Illimitable Until Death v2c95

In today’s world, Fenrir is the world’s overlord, from a biological science research facility to a huge power with Aragami’s crusading force and private army.

Opposing such a force is tantamount to confronting all human beings, and it will definitely be obliterated in the true sense.

The same is true for Houri.

Although this time the infiltration investigation is because of the Far East Branch’s mission, after all, this is not visible, so Amemiya Rindo needs to say so subtle, let Houri investigate the Russian Branch.

Presumably, the Far East branch should have long suspected that Aphrodite’s large-scale attack is still inseparable from the Russian branch itself.

However, this is only a suspicion.

Without evidence, the Far East Branch, which is also a Fenrir subordinate branch, has no reason to blame the Russian branch.

That’s why the Far East branch needed someone to infiltrate and investigate.

“It’s amazing how facilities under the same forces have to fight with each other.”

But this has nothing to do with Houri.

The Far East branch wants to investigate, so let’s investigate.

Houri just performed the task for the reward.

Therefore, Houri does not need to be afraid at all, without revealing his identity, he can do whatever he wants.

Holding the Russian branch’s branch manager hostage was not a big deal at all.

So, Houri disguised himself as a soldier on patrol and headed for the commander’s office.

With the identification card, one after another automatic doors opened in Houri’s route, opening a direct path to the command room.

On the way, apart from Houri, there were naturally soldiers patrolling the area.

However, the soldiers here are all well-trained, very abide by military rules, will not chat and fart during the patrol. Even if they see Houri alone patrol and feel a little strange, they did not ask anything, still with a strict atmosphere, continue to patrol.

In this way, Houri only had to lower his head and let his military cap cover his face so that the monitors could not capture his face, and then he was able to travel to his destination without any problems.

At least, it went well at first.

Houri did not stop until he came to an automatic door.

Looking at the tightly closed automatic door, Houri’s expression was more or less helpless.

“Sure enough, with the authority of an ordinary soldier, I can’t go to the command room at all?”

Although it was a matter of course, Houri still felt a little helpless.

If it was possible to pass directly, it would have saved a lot of trouble.

“No solution anymore.”

Houri touched a black bracelet he was wearing on his wrist.

This inconspicuous bracelet is the Black Ring that Houri spent 4,000 CP to auction off, with 1×1×1 space inside.

Houri just gently touched this bracelet with space inside, and a dagger-like crescent moon appeared in his hand.

Immediately after, Houri’s pupils suddenly shifted into ice blue mystic eyes.

The crack-like dead line immediately emerged in Houri’s world.

Houri stared at the heavy automatic door in front of him and fixed his gaze on a dead line in the doorway.

Immediately, Houri stretched out his hand and used the Moonblade in his hand to make a light stroke on the cracked dead line.


A tiny cracking sound reached Houri’s ears.

Inside the closed automatic door, the safety bolt was cut off.

Houri now confirmed the surrounding situation, found no one passing, suddenly opened the door in front of him with a force opened the door in front of him, and flashed into it. The dagger in his hand suddenly stabbed into the side of the alarm.

The alarm just lights up completely stopped, and then went off.

Houri put away the dagger, turned around, and re-closed the door with force.

“Hopefully I can finish the mission before someone notices the malfunction.”

With that, Houri couldn’t help but pick up some speed and head ahead.


Just on the way to the commander’s room, Houri suddenly heard some noises.

“Is that…”

Houri subconsciously looked to the side.

There, there was a door.

A glimmer of light seeped through the door, proving that the lights were still on the inside.

Houri held his breath slightly, and then he heard it.

On the other side of the door, some roars were ringing.

Hearing that roar, Houri’s eyes flickered slightly.

“Aragami’s cry…”

That’s right.

That was Aragami’s cry.

“Why are there Aragami’s cries in the important facilities of the Russian branch?”

And, in the middle of the night like this?

This made Houri suspicious.

“Is it related to Aphrodite’s aggressive attack?”

Thinking of this, Houri went forward and pressed himself against the door, looking through the crack to see the scene inside the door.

However, the scene that caught Houri’s eyes made him stunned on the spot.


In the deafening howls, an Aragami with a demon-like face and a long tail, resembling a ferocious beast, ran wildly over the wasteland, darted forward.

And in the direction of such a group of Aragami, a shoujo is holding a weapon in her hand, calmly facing the incoming group of monsters.

It was a very beautiful shoujo.

The shoujo had silvery shoulder-length hair like moonlight.

The age is not too old, so there is still some childishness on the delicate and beautiful face, which adds a bit of cuteness to this beauty.

However, underneath that lovely appearance, the shoujo has a body that is quite well developed, big breasts, a hot body, very attractive.

It is such a cute and beautiful shoujo, at this moment is holding the bronze heavy bulky sword tightly, a pair of azure eyes staring at the front of the attacking beasts, her face carries a heartfelt feeling of indifference expression.

That expression, as if not interested in all things in the world, but also holds great hatred for Aragami in front. Although not distorted, but looks very cold and indifferent.

Immediately, the shoujo is raising her bulky weapon and advancing as well.


With a cold shout, the shoujo suddenly swung the huge weapon in her hand and landed heavily on the oncoming Aragami’s oni face.


With a muffled blow, the Aragami, which was much bigger than the shoujo, was directly knocked away and fell to the ground.

The shoujo turned her body around and continued to hit the Aragami around her.

That skill, though not that impressive, was still very good.

Houri was surprised.

Of course, Houri was surprised not by the shoujo’s skill, but by the shoujo’s identity.

“It’s her?”

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