Illimitable Until Death v2c92


The strange taboo name that came out of nowhere made Houri stunned on the spot.

Looking at Houri’s stunned look, Amemiya Rindo shrugged his shoulders and said. “I know young people are not familiar with this, so do you know about Venus?”

“I still know this,” Houri replied without thinking. “The Greek statue of the severed arm of the goddess of feminine beauty, right?”

“Good,” Amemiya Rindo said with some surprise. “I didn’t think that someone would know about something that happened at least fifty years ago.”

Hearing this, Houri couldn’t help but keep his mouth shut.

He almost forgot that this was decades in the future.

“Aphrodite is Venus.” Amemiya Rindo looked at Houri, who had fallen into silence, and said. “She is the goddess of love and beauty in ancient Greek mythology, and is known as Venus in Roman mythology, and is known as the goddess who is in charge of all love, and is quite famous in mythology.”

“And then what?” Houri asked directly. “Why are you telling me this?”

Instead of answering, Amemiya Rindo took out a touch screen panel from his pocket, operated it a few times, and handed it to Houri.

Houri took it suspiciously, and his gaze is cast to the touchscreen panel screen.

On the screen, there is an image.

It is an image of Aragami.

The whole body has a body-color like white porcelain.

The body is wrapped in armor-like lotus leaves.

The lower half of the body is a plant, but the upper half is a human body, like a life born out of a flower.

The plant part is like a lotus flower.

The human part is like a woman.

Thus a half-human, half-plant Aragami floats on the sea, with no arms on the upper body, but countless cane-like tentacles on the lower body, churning in the sea.

And the size of this Aragami is said to be incredibly large, much larger than the buildings.

“This is one of the most terrifying Aragami identified on the planet so far.” Amemiya Rindo said. “Fenrir classified it as a Deusphage species, super large in size, and nearly half of the creatures that once lived in the ocean were preyed upon by it. Not only does it possess great power itself, but it can also release some strange hormones that attract similar Aragami and manipulate them to some extent.”

Hearing this, Houri understood at once.

“So it is.” Houri redirected his eyes to the screen, looked at the huge Aragami, and said in a low voice.

“Is it Aphrodite?”

Aphrodite, or Venus, is known for the existence of the most perfect female body and appearance, a symbol of love and beauty, is considered the highest symbol of female physical beauty, a mixture of elegance and charm.

Such existence undoubtedly possesses an essence that can attract any aliens.

Since this Aragami is able to release hormones that manipulate similar Aragami to achieve the same effect, has a beautiful upper body like a woman and no arms, all these physical characteristics have given her the same name as the ancient Greek god of beauty.

And Houri had guessed why Amemiya Rindo mentioned this Aragami.

“That’s it, right?” Houri said with exceptional certainty. “The Aragami leader who led the Aragami army to attack the Russian branch was this Aphrodite?”

It makes sense if one thinks about it.

Although it is not strange for Aragami to attack in groups, it is suspicious to attack a stronghold in such an orderly manner, even with the presence of a pre-attack force, and the number that gathered is so large, and the destination of the attack is so clear.

However, if it was Aphrodite this Aragami who was manipulating Aragami’s army, then it would not be surprising at all.

After all, this Aragami can release the hormone that attracts the same kind, and can also carry out a certain degree of manipulation, gather a large number of Aragami, and set up such a regular action, which is not strange at all.

While Houri was thinking this, Amemiya Rindo also nodded in approval of Houri’s speculation.

“Hibari has reported the situation to the Far East branch, and then they sent this speculation that this incident has a lot to do with Aphrodite.”

Saying this, Amemiya Rindo reached out and slid his hand over the touchscreen panel a few times, causing the image on the screen to change slightly to another image.

In this image, the image of Aphrodite landing from the sea was shown extremely clearly.

“This is an image that was confirmed a short time ago and confirms the fact that the Aphrodite landed from the sea.” Amemiya Rindo said. “And the place where this super-sized Deusphage species Aragami landed in Russia.”

That being the case, the truth is not hard to guess.

Only the surface truth, of course.

Houri played with the touch screen panel in his hand, looked thoughtfully at the image of the giant Aragami that appeared on the screen, and after a while, threw it back to Amemiya Rindo and spoke straightforwardly.

“What do you want me to do?”

Houri did not believe that Amemiya Rindo would somehow tell himself such important information.

Since Amemiya Rindo came here specifically to tell him such important information, he must have wanted to do something.

In this regard, Amemiya Rindo did not deny it but only said. “Deusphage species this type of Aragami, basically exist all over the world, such as Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susano in the Far East, Zeus, Hera and Ouroboros in Western Europe. Although Aphrodite was confirmed to exist a long time ago, it has always been active in the ocean and has never been on land, and this time it suddenly landed in Russia and gathered so many Aragami to attack the Russian branch, don’t you think there is something wrong?”

“Maybe there’s a problem, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem I should solve, does it?” Houri shrugged and said to Amemiya Rindo. “Okay, speak directly, what do you want me to do?”

“A mission.” Amemiya Rindo tossed the touch screen panel in his hand to Houri once more and said this.

“Find out why the Aphrodite landed in Russia and attacked in a big way. This is a mission directly from the Far East branch, and I have recommended you to complete it. If you want to get promoted, then it depends on this one.”

The moment the Amemiya Rindo voice fell, the system prompt suddenly sounded.

“No. 11273 Trigger A Rank Side Mission: Investigate Russian branch.”
“Mission content: Investigate the reason why Deusphage species Aragami Aphrodite landed in Russia and report it to Amemiya Rindo.”
“Mission reward: 10,000 CP.”

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