Illimitable Until Death v2c93

“A Rank Side Mission?”

Houri’s eyebrows instantly raised, and his heart was also somewhat moved.

He didn’t expect that such a high-level mission would be triggered at this time.

A reward of 10,000 CP.

If he gets this reward, then Houri’s Main Mission 3 can be completed directly, without worrying about failure.

Unlike the first Transcript world, this time, Houri is no longer a newcomer to space, there will be no more kill rewards. To get CP, then he has to start with Side Mission and Hidden Mission.

Originally, Houri was still thinking about how to trigger Side Mission, but who knows, the mission actually came to the door itself.

However, Houri did not show how happy he was.

“Side Mission and Hidden Mission are directly linked to the level of difficulty, and they are divided according to the current strength of MainGod envoy. B Rank Side Mission has only one-tenth the success rate, and A Rank Mission can only be higher.”

Therefore, even if the task comes to the door and is not completed, it is just a carrot that can not be seen and touched, chasing and running after it, the end result is definitely exhaustion and death.

What’s more, the purpose of this task is to investigate.

God knows where to investigate?

And, in addition to that, Houri had another question.

“Why should I be the one to complete this mission?” Houri asked Amemiya Rindo. “I think the success rate can be guaranteed if you, as the captain of the first unit of Fenrir Far East Branch, carry out the mission, right?”

At least, as far as Houri knows, Amemiya Rindo is definitely at the top of the list of all God Eaters.

This apparently sloppy God Arc user is actually extremely powerful.

Deusphage species Aragami is scary, right?

But in the original work, Amemiya Rindo managed to crusade one such Aragami.

That’s the Ouroboros that Amemiya Rindo just mentioned.

Today, Houri has side-stepped the Russian branch and knows the present timeline.

This is the future of 2070.

The original plot started in 2071.

In other words, the current point in time is located just about a year before the beginning of the plot.

Amemiya Rindo also successfully defeated Ouroboros in 2071, one year later.

Even if there is no such outstanding record now, but from the fact that Amemiya Rindo can successfully defeat Ouroboros one year later, it can be seen that the strength of this God Arc user is very high.

It’s fair to say that Amemiya Rindo has probably surpassed MainGod space’s Tier 5 category and has reached Tier 4.

In the Far East branch, there is only one God Arc user capable of defeating Ouroboros single-handedly, whether before or since.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you were able to defeat Aphrodite, not to mention investigate.” Houri looked closely at Amemiya Rindo, said. “You wouldn’t give such an important task to an ordinary soldier like me to carry out, would you?”

Hearing Houri’s words, Amemiya Rindo smiled bitterly.

“You have lifted me up too much,” Amemiya Rindo said helplessly. “What crusade against Aphrodite, if I were to do this, I would die a horrible death.”

Hearing this, Houri wanted to retort but was stopped by Amemiya Rindo’s words.

“That Aragami is specialized in commanding power, its own ability is already high enough, plus can release hormones to manipulate a large number of Aragami, to deal with it is equivalent to have to deal with a whole Aragami army. Even the Russian branch was messed up by it, What a God Arc user like me can do?”

Houri was speechless.

Indeed, Houri forgot that the really terrible part of Aphrodite was not its power, but the ability to manipulate the Aragami army.

That’s why Aphrodite is known as one of the most fearsome Aragami on the planet.

“Moreover, you are not an ordinary soldier.” Amemiya Rindo said with a shrug. “At that time, you showed the mobility that even the God Eater can’t reach. You are far ahead in terms of flexibility and versatility. This kind of sneak-in operation, I think it’s better for you to do it. “

Space will never let a Side Mission come to MainGod envoy’s head out of nowhere for no reason.

Like the previous Transcript world, Houri would not have triggered the first Side Mission if he had not visited the martial gathering at Aragane station and happened to meet Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito in a competition.

And if the first Side Mission is not triggered and completed, thus making contact with Konochi Kurusu, then Houri will not trigger the second Side Mission and have another match with Konochi Kurusu at Iron Fortress.

It is the same this time.

The reason why this Side Mission came to Houri was because of Houri’s previous performance.

Without that performance, this high-level mission would have been out of Houri’s reach.

“An infiltration and investigation operation?” Houri’s brow furrowed, and his tone was equally hopeless. “I have not done something like this before.”

“Well, there’s always a way.” Amemiya Rindo patted Houri’s shoulder, looked at Houri, and said. “I’m sure your nimble and versatile body is more suitable for this mission than mine, and to be honest, you really did me a great favor by surviving.”

After that, Amemiya Rindo turned around and waved at Houri.

“Looking forward to your investigation report, ordinary soldier-kun.”

With these words, Amemiya Rindo left the place.

Looking at Amemiya Rindo’s fading figure, Houri held the touch screen panel in his hand, lowered his head, and fell into deep thought.

After a while, Houri made a plan.

“It’s a risk worth taking.”

Thus, after Aragami’s first attack was repulsed, the Russian branch enjoyed a short period of peace and quiet, and nothing more happened until nightfall.

However, because of the imminent Aragami attack, the atmosphere in the entire Russian branch became much tenser than before, and the security became extremely strict.

Especially in the main area, inside and outside the stronghold facilities, the security was unimaginably tight, and soldiers could be seen patrolling everywhere.

The facility was brightly lit, dispersing the darkness around it, making the surrounding invisible corners extremely scarce.

In such a situation, a black shadow, like a bat, quietly swept by.

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