Illimitable Until Death v3c167


Under the light radiance, the lawn of the personal residence was sprinkled with a layer of the blurry veil, looking very warm.

Houri, holding the red emblem in his hand, is in a somewhat happy mood.

“This Transcript Order that I got is a hidden treasure, huh?”

This Transcript Order is a tool Houri bought at a booth in the trading area.

Although it is a special item sold by MainGod space, just like the Servant Certificate and Commentary Stone that Houri got before completing Hidden Mission, other MainGod envoys could also get special items sold by space as a reward when completing the mission.

Since this is the case, it’s not surprising that someone would take it out and sell it.

“Although I took advantage of it quite a bit.”

The value of Transcript Order is 5000 CP.

Of course, since its previous owner took it out to sell, it couldn’t be higher than the sale value of MainGod space. Otherwise, others might as well exchange it directly from MainGod space.

Originally, such tools should be able to sell for about 4500 CP even in the booth, but the booth owner seemed to be in desperate need of CP and finally sold them to Houri at a jumping price of 3000 CP.

Now, Houri can use it to tamper with the matching Transcript world task.

“Lower Participant and raise Number of Main Mission.”

This is what the Transcript Order does.

So, in the MainGod space, Transcript Order is a very popular tool.

As long as one has such a tool, then one can tamper with the Transcript Mission’s Participant and Number of Main Mission.

If the MainGod envoy had no team, do not want to fight with people and be stabbed in the back, then it is possible to reduce the number of people on the mission to reduce the risk.

Established a deep trust with each other if there’s a fixed team. If the MainGod envoy has servants, then they can also enhance the number of missions, carrying a whole team together into the Transcript world, which will naturally have more advantages.

And the number of Main Mission is also very critical.

Fewer missions, then reduce the risk of failure, do not worry about being deducted CP, of course, the rewards will also be reduced.

More missions, that once all completed, the final clear evaluation will naturally have a corresponding increase, and ultimately full of return.

Houri is now using Transcript Order to reduce the number of people performing tasks and increase the number of Main Missions.

In this case, the system prompt starts ringing.

“No. 11273 use special tools to tamper with the matching Transcript Mission, tool level meets mission difficulty, tampering content meets tool requirements, allowed to proceed, do you want to continue?”


“Participant lowered, this time the ratio of participants for 5 people, the maximum can be lowered to 1 person, the lowest can be lowered by 4 people, please choose.”

“Lower to 1 person.”

“Number of Main Mission is increased, the number of Main Mission is 3, the minimum is 4, the maximum is 5, please choose.”

“Raise to 5.”

“Tampering successful, Transcript Mission re-matching.”

Along with the system prompt, a message appeared in Houri’s mind.

“Transcript world: Hidan no Aria.”
“Mission difficulty: Tier 5.”
“Number of participants: 1.”
“Number of Main Mission: 5.”
“Mission 1: Enroll to Butei High School in Tokyo and receive a ranking. Extra rewards will be based on the final ranking.”
“Mission 2: Complete the Butei Commissioned Mission and obtain 3000 Mission points. Extra rewards will be based on the Mission points.”
“Mission 3: Collect the blood of great men, get 10 types of great men’s genes. Extra rewards will be based on the number of collections.”
“Mission 4: Arrest non-human criminals and defeat opponents who do not belong to the human race. Extra rewards will be based on the number of defeated criminals.”
“Mission 5: Obtain 10,000 CP. Extra rewards will be based on the CP.”
“Failure Penalty: 2,000 CP will be deducted for each failed Main Mission.”
“Completion Reward: Settlement will be based on the final evaluation.”

When such a message flooded Houri’s mind, letting Houri know the content of his Transcript Mission, Houri couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“It seems that this time, I have to be prepared for a ride.”

Just after he spoke, Houri’s figure disappeared from the lawn, leaving the entire personal residence back to silence.

The familiar vertigo of teleportation hit him.

This period, although not very long, is more or less difficult to endure.

However, compared to the time when Stigma was used and the soul was put into a weak state, this dizziness is now considered a pleasure.

Therefore, Houri just silently endured with his eyes closed and waited for the teleportation to end.

It didn’t take long for a feeling of groundedness to replace the uncomfortable dizziness, telling Houri that the teleportation had ended.

At the same time, the sound of a clamor began to come from around.

Houri was slightly stunned, and when he opened his eyes, he was completely stunned.

At that moment, Houri was standing in the middle of the street where people were coming and going.

Surrounded by men and women dressed in student uniforms.

In front of him was a luxurious school building.

A cherry blossom tree was planted on both sides of the sidewalk, allowing a piece of cherry blossom to fall from mid-air and dip on Houri’s shoulder.

Watching this scene, Houri was really a bit overwhelmed.

In such a situation, teenagers and girls wearing uniforms around passed Houri one after another, while walking into the school gate in front of them, while such a conversation was heard.

“This year’s new students are almost all here.”

“Looking at them, I feel like I’m back to the time when we started school a year ago.”

“I wonder if there are any good students this year.”

“I’m really looking forward to the new students’ ranking.”

“Well, as senpai, let’s look forward to their performance.”

With this conversation, the students walked into the campus.

It was only then that Houri finally reacted and his eyes changed a little.

That look was full of nostalgia.

“I never thought I would have the chance to return to such a relaxed atmosphere.”

This is the reason why Houri was completely stunned when he opened his eyes for the first time and did not back to his senses after a long while.

After all, compared to the previous two worlds, the environment Houri was currently in was too peaceful.

This atmosphere, so Houri can not help but have a little sense of affection.

“It’s like going back to the original world…”

This feeling made Houri’s heart completely relaxed.

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