Illimitable Until Death v3c170

The artificial island, Gakuen island.

In addition to the school building, there are various facilities on this island to support the students’ lives.

Such as dormitories.

Such as restaurants.

With the students of Butei High as the main customers, Gakuen island has developed into a small city with a variety of businesses.

In one corner of such an artificial island, there is an abandoned building.

At a certain moment, a school bus came slowly and stopped in front of the abandoned building.

Then, the door of the bus was opened.

Students wearing Butei High uniforms got off the bus and looked at the abandoned building in front of them, more or less looking at each other.

“So, why we were brought here?”

“Is this the Assault’s training facility?”

“Eh? Can’t be?”

“How can it be this kind of place?”

The students were all clamoring with anxiety.

Houri was among the crowd, but instead of clamoring like the new students around him, he looked at the abandoned building in front of him thoughtfully.

Just as the crowd was getting noisier, there was a sudden change.


Along with an unmistakable gunshot sound, the sound of bullet casings falling on the ground also rang out.


All the new students present were greatly alarmed, and some of them even instinctively put their hands on their guns, ready to draw their guns.

In such a situation, a woman with a shotgun in her hand and a long sword behind her back got out of the car.

It is no longer necessary to specify the person who just shot.

The woman who got down from the car swept towards the group of new students with a fierce look, and with a sadistic smile on her face, she then said.

“Keep whining if you want to die.”

Silence reigns.

Looking at the woman who was emitting brutality, all the new students present swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and none of them dared to open their mouths again.

Even Houri couldn’t help but whisper in his heart.

“So brutal, she will definitely shoot if she gets in a bad mood, right?”

This thought was also the thought of everyone present.

In response, the other party was satisfied and began to introduce herself.

“I am Ranbyou, you can just call me instructor, because for the next three years, if nothing happens to you, it will be me who is training you all.”

The rude woman named Ranbyou slung the shotgun in her hand over her shoulder and her voice rang out all around.

“Assault Division is my responsibility, and you are the ones who chose Assault Division, so be aware of it, otherwise, don’t blame me if you die.”

Hearing this, every new student swallowed once again.

That’s for sure.

At least, Houri knew that Ranbyou wasn’t trying to scare people.

Butei High was founded to produce the best Butei.

Although Butei High is a school with the same curriculum, the students are required to receive an education as Butei in addition to the curriculum.

Therefore, there are many courses at Butei High School depending on the specialty.

There is Inquesta, a course that focuses on developing detective skills, reasoning skills, and investigative and analytical skills.

There is Lezzad, a course that focuses on gathering intelligence on the operations of criminal organizations and sabotage.

There is Connect, a course that provides communication support for Butei operations and enables specialization of intelligence through voice analysis.

There is Medica, a course that trains Butei hospital orderly physicians and focuses on medical practice activities.

There is even Logi, which is a course dedicated to developing skills in operating vehicles, ships, airplanes, and other means of transportation.

With the different majors, each Butei is specialized in different parts, which affects Butei’s ability and also Butei’s future path.

After enrolling in Butei High, students have to choose one of the specialization courses according to their own wishes.
Houri’s choice is not one of the above-mentioned courses.

Houri chose the Assault Division.

It is a course that focuses on the arrest of criminals by force and strengthens combat skills.

This course is known as the most dangerous course in Butei High.

It is said that, on average, about three out of 100 people in this course will die in training or missions before they graduate, which shows the degree of danger.

However, this is precisely the most suitable course for Houri.

Because, if there is one thing Houri is good at, it is fighting.

The rest of the students naturally knew more or less what kind of place Assault Division was, and none of them doubted Ranbyou’s authenticity.

“Of course, it’s none of my business whether you live or die, but let me just say that if you don’t listen carefully, then you will definitely die.”

Ranbyou’s gaze swept over each student, the corners of her mouth also slowly curled up and asked. “Anyone who wants to try?”

Every new student’s face turned blue.

Houri’s mouth corner also can’t help but twitch, secretly tsukomi.

“There are actually sensei who threaten students with their lives, it’s really insightful.”

Of course, this is only in his mind.

Ranbyou’s strength is clearly exceptional to be the instructor of the Butei High Assault Division.

Houri didn’t think he would be abused, but it’s better not making a meaningless provocation.

“Since no one has any objections, let’s move on to our topic this time.”

Ranbyou seemed a little disappointed pursed her lips, and said aloud.

“Next, you will take the Assault Division entrance exam, and will be graded based on your test scores.”

Hearing this, not only the rest of the new students but Houri’s eyes also lit up.


That is the ranking system that is common in the Butei world.

According to the ability, performance and achievement of the Butei, each Butei will be given a corresponding rank.

The ranks are S, A, B, C, D and E, from high to low.

And Houri’s Main Mission 1 is to get ranking, the higher the rank, the greater the reward.

So, for Houri, the significance of this ranking does not need to be explained.

“In Butei’s world, rank is almost equal to status, so if you want to be on top of others, then you can struggle to perform.”

Ranbyou’s tone remained brutal and declared without mercy.

“Then, everyone present enters the abandoned building and scatter randomly. No matter what method you use, even using a gun, as long as no one dies, then fight to your heart’s content!”

“Whether it’s taking down your opponent or laying a trap to catch them, the more people you catch, the better your grades will be!”

“This is your entrance exam!”

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