Illimitable Until Death v2c89

Once again into the Transcript world, Houri has been completely different from before.

The first time he entered the Transcript world, Houri was just a MainGod envoy without any surprises other than Innate skill, and even more, his attributes were incomparably straightforward, with no advantages other than AGI.

But this time, Houri’s attributes not only have a very considerable overall improvement but also the assistance of skills and equipment, his strength has a great improvement.

Coupled with the ten-day special training in the MainGod space training ground, Houri also got enlightened in terms of techniques. Compared to when he first entered the MainGod space, Houri can really be called reborn.

For example, now, Houri relies on a glimpse of Tohno Shiki’s little bit of skill, with the skill of Nanaya assassination arts, he suddenly accelerates to the limit while running.

Although not as unexpected as Tohno Shiki’s flash body that can suddenly accelerate to the limit in a stationary state, but Houri’s current speed, in a running state, can also accelerate to the limit in just a moment.

Therefore, in this instant, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma three people could only feel a sudden gust of wind around them. Then, Houri, who was originally surrounded by everyone, directly embraced Hibari and shot forward as a loaded bullet.


There, in the midst of the ear-splitting growl sound, Aragami, who looked like Kongou, raised its sturdy arm high and fiercely swung a mountainous blow at the oncoming Houri.

That blow made the wind whistling strongly, and more like a sonic boom. Even a boulder larger than a person, under that blow, only to be shattered on the spot.

Faced with this blow, Houri just suddenly forward, there is no fear in his eyes, there is only the calmness that makes people palpitate.

In the end, Houri kicked out a strong and powerful kick against the heavy blow that fell from the sky.

The next second, the thick arm falling from the sky collided with the heavy blow from the fierce upward kick.


Along with the muffled hit sound, an impact wind suddenly shook away and swept around like a storm.

Houri and Kongou-like Aragami were in the midst of that strong wind, and their bodies trembled at the same time, one retreating extremely fast, and the other taking several steps back with heavy footsteps, making a dent in the ground.


“No way…”


Seeing this scene with their own eyes, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma were all shocked.


The Kongou-like Aragami also seemed to find it unbelievable and let out an angry roar, going into a berserk state and attacking Houri’s direction.

But Houri also moved at this time.

As if completely ignoring inertia, Houri’s feet just landed on the ground, his body dodged hurriedly, twisted his body to pass the lunging Kongou.

Then, as if ignoring inertia, Houri’s body suddenly stopped in the middle of a forward dash, and with a spin, he actually dodged directly behind the Kongou and give a heavy blow with a kick that generates whistling wind against its back again.


The muffled hit sound resounded again.

This time, Houri’s kick directly hit the Kongou-like Aragami’s back, sending the Kongou, which was several times bigger than himself, flying straight away and crashing into ruin in front with a bang.


It was only then that Houri let out a long breath that had accumulated in his chest.

However, Hibari, who was in Houri’s arms and saw Houri’s performance from a close distance, was completely dumbfounded.

Not only Hibari, but also Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma had their eyes wide open, stunned in place, and couldn’t react.

If anyone has watched the simulation battle between Houri and Tohno Shiki, they will realize how similar Houri’s body technique is to the Flash Step method of Nanaya assassination arts.

A way of walking that is out of common sense.

The ultimate speed beyond human.

The spider’s bizarre footwork.

The sudden turn at very high speed.

All of these are techniques in the Nanaya assassination arts.

Of course, among the skills of Nanaya assassination arts, Houri’s performance just now may not even be considered a passing line.

However, during the ten days of training, Houri has undoubtedly refined his technique, and because the object of observation is Tohno Shiki, the body technique has taken on a touch of the essence of Flash Step.

Although only scratched the surface, but in any case, that is the human can not do.

So all three God Eaters present were surprised.

As for Aragami, who was kicked flying by Houri, it was completely furious.


With a furious howl, the Kongou-like Aragami ran wildly out of the ruins and attacked Houri’s direction once again.

As a monster that even human’s weapons can’t do anything about, it naturally can’t be solved by Houri with a single kick. There is not even a scratch on its body, and the threat is increasing instead of decreasing.

However, at this time, Houri already ignored it.

“What are you guys staring at?”

Looking at the three God Eaters who were stunned in place, Houri ill-humoredly said. “Hurry up and escape, or I’ll go first.”

After saying this, Houri completely ignored the three God Eaters of the First Unit and turned around directly. Under Kongou’s roar, he rushed out without looking back.

That speed is actually a lot faster than just now.

That is not Houri hiding his skills, but Revolving Boots have the effect of skyrocketing speed when retreating.

Seeing Houri’s speed surge, almost instantly lost his figure, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma are now back to their senses.

“That kid, is he really an ordinary soldier?”

“With that skill, if it really appeared in the army, it would have been completely spread out already, right?”

“He’s actually hiding his skill…”

The three God Eaters were surprised, but they also hurriedly went after him.

It must be said that although Houri’s speed was already very fast, as a special profession in this world, the speed of the three God Eaters was also not slow, and it did not take long to catch up with Houri.

The surrounding Aragami immediately roars around again, and the three God Eaters once again engaged in battle.

In this situation, at a certain moment, Houri’s group finally saw it.

In front of them, a large group of soldiers with guns were coming their way.

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