Illimitable Until Death v3c174


With a dull thud, the cowboy’s boy was slammed to the ground by Houri, kicking up a ring of dust.

“Guh…!” The opponent could not help but squeeze out a muffled hum from his throat, but immediately rolled over and rolled away from the spot, raising his gun-wielding hand in Houri’s direction.

However, until then, the boys realized that the gun in his hands had disappeared.

Before he had time to be surprised, a voice came into the boy’s ears.

“Are you looking for this?”

He knows what has happened when he hears these words.

As expected, Houri’s hand was holding the gun that belonged to the other party, pointing in the direction of the boy.

“When?” The other party’s heart was slightly shaken.

Unbeknownst to him, Houri was likewise a little awed.

“One Wind is a throwing technique, but the target of the grab is the neck…”

This move is a technique that strangles the opponent’s neck with a completely unseen movement and then kills them after throwing them to the ground.

As long as the opponent is thrown to the ground, the user only needs to turn their hand slightly to break the opponent’s neck or use their free hand to directly add a slash to kill them easily.

However, the boy instinctively sensed the danger and subconsciously took a step back before Houri used One Wind, causing Houri to end up grabbing the belt instead of the neck.

“Although he didn’t see through my movements, he reacted with his strong reflexes?”

It was because of this that the opponent escaped the end of being put to death by a fluke.

“But, that’s the end of it.”

Houri tilted the gun in his hand, pointed it at his opponent’s chest, and pulled the trigger without hesitation.


With a gunshot sound, the bullet shot out violently and swept in the direction of the boy who was still lying on the ground.

In the throwing technique just now, the opponent had been wounded to some extent.

After all, Houri’s STR is not high, but still has 18 points, which is much higher than a human. Plus when using Nanaya assassination arts’ Flash Sheath move, he can get the increase of the skill, arm strength is increased by half, ignoring defense to a certain extent and generating defense breaking effect. Even if the person in front of him is not an ordinary person, under that fall, it is likely that the internal organs are almost bleeding.

In such a situation, if he received another gunshot, even if he’s wearing a bulletproof uniform, the other party will directly eat the impact of the bullet, plus the previous injury, enough to lose the battle.

Houri judge so.

Unfortunately, the opponent was also not a push-over.


Just as the bullet swept through space and shot straight into the opponent’s chest, the opponent suddenly moved.


With a mechanical sound, a folding knife fell into the opponent’s hand, and with a swing, the sharp blade was launched.

The other side was able to see the trajectory of the bullet and swung the knife in his hand.


In the metal-like clash sound, the bullet fired at the opponent’s chest was deflected and landed on the ceiling, striking a bullet hole.

Time suddenly stopped.

At this moment, Houri was silent, and the boy who used the knife to deflect the bullet was also silent.

Half a long time later, Houri said to the other party with a subtle expression. “What did you say just now? You said I was a superhuman who could deflect bullets, right?”

“… I know what you want to say.” The other party also smiles bitterly. “Believe me, that was definitely the first time I did something like that.”

“Even if it was the first time, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, right?” Houri ill-humoredly said. “Since you can even do things like shooting bullets with bullets and changing the trajectory of two bullets at the same time, it’s not surprising that you can deflect bullets.”

It is true that this world looks ordinary, but there is a superhuman existence that can do things that are absolutely impossible for people to do.

Although the memory of this world is already a bit vague, Houri vaguely remembers that in this world, there is also the existence of ESP and vampires.

At the same time, in this world, there are still characters who have inherited the bloodlines of the great people who have been famous in history, thus inheriting extraordinary abilities.

It is because of this that Main Mission 3 and Main Mission 4 came into being.

“Looks like this stuff won’t be of much use against you.” Houri readily tossed the gun in his hand back to the other party.

“Thanks, it’s still useful to me.” The other party took the gun with equal alacrity and untied the steel rope, letting it fall off Houri’s wrist and restoring Houri’s freedom.

And at that moment, a figure appeared in the abandoned building.

“Alright.” Ranbyou came to the scene and said with some impatience. “You two don’t have to fight anymore.”

Hearing this, the two people there were stunned simultaneously.

“That’s the end of the entrance exam, you two have exceeded my expectations, and make me not so bored after all.” Ranbyou saying this and turning over the two files in her hands.

“Houri, from a normal middle school, officially enrolled in Butei High School in Tokyo this year, majoring in Assault Division.” Ranbyou glanced at Houri and said. “You scored a perfect score on the entrance exam, ranked S-class. Congratulations for being an S-class Butei on your first day of school.”

Just after Ranbyou’s voice fell, the system prompt rang out.

“No. 11273 passed the entrance exam at Butei High School in Tokyo, received a ranking, and was awarded the title — Butei (S-class).”

Butei (S-class)
STR +20
VIT +20
AGI +20
Bonus effect: Hit correction, when using a firearm, the bullet trajectory is corrected to a certain extent, which increases the hit rate.
(While wearing this title, you must not violate the Butei law, otherwise the title will be invalid and will not be restored.)

This is a real surprise.

Houri was first stunned, and then slightly happy.

Houri was surprised to get a title here, something Houri did not expect before.

On the other hand, Ranbyou went on to announce.

“Tohyama Kinji, from Butei affiliated middle school, is officially enrolled in Tokyo Butei High School this year, majoring in Assault Division,” Ranbyou said. “Your entrance score is also perfect, ranking as S-class.”

Hearing this, the boy smiled slightly, as if he was satisfied.

However, Houri’s mind was moved, surprised.

“Tohyama Kinji?”

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