Illimitable Until Death v2c97

The hallway was extremely unexpectedly illuminated by red warning lights.

The ear-piercing siren sounded frequently in the surrounding air.

Houri, who was about to knock out the shoujo, changed his face. How can he not understand that he was being trapped?

At this time, automatic doors around one after another opened.

One by one, soldiers in military uniforms holding machine guns came out of the doors on the left and right, and at once they saw Houri.

Seeing a soldier in military uniform holding the God Eater in the branch to the wall, the soldiers were first shocked and then understood.



The soldiers raised their guns one after another.

Seeing this, Houri without much care, directly threw away the machine gun, tighten the palm of his hand, and the crescent moon-like dagger fell into it. Houri holds it tightly, puts it in front of the shoujo’s neck, and puts the shoujo into his arms, instantly taking her as a hostage.

“You…?!” Shoujo made a somewhat furious voice.

It must be said that the posture of the two was too ambiguous.

Not only were their bodies close together, but in order to avoid any further resistance from the shoujo, Houri’s empty hand was wrapped around the shoujo’s waist, making the shoujo’s entire body snuggle into his arms.

There was a nice smell that burst into Houri’s nose.

However, Houri is not in the mood to take advantage, holding the shoujo in his arms, and retreating directly into the training ground that the shoujo had just used for the mock battle.


“Go after him!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

The soldiers with guns poured into the training ground one after another.

Kacha Kacha Kacha…

With a mechanical sound, a heavy machine gun was raised in the hands of the soldiers and aimed at the front of the training ground.

Houri held the shoujo, while slowly backed up, hiding his body behind the shoujo as much as possible so as not to let his figure be seen. But he would have no way out if he keeps retreating to the wall.

This is undoubtedly a very bad situation.

The training ground is originally a place without any access except the entrance.

All around are extremely thick steel walls.

The entrance was blocked by a large number of soldiers and completely sealed.

At this point, Houri was already surrounded, and it was impossible to escape.

Under such circumstances, the shoujo held hostage by Houri was quite calm and said in a low voice. “You can’t escape anymore, surrender.”

Hearing this, before Houri had time to speak, the queue in front was suddenly split and a man came up.

That man was the lieutenant of the Russian branch that previously supported Houri’s group.

“Who are you?” The lieutenant, without any rambling, directly questioned.

“Why did you sneak into the Russian branch?”

The room was suddenly silent.

All the soldiers were focused on Houri, who was holding the shoujo, and their fingers were already on the trigger of the machine gun, which would be fired as soon as the lieutenant gave the order.

In response, Houri did not panic, but deliberately lowered his voice and laughed in a low tone. “What? You do not want this woman’s life?”

After speaking, the dagger in Houri’s hand moved gently, causing the shoujo to lift her chin, exposing an annoyed face to everyone’s eyes.

The soldier’s hands were stalled.

The lieutenant was also silent.

Looking at the shoujo who was being held in Houri’s arms, her face covered with annoyance, the lieutenant hesitated.

Frankly speaking, the lieutenant did not want to let Houri go at all.

Even if the other side has a hostage in his hands, the lieutenant also wants to keep Houri.

Not because the hostage was not important.

As a matter of fact, the shoujo held by the other side was only a newcomer who had recently joined the Russian branch, but she had very rare qualifications and was highly valued by the upper echelon of the Russian branch as a future ace to be cultivated.

If the hostage is disregarded here, then if the other side really our for blood, the Russian branch will have to lose such a rare and good material.

However, the lieutenant had to pay more attention other than the importance of hostages.

That is the purpose of the other side infiltration.

Because there are things in the Russian branch that can never be exposed.

Once exposed, the current upper echelon of the Russian branch all would be finished. As one of the insiders, the lieutenant will also be implicated.

Therefore, the lieutenant can not stand by and let something happen to the hostages, but also can not watch the intruder escape.

So the lieutenant slowed down his tone and said. “You have no retreat. If you surrender now, I can make the decision and will not make things difficult for you.”

“I am grateful for your kindness.” Houri bowed his head and smiled faintly.

“There’s no need to worry, this side naturally has this side’s plan as well.”

Houri’s hand suddenly moved.

The moonlight-like dagger instantly turned into a cold blade light, like a violent wind and rain, cutting through violently.

Of course, Houri cut not the neck of the shoujo in his arms, but the steel wall behind.

The next second, blade light cut through the steel wall behind Houri, completely cut past it.


With a muffled sound, the thick steel wall was directly cut into pieces and suddenly exploded, exposing the night scene outside.

“What?!” The lieutenant exclaimed.

Not only the lieutenant but also the soldiers who witnessed this scene all opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

In Houri’s arms, the shoujo’s pupils also shrank, and a shocked look emerged from inside.

There is no way not to be shocked.

As the person using this training ground, and the Russian branch of God Eater, the shoujo naturally know how amazing the thickness of the walls is.

After all, it is a facility that was laid out for training purposes.

For durability, the walls here are not only surprisingly thick but are also paved with steel.

So, let alone a person, even a God Eater using God Arc with full capacity cannot cut it through no matter how many times.

However, in front of Houri, the hard steel wall is as fragile as tofu, cutting out a huge opening.

How can this not let people shock?

After the shock, the shoujo let out a cry of surprise.

Because Houri has already pushed out the shoujo in his arms and jumped out of the gap in the steel wall.

“Not good!” The lieutenant’s expression also changed.

Then the lieutenant ordered without hesitation.

“The first team and the second team, immediately chase up, absolutely can not let him escape!”

“The third team and the fourth team, follow me, must first confirm ‘that’ situation!”

Under such an order, everyone began to move.

Only the shoujo left, ran to the gap in the steel wall, looking at the dim night scene below, eyes faintly flickering.

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