Illimitable Until Death v3c173


Houri was really surprised when the two bullets came out and were noticed by Houri.

“There’s someone here?”

Houri didn’t notice it at all.

The previous new student also chose to conceal themselves for a sneak attack, but their hiding skills were not able to deceive Houri and were easily perceived by him and detect their location.

But this time, Houri didn’t notice it at all.

This made Houri somewhat surprised.

Of course, while being surprised, Houri’s movements did not slow down at all.


With a crisp sound, Houri waved his Moonblade in a very smooth manner, flicking away the bullet that was fired at his chest.

However, just after flicking off the bullet, Houri suddenly realized.

“One more shot!”

Houri suddenly raised his head and looked upwards.

Immediately, the scene that happens once again surprised Houri.

The second shot was not aimed at Houri, but at the ceiling.

At the same time, the bullet that was bounced away by Houri’s swing was also shot at the ceiling and collided with that bullet.


Another crisp sound, the two bullets collided generate a fierce spark, but simultaneously changed direction and shot again.

The two bullets were fired in the direction of the Moonblade in Houri’s hand.

Houri, who did not expect such a situation to happen, reacted too late.

This shot caused two bullets to simultaneously land on the Moonblade in his hand.


With the sound of two neat clash sounds, Houri only felt a jolt and involuntarily let go of the Moonblade in his hand.

When Houri reacted, he suddenly stretched out his hand to the direction of the Moonblade that had fallen to the ground with great speed, intending to put the weapon back into his hand, a thin steel rope suddenly swept in, as if predicting Houri’s action, and landed on his wrist, spun a few times, and wrapped Houri’s hand around it.

A strong force came from the other end of the rope, pulling Houri’s hand and brushing against Moonblade, which fell to the ground.

In such a situation, Houri finally failed to retrieve his weapon, and the Moonblade plunge into the ground with a cling sound.

This situation makes Houri completely stunned.

And at this time, the other end of the steel rope, a boy is also slowly coming out, one hand tugged the steel rope, one hand with a gun pointed at Houri, with a rather charming smile, so declared.

“Okay, general.”

By this time, how can Houri not know it?

This man in front of him isn’t the same as the previous new student, definitely not an ordinary person.

At least, in this person’s body, Houri finally perceived a hint of the unique oppressive feeling of the strong.

In addition, what just happened is obviously the other party after careful planning before making the attack, so Houri in carelessness can not help but take a loss, all kinds of reality are telling Houri, this is not a simple person.

What surprised Houri even more was that the other party was the one whose face was familiar to him when he saw the side face in the gym before.

Now that he saw the other person’s full face, Houri felt even more familiar.

So, Houri glanced at the steel rope wrapped around his wrist, then looked at the other party and asked a question with interest.

“Who are you?”

Hearing this, the other party did not answer, but with a titillating smile that could be mistaken for a cowboy, said with some pretense.

“Your future classmate, Mr. superhuman.”

The whole room suddenly becomes silent.

There was only a sense of tension in the air, and the atmosphere seemed to be a little tense.

“Superhuman?” Houri said with a laugh. “I think that the person who can predict the actions of others in advance and shoot bullets with bullets, so as to change the trajectory of the bullets, and make that two bullets to shot at the same time to the weapons in the hands of others, and thus bounce off the weapons of others can also be called superhuman, do you think?”

“To each other, I don’t want to be told that by someone who can easily bounce off each bullet.” The other party shrugged and said. “And, I prefer the name of justice messenger to superhuman, justice messenger who acts for love, that suits me better.”

“However, there are no cute girls here, which is a pity.” The other side raised the corner of his mouth, the gun in the hand to Houri while saying. “If you were a cute girl, then I might have been lenient, but you are a man, then I can’t do anything about it.”

If an uninformed person were to hear this, then anyone would think that the boy in front is a very frivolous man, right?

However, Houri did not hear a single hint of frivolity in his words, but rather a statement of fact. Even if it was made in jest, there was nothing false inside.

The other party is really unable to strike at women for some reason.

And since Houri is a guy, there is no need for him to show mercy.

In response, Houri just smiles wryly.

“I didn’t think there would be someone like you among the new students.” Houri pursed his lips, said somewhat playfully. “But, do you think that’s enough to take me down?”

“So, what are you going to do?” The other side unconcernedly said. “I have carefully observed, your body does not carry any other weapons and only using a dagger from the beginning. Although according to the Butei High school rules, students are obliged to wear guns and swords. In theory, you should still have a gun, but you really seem to be wearing only a dagger and don’t have a gun. Otherwise, I won’t use my brain against your weapon.”

“Well, you are also right, I did only carry a dagger and didn’t bring any other weapons.” The corners of Houri’s mouth slowly lifted, then said.

“But who told you that without weapons, human is not able to fight?”

Hearing these words, the boy’s eyes were slightly solidified, and a warning sign came to his heart, making him follow his instincts and leap back.


In this instant, Houri steeply stepped on the ground and his body suddenly disappeared.

By the time he reappeared, Houri was already in front of the boy who had leaped away, and at some point, he grabbed the other boy’s belt.

“Flash Sheath One Wind…”

Like a trebuchet, Houri violently lifted the prey in his hand, spun around and threw it down heavily towards the ground.

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