Illimitable Until Death v3c169


As Houri continued to look through the admissions booklet in his hands, when he came to the corner of the corridor, Houri finally noticed the sound of footsteps on the other side of the dead end.

Moreover, the footsteps were quite panicked and seemed to be running with all might.

If he continued to walk forward, Houri would definitely collide with the person coming head-on.

At that moment, Houri hurriedly stopped in his tracks.

At this very moment, a shoujo ran in front of Houri.

“Ha… ha… ha…”

Some disturbed breathing came out of the mouth of the shoujo, making the surrounding air a little sweet.

The shoujo, who ran right past Houri, was wearing Butei High’s girls’ uniform.

It was a girl’s uniform with a white background and red trim.

Therefore, while the shoujo was running past him, her skirt was swinging freely in mid-air, making the skin of her thighs under her skirt visible.

The last thing that caught Houri’s eye was a waterfall of long, black, shiny hair that fluttered in the wind as she ran past.

Then, the shoujo runs without looking back.

Of course, the problem does not lie here.

Because in the back of the shoujo, a group of badly dressed teenagers also ran over.

“Haha! Don’t run!”

“Even if you run fast, it’s useless!”

“How can a little girl like you outrun a few of us big men?”

“That’s right!”

With such giggles, a group of cynical delinquents ran over.

Looking at this scene, how could Houri not know what was happening?

Obviously, it was because of being pestered by such a group of delinquents that the shoujo ran away in such a panic.

“This kind of thing can happen in Butei High?”

Houri is more or less dumbfounded.

Although in many people’s view, Butei is a group of outlaws, but then again this is a school. For an old plot like a group of delinquents pestering a shoujo, it is really laughable.

However, this does not seem to be a very strange thing.

Because of the nature of Butei, in fact, many pretentious students will enroll in Butei High to find a way out for their future.

The delinquents who are proud of their violence every day are even more likely to be attracted to it.

So, there are basically some of these new students at Butei High every year, and they won’t behave until they have been defeated here.

Of course, these people have not yet been defeated and think they can still get away with it.

“Unfortunately, you have chosen the wrong place.”

Houri didn’t even close the admission booklet in his hand, just watched the delinquents run past him.

However, when the last delinquent ran past Houri’s face, Houri suddenly extended a foot.


A shriek resounded through the corridor.

Delinquent, who had tripped over the foot, lost his balance and threw himself forward.

Then there was a bang sound.

That is the sound of delinquent tripped while following the inertia, crushed into his running companions in front.

At once, with a crack sound, several delinquents completely rolled into a ball, simultaneously fell to the ground, crying out in agony.

Looking at the group of delinquents that rolled into a ball and couldn’t get up for a while, Houri shrugged his shoulders, as if he had done nothing, and saw nothing, lowered his head and continued to walk forward.

Such Houri didn’t see it.

On the other side of the corridor, the shoujo who was running to get away from the delinquents stopped at some point and looked at Houri who was gradually moving away and murmured as if she was a bit surprised.

“He is…”

On the other hand, Houri had already left this small matter behind and came to a gymnasium according to the introduction in the admissions booklet.

“This is the place?”

After confirming that he had found the right place, Houri pushed open the door and walked into the gymnasium.

At that moment, there were already a lot of people in the gymnasium, gathering in twos and threes, it was very lively.

These people were all new students.

Those new students gathered in twos and threes probably came from the same middle school, right?

Houri naturally couldn’t know anyone, so he walked up to them and blended in.

Standing in the middle of the crowd, Houri’s eyes vaguely swept over every new student around him.

To be more precise, it should be said to sweep over the waist, the side of the leg and the inside of the uniform of each new student.

Looking closely, it can be found.

On top of these parts, each new student almost has a bulge.

“That’s the gun hidden inside, right?”

Houri jumped to this conclusion.

According to the rules of Butei High, students are obliged to wear their own swords and guns.

After all, the so-called Butei is an armed detective, and carrying a weapon is one of the basics.

Even new students are required to carry a weapon, otherwise it is a violation of school rules.

To be honest, not carrying a weapon is a violation of school rules, it is estimated that only a school like Butei High in the world would have such a situation.

But such a phenomenon makes Houri feel very interesting.

“I don’t want to continue being a nerd in an ordinary to the extreme school like in my last life.”

Even if there was no danger in that life.

This shows that Houri is already a restless person, and it is not without reason that he was chosen as MainGod envoy.

Time passes as Houri observes the situation of others.

At one point, Houri’s gaze stopped on a person.

It was a guy who was in the same crowd as Houri, but instead of gathering in groups with the rest of the people, he was examining his own firearm.

From Houri’s angle, he could only barely see the side of his face.

However, it was that side face that made Houri’s attention focused on the other party’s body.

“Why does he look familiar?”
Just when Houri had such a thought, the door of the gymnasium was opened extremely roughly.

The new students in the room all looked with surprised faces.

Immediately after, a woman with a long sword on her back, giving the impression of being strong, walked in.

As soon as she came in, she didn’t give any of the people present a chance to speak and dropped this sentence directly.

“All new students who plan to take the Assault Division, gather at the entrance of the school!”

With these words, she left directly.

The crowd gathered in the gymnasium was in clamor at once.

Houri’s brow raised and couldn’t help but laugh.

“It looks like there will be surprises next.”

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