Illimitable Until Death v2c96

While Houri was feeling extremely surprised, on the other side, the situation of the shoujo also changed.


With the sound of the whistling wind, the huge weapon in the shoujo’s hand, which did not match her delicate size, was swung once again and swung towards an oncoming Aragami.

But this time, the Aragami opened its mouth full of fangs and bit down on the huge weapon.


Shoujo’s face suddenly changed.

And at this time, the surrounding Aragami also roars in the direction of shoujo.

The battle stopped there.


In a flash of images, the surrounding Aragami disappeared at the same time, and even the rather empty wasteland suddenly disappeared, turning into a room full of mechanical sense.

In the room, only the shoujo was left alone on her knees on the ground, gasping for breath while clenching her teeth reluctantly.

Seeing this scene, Houri finally understood.

In fact, this is just a simulation facility.

Just like the training ground in MainGod space, this simulation facility is a training ground.

In other words, the Aragami just now are all simulated objects.

The shoujo just used this field to simulate a battle with Aragami.

“This is really…” Houri bitterly smiled.

He was expecting to get something, but he didn’t expect to come up empty.

“Still, it’s a bonus to see her.”

After all, just like Mumei and others in the previous world, in this world, the shoujo in front of him is also a character Houri is quite fond of.

Of course, now is not the time to chat, the important thing is the mission.

Just as Houri was about to turn around and leave, finally, his luck came to an end.

Inside the training ground of the simulated facility, the shoujo suddenly turned her head, her sharp eyes cast directly in the direction of the door, and her voice resounded extremely unexpectedly over the entire field.

“Who’s there?!”

Houri knew when he heard the shoujo’s voice.

He had been discovered.

At the same time, the door behind Houri’s back opened automatically.


With a powerful stepping sound, the silver-haired shoujo came flying out of the door, her azure eyes staring at Houri with a cold shine.

Then, the bulky weapon in shoujo’s hand is ferociously swung up and swung in the direction of Houri, without mercy.

From when the shoujo found Houri and came out of the door to launch the attack, the whole process was less than a few seconds.

To be able to discover the enemy in such a short period of time to launch an attack, the shoujo is obviously not human.

This is something that Houri naturally knows all too well.

The shoujo is indeed not a human, but a God Eater.

Although she was not carrying a God Arc, but a training weapon, her body was still far beyond the realm of human beings.

And from the heavy weapon that the shoujo swung, it can see that the force Shoujo used in this strike is definitely not weak.

If hit, even a well-trained soldier would be knocked to the ground with a single blow.

It’s a pity that today’s Houri is no longer a newcomer to the space with trash attributes.

Faced with the heavy weapon that came swinging hard, Houri did not even turn his head back, suddenly crouched down.

The huge weapon immediately swung over Houri, bringing up the wind sound.

In this instant, Houri already pressed one hand on the ground, his body spun, and with a sweep of his leg, he suddenly kicked upwards.


The powerful kick landed on the shoujo’s hand, which was holding a weapon, and sent it flying.


The shoujo was startled.

Apparently, the other party did not expect at all that the soldier in uniform in front of her was actually so strong.


The shoujo immediately tensed her face, her eyes and expression became more indifferent. She didn’t even bother with the weapon that was kicked away, she directly charged forward and struck a palm strike at Houri’s chest.

Not just a weapon, but also a fighting technique.


“A beginner? You are using too much force!”

With such a deliberately low voice, Houri lowered his head, letting his military cap cover his face from being exposed to the shoujo’s eyes, moving as fast as the wind, he dodged to avoid the shoujo’s palm strike.

As Houri said, the shoujo’s fighting was obviously still at the beginner’s level, so she pushed too hard and missed the blow.

Houri tightly grabbed the shoujo’s arm that uses the palm strike and twisted it hard, snapping it to the shoujo’s back.

It was an extremely standard takedown.

Although Houri did not learn how to grapple, he had seen it before so he can use it.

So, with his superior agility, Houri followed suit, and with a takedown, he snapped the shoujo’s hand behind her back, and his body flashed behind the shoujo, pushing her towards the wall and pressing her against it.

“Uh…?!” The shoujo made a coarse sound and resisted with all her might.

This resistance, Houri immediately felt a great force, making him dumbfounded.

Sure enough, even a God Eater who is new to combat, even if her skills are not good, her physical ability strengthened by Oracle cell is also extremely outstanding.

And Houri adds all his points into agility, if not for the fact that he had already tackled the shoujo, she would have been freed already, right?

“Behave yourself.” Houri put the machine gun in his hand against the shoujo’s back and lowered his tone.

“If you don’t want to die.”

Shoujo’s resistance stopped at once.

But Houri could tell even without looking.

The shoujo’s face must have been filled with even stronger resentment than when she was in the training ground.

Then the shoujo said.

“Who are you?” The shoujo said in a cold voice. “What’s your purpose of sneaking in this place?”

Houri did not answer.

Although Houri’s face had not been seen by the shoujo and his voice had been deliberately lowered, to avoid slipping, saying too many words would definitely reveal a flaw.

Therefore, Houri just whispered this question.

“Tell me, is the branch manager in the command room.”

The shoujo was silent for a moment.

Apparently, she refused to answer.

In response, Houri was not surprised.

“In that case, just sleep here for a while.”

After saying that, Houri intended to knock out the shoujo in front of him on the spot.

Houri did not notice.

The shoujo that was pressed against the wall by him, one hand was quietly moving to a position on the wall, flicking on it, actually plucked a small piece and pressed the button inside.

Beep– Beep– Beep– Beep–!

The alarm sound suddenly resounded.

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