Illimitable Until Death v3c171

“What a simple and brutal entrance exam.”

In one of the corners of the abandoned building, Houri put on the headset-type communicator that Ranbyou had just given out, and held the Moonblade in his hand, leisurely playing a trick with his dagger.

Although Ranbyou’s mouth was full of rude statements such as ‘give me a good fight’, but in general, this is how the entrance exam was.

As a Butei of the Assault Division, what is needed most is the ability to fight with a strong attack.

So, of course, the entrance examination of Assault Division is naturally related to combat.

According to Ranbyou, the abandoned building has fourteen floors in total.

After entering the abandoned building, the new students who took the entrance exam were randomly scattered to all the corners, with their communicators, and waited for instructions.

Once the command to start comes, then, no matter what method is used, the only thing the new students need to do is to arrest people other than themselves and arrest their opponents.

In the end, the longer they survive, the more people they arrest, and the better they perform, the higher their ranking score will be.

“Using a group of students as opponents?”

Houri glanced at one of the cameras on the ceiling and said with a low voice.

“It’s very unfortunate, but for the sake of my Main Mission, I have to say sorry.”

As if timing Houri’s words, Ranbyou’s voice began to ring out from the headset-style communicator.

“Okay, let the exam begin!”

Not far from the abandoned building, there is an apartment building.

At this moment, in one of the rooms of the apartment, Ranbyou was grabbing a bottle of wine and pouring alcohol into her stomach in an extremely bold manner, while pouring it, looking at the surveillance images presented by one of the surveillance cameras in front of her and shouting gleefully.

“Fight, fight! Hurry up and fight! Better kill all of them!”

That look, it is like watching a boxing match, let the Butei instructor sitting in front of monitoring equipment smiled bitterly.

“Ranbyou sensei, you’d better not drink so much.” An instructor said carefully. “You are the examiner, isn’t this a bad idea?”

“So noisy!” Ranbyou said loudly while glaring at the other party. “Such a boring exam, how can I live without alcohol?”

Saying this, Ranbyou once again boldly poured wine, as if deliberately trying to get herself drunk, making one of the instructor’s shivers.

The other people don’t know Ranbyou’s background, but the instructors who work with Ranbyou don’t?

The rough female instructor in front of them, although very young, is well known in the Butei community, known for her brutal personality and fierce actions, and has been expelled from many Butei training schools, and is now working at Tokyo Butei High School, in charge of Assault Division teaching, and also as a sports sensei.

This alone is enough to scare some children.

Of course, this is not the scariest thing.

The scariest thing is that this rough female instructor once razed an abandoned residential area at the edge of Gakuen island after getting drunk, which scared many male instructors.

With such rumors, how could the instructors not be worried when they saw Ranbyou drinking so freely?

In case Ranbyou is drunk and makes trouble, then not to mention the new student, even these men instructors will have to end up dead unattended, right?

Thinking of this, the face of these instructors also become blue like the previous new student.

At that moment, one of the instructors said in a hurry. “Ranbyou sensei, please watch these new students. If there are some people with no good psychological quality suddenly make troubles, that is also a trouble for us.”

“They dare?” Ranbyou said this, but the bottle in her hand is finally hanging down.

In fact, the main reason why Ranbyou is here is to monitor these candidates.

Although they call themselves Butei, those candidates are all just out of middle school kids.

Since they are kids, there will be impulsive people who do not think about the consequences.

In the past, there was a very bad incident.

In the entrance exam, a student was beaten down, and as a result, he felt resentment and pointed his gun at the head of the person who beat him, blowing his head off on the spot.

The incident was so bad that Butei High was criticized by the outside world and the headlines were almost entirely devoted to it.

In order to prevent the same thing from happening again, Ranbyou had to monitor the entrance examination even if she didn’t want to.

However, when Ranbyou finally looked at the surveillance screen seriously and scanned one of the images, even the female instructor, who was known for her fierceness, could not help but be surprised.

“Is that guy stupid?”

Hearing this, the rest of the instructors looked one after another, and immediately after that, they were also stunned.

Just because, on top of that surveillance screen, a student was strutting down the hall of the abandoned building, without concealing his presence at all.


With a crisp ringing sound, a can was gently kicked away and spun back and forth on the ground a few times, making a sound that was quite ear-piercing compared to the silent atmosphere around.

With enemies lurking all around, a movement like this is simply telling others that there is prey here.

However, Houri still walked leisurely in the hall, did not hide the sound of his footsteps, nor deliberately hide his body. He kicked several cans along the way, so that the crisp sound echoed in the surroundings, like a signal, telling others that Houri is here.

It was only at a certain point that Houri stopped and muttered to himself.

“Shouldn’t that be enough?”

Saying this, Houri looked around.

There was silence all around.

However, Houri still found it.

In a few corners, several figures were hiding in it, the muzzle of the gun in their hands was already pointing in Houri’s direction.

This is the reason why Ranbyou thought Houri was stupid.

If you expose yourself to the enemy’s view, you will face the consequences of being aimed at by the muzzle.

Even with a bulletproof uniform, exposing yourself to a muzzle is a very stupid thing to do.

Because, even if the bullet can be blocked, the impact of the bullet will still act on the body, so that the person shot is like being punched with full force, definitely not a good feeling.

Therefore, there was no need to think about what consequences Houri’s action would bring.


Finally, the sound of gunshots rang out.

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