch did not even have time to land and were completely wiped out.

In the last moments, there was only one person who reacted in time.

That was Houri.


The wind was howling in his ears.

In the black stream that engulfed the helicopters, Houri’s figure suddenly appeared, riding on the gale of gravity, descending from the sky, and with a bang, his feet hit the ground with force.

In Houri’s arms, there was Hibari, who had not yet reacted to the sudden accident and was still in a state of shock.

“Hey,” Houri asked as he patted Hibari’s face. “Are you all right?”

“I’m… I’m okay.” Hibari finally reacted and understood what had happened, and her face became a bit pale.

After all, if Houri hadn’t grabbed Hibari, opened the hatch and jumped out of the cabin together, Hibari would have been dead.

“Is this what fail right at the start means?” Houri grinned, put down Hibari in his arms, raised his head and looked up.

“And the trouble isn’t over yet?”

Hearing Houri’s words, Hibari subconsciously raised her head and also looked to the sky.

There, the black eggs gradually began to fly down and swept, like pouring down a dark rainstorm, very powerful.


Hibari trembled, could not help but take a step back, and pulled out the gun worn at her waist.

Unfortunately, that kind of thing doesn’t work for Aragami at all.

The so-called Aragami is actually a group of single-celled organisms that can only prey.

That cell is called an Oracle cell.

Each Aragami is a collection of thousands of Oracle cells.

These Oracle cells are able to prey on everything and evolve rapidly so that they can function as the things they prey on.

So, some Oracle cells have the function of eyes, some Oracle cells have the function of teeth, these have a variety of functions of the Oracle cell together and formed an Aragami.

Human weapons cannot work on Aragami, not only because the function of weapons will also be predated, but also because purely physical weapons simply can not cut off the bond between Oracle cells.

It is for this reason that both Soma and Hibari would say this.

“The only people who can fight Aragami are God Eater.”


Only God Eater.

The messenger who can kill even God.


“It’s so funny that such a monster is called a god.”

Looking at the huge amount of Aragami that came like a downpour, Houri’s expression calmed down to a frightening level.

In his eyes, a pair of pitch-black pupils suddenly flashed a hint of ice blue luster.


Just as Houri’s hand was about to hold a short blade like a crescent moon, an explosion suddenly appeared in Aragami’s black stream above him.

Bang Bang-!

With the sound of a gunshot, a bullet that could not be caught by the naked eye streaked through Houri’s sky like a meteor and landed in the Aragami army, causing an explosion and raising a fire.

Within the explosion and fire, the bodies of the monsters that humans could not defeat were pierced, burned and completely turned into ashes, and dissipated in the air.

Houri and Hibari were instantly stunned, and then turned their heads and looked in the direction of the gunshots.

The two of them saw Tachibana Sakuya was crouching on top of a ruin, holding a heavy sniper rifle of human size in her hand, firing at a very fast speed, causing the muzzle to explode in a burst of muzzle fire, which was extremely dazzling.

In addition, there are two figures with amazing speed who sweep past and rushed to Houri and Hibari in an instant, to meet a group of incoming Aragami.


The heavy sword like a chainsaw cut through the air, easily splitting the incoming Aragami in two.


The large sword with a gear-like blade also slashed down heavily, killing Aragami and causing a splash of blood at the same time.

Amemiya Rindo and Soma just rushed in front of a large number of Aragami, wielding their weapons wildly, killing coming Aragami one after another.

The weapon is so bulky, but Amemiya Rindo and Soma swung them as easily as if they were wielding a tree branch, amidst the blood and flesh, like War God, cutting down the humanoid monsters who were named ‘gods’ with their swords, extremely brave.

Houri looked at the bulky weapon, and a flash of unusual glow passed through his eyes.

“Is that the God Arc?”

God Arc is a biological weapon made from the core of an Oracle cell.

In short, it’s just Aragami, a weapon form that can be controlled manually.

By injecting the same Oracle cell into one’s own body, God Eater not only gained a powerful physical condition comparable to Aragami, but also formed a smooth connection with the God Arc, and thus used this weapon to fight Aragami.

That is the only weapon that can fight Aragami.

Because they are both made up of Aragami cells, God Arc also has the function of predation and can prey on Aragami in turn, cutting off the bond between Aragami cells and destroying Aragami.

On one side is the monster that devours humans.

On the other side is the human who devours the monster.

The relationship between God Eater and Aragami is as simple as that.

Either devoured.

It is either to be devoured or to devour others.

At this moment, the system prompt suddenly sounded.

“Special profession detected in this Transcript world – God Arc user.”

“With a certain suitability, inject Oracle cell in the body and connect to God Arc, you can become a God Arc user and get powerful body power and the qualification to use God Arc.”

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