Illimitable Until Death v3c168

Since entering MainGod space, Houri has never been as relaxed as he is today.

And that’s only natural.

The first Transcript world was filled with the bloody Kabane, which brought human beings to the brink of extinction.

The second Transcript world was filled with the cannibalistic Aragami, which almost destroyed human civilization.

In these two worlds, Houri is doing his best to survive and do tasks alone. He didn’t even think of safety when returning to MainGod space. He even bore himself in the training ground all the time just to improve his own strength and even practiced without sleep, so where can he relax?

Now, the peaceful atmosphere around Houri has affected Houri, so that Houri’s heart that has been tense all around finally relaxed for the first time.

“Come to think of it, before I entered MainGod space, I was also a member of such a world.”

That’s why Houri feels close and nostalgic.

Of course, this world is actually very different from the world where Houri lived before.

Even though it was all an ordinary world on the surface, there were many dark secrets in this world.

“The problem is that I am not very clear about these dark secrets either.”

For this Transcript world, to be honest, Houri has more or less lost most of the advantages of being a transmigrator.

That’s foresight.

“After all, ‘Hidan no Aria’ has been around for some years…”

In Houri’s original world, this anime has been out for quite some time.

Houri although not unfamiliar, but after so many years, his memories of many plots of original work are a bit vague.

In addition, Houri just watched the anime but did not watch the recent spin-off. In addition to some of the more memorable plots, Houri no longer remembers many details and plots.

In view of this, this world was more or less unfamiliar for Houri.

In such a situation, the number of Main Mission was increased by Houri with Transcript Order, no wonder Houri said before the start of the teleportation that he had to prepare for a long ride.

“But, at least for now, let me enjoy this peaceful daily atmosphere.”

Saying this, Houri with a comforting smile, lifted his pace and walked in the direction of the school building ahead.

–Tokyo Butei High School.

Collectively, Butei High.

This is a special education institution located on an artificial island.

Therefore, the artificial island is also called Gakuen island, and the whole island is developed with Butei High as the center.

The function of Butei High is to train Butei.

The so-called Butei, referring to armed detectives, is a new international qualification established to combat the growing viciousness of criminal and crime incidents.

Butei license holders are equivalent to police officers, can carry weapons, and have the power of arrest, in order to maintain the peace of society.

Of course, on the surface, the Butei is not so great.

Unlike a police officer, a butei is relatively a private entity.

Even though they have the power to arrest and carry weapons, Butei performs their duties for the purpose of being paid.

As long as they are paid, they can handle any rough or boring job within the scope of the Butei law.

Therefore, Butei’s activities are not limited to police-like activities, but also include activities such as detective and bodyguard.

“That’s why Butei’s image is no different from that of an outlaw or a dangerous person, right?

Walking down the hallway of the school building, Houri sighed as he looked through the admissions booklet in his hand.

On closer inspection, in addition to the admissions booklet in his hand, Houri was also wearing a suite-style student uniform.

The admissions booklet was in Houri’s hand after he entered Transcript world.

The student uniform was also worn by Houri after he entered Transcript world.

Obviously, both of these items are items that came with MainGod space.

Just like in the previous world, Houri was given the identity of a soldier by MainGod space and was directly changed into a military uniform. This time, MainGod space gave Houri the identity of an ordinary middle school graduate who enrolled in Tokyo Butei High School, and today is the first day of school.

Therefore, the admissions booklet and the student uniform appeared on Houri’s body the first time he entered the Transcript world.

However, while the adoption booklet is fine, the student uniform is not an ordinary student uniform.

Bulletproof Uniform
Category: Tops
Level: Tier 5
Effect: Able to defend to a certain degree when encountering the shooting of bullets.

This bulletproof uniform can be said to be a must-have item for every Butei.

It is a kind of clothing made by weaving a fiber called TNK silk into cloth in a lock shape, which can be used as protection when being hit by a bullet at a high speed, as its name, has the function of bulletproof.

As a Butei, even if they are still a student in school, they need to be equipped with this bulletproof uniform.

Fortunately, Butei High’s student uniforms are bulletproof uniforms made of this material, allowing every student to have a degree of protection in the face of firearms.

This uniform also seems to be identified as equipment by MainGod space and can be worn.

Moreover, in addition to the top bulletproof uniform, there is also a bottom bulletproof uniform.

This is not a good thing for Houri.

“I would have to take off my own equipment.”

MainGod space requires that only one piece of equipment can be worn on each part of the uniform, except for accessories, which can be worn on both pieces.

In other words, in the case of a bulletproof uniform being considered a piece of equipment, Houri had to remove his top and bottom to be able to put the bulletproof uniform on.

However, Houri’s tops and bottoms are both very good equipment.

Femble Shirt has the effect of a certain chance of evoking a cold attack when attacked. Although it is strong equipment with a random nature, it saved Houri’s life in the last world.

Black Legging has the effect of restoring one-tenth of stamina every ten minutes. For a MainGod envoy like Houri who relies on speed to fight, it is also very useful.

So, if possible, Houri really does not want to remove these two pieces of equipment.

“But in this world, the effect of bulletproof uniform is more practical instead, I will honestly accept it.”

With such a thought, Houri continued to look at the admissions booklet in his hands while walking forward.

Houri does not know.

Just around the corner in front of him, on the other side of the corridor, a shoujo is panting while running towards this side with panic.

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