Illimitable Until Death v2c98

Beep– Beep– Beep– Beep–!

The sirens kept ringing in the main area of the Russian branch, waking up all those who were sleeping.

“First team to the east!”

“Second team to the west!”

“The rest of the troops search carefully here!”

“Be sure to find the intruder!”

Under the orders of the lieutenant, a heavily armed unit began to search the entire main area of the Russian branch, leaving every street covered with the figures of soldiers holding heavy machine guns.

In such a situation, all those who were awakened saw the condition of the streets through the windows and were surprised.


“There are intruders?”


The main area of the Russian branch was inhabited not only by soldiers, but also by research experts and staff members belonging to Fenrir, and even by residents living on the outskirts.

So, knowing that someone had infiltrated the main facility of the Russian branch, and seeing soldiers running around the streets, people were surprised.

And in one of the buildings, Amemiya Rindo, who was lying in bed, likewise opened his eyes, but did not go to the window to see the situation, as if he had expected something, but was helpless.

“This kid, I thought he would at least do some preparation before carrying out the mission, I didn’t expect him to start infiltrating tonight. I hope he did not reveal his identity.”

After saying that, Amemiya Rindo then got up directly.

Almost at the same time, there was a knock on the door of Amemiya Rindo’s room.

Outside the door, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma came in, one leaning against the door, but their eyes were both on Amemiya Rindo’s body.

Then, Tachibana Sakuya tensed her face and said. “Did the mission fail?”

Apparently, the members of the first unit all know about the infiltration operation.

“It’s hard to say if it was a failure, maybe he has found something,” Amemiya Rindo said thoughtfully. “It’s just that after the intruders were discovered, the response from the Russian branch was so drastic, Presumably, there really is something hidden here that we don’t know.”

“What should we do?” Tachibana Sakuya said directly. “Seeing their reaction, if they can’t find him outside, the Russian branch should search everyone in the base thoroughly, right?”

“So it’s time for us to go out and deal with it.” Amemiya Rindo lit a cigarette and said somewhat carelessly. “After all, as strangers, we are the first ones who will be suspected.”

“Tsk…” Soma said somewhat indifferently, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. “What a nuisance.”

“Stranger?” Tachibana Sakuya smiled bitterly. “As the same members of Fenrir to be called strangers, isn’t that too much.”

“If the people above us want to fight, we’ll have to do as instructed,” Rindo said without much thought. “The larger the organization, the more likely it is to have disputes.”

With that, Amemiya Rindo stood up and walked out of the room with Tachibana Sakuya and Soma.

In fact, Amemiya Rindo’s guess is indeed correct.

After a fruitless search, the army of the Russian branch started searching for homes and was the first to find them from the Far East branch.

Moreover, the leader of the group was the lieutenant.

Upon entering, the lieutenant said to Amemiya Rindo. “Sorry, captain Amemiya, we got some issue and need to do some investigation, I hope you can cooperate.”

Saying this, the lieutenant did not wait for Amemiya Rindo’s consent and waved his hands, the soldiers behind him poured into the building one by one and began to search.

Everyone from the Far East branch was housed in the same residence.

The reinforcements sent by the Far East branch, except for the three God Eaters of the first unit, a soldier and a communicator, all the rest were killed, so the Russian branch simply arranged the group together.

So, in addition to Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma, Hibari was also present.

Looking at the soldiers who were aggressively searching, Hibari hesitantly asked Amemiya Rindo. “Rindo-san, is this okay?”

Amemiya Rindo did not have time to answer this question.

Because, after taking a look at the crowd, the lieutenant suddenly frowned and asked in a deep tone. “Amemiya captain, shouldn’t you have another soldier here? Where is he?”

Hearing this, everyone’s heart could not help but tighten.

Amemiya Rindo did not show any reaction on the surface, but his heart began to turn rapidly, trying to find a way to muddle through.

However, the next second, a voice rang out, making Amemiya Rindo’s heart immediately loosened.

“What happened?”

In one of the rooms, Houri came out of it while yawning and grumbling a bit. “Why is it so noisy?”

“Houri-san.” Hibari was delighted slightly.

“Phew…” Tachibana Sakuya couldn’t help but sigh with relief.

“Hmph…” Soma was as indifferent as ever, just turned away, but the hand clasped tightly in front of his body also slowly loosened.

In this case, the lieutenant looked at Houri for a moment and asked. “Don’t you know what’s going on?”

“No.” Houri didn’t even hesitate for a moment and suddenly replied. “I just heard a very loud alarm, are you on a drill?”

“It wasn’t a drill.” The lieutenant’s eyes looked sharper at Houri, questioned. “Even if it was a drill, as a soldier, you should have reacted immediately when you heard the siren, why didn’t you get up until now?”

“Again, I don’t know how many times I’ve been told by the instructors while I was in the Far East branch.” Houri shrugged and said with a helpless look. “So, can you please give me a break?”

“You…” The lieutenant was enraged by Houri and said loudly to Houri. “I seriously suspect you of the crime of invading the main facilities of the Russian branch. Please accept our investigation!”

“Eh…” Houri was immediately stunned, then with an innocent face looking at Amemiya Rindo and asked. “Captain Amemiya, am I being accused wrongly?”

“Come on, don’t say that.” Amemiya Rindo immediately understood, patted Houri’s shoulder, and said in a serious way. “After all, he is a lieutenant and his rank are much higher than yours, so at least give him some face.”

“Is that so?” Houri with a difficult face finally could only sigh. “It can’t be helped then, I’ll just give a little of my time.”

Saying this, Houri’s look as if he had suffered a great loss made Tachibana Sakuya and Hibari tremble a little, and there was a smile in their eyes.

As for the lieutenant, his temples were already bursting with blue veins, he was furious.

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