Illimitable Until Death v3c175

Now, Houri finally understands why he thought this cowboy guy looked familiar.

It was because the man named Tohyama Kinji was the main character of the original work.

“I’m actually enrolled in the same class as him?”

Houri subtly looked at his counterpart.

Ranbyou, who was unaware of Houri’s surprise, closed the file in her hand and looked at Houri and Tohyama Kinji.

“From today, you are officially a Butei of the Assault Division, and will also hold a Butei license, the right to carry weapons and the right to arrest criminals, so no matter what the situation is, you must remember the provisions of the Butei law.”

Ranbyou glanced at Houri, and then at Tohyama Kinji, slowly said.

“One: Trust your partner and help your partner.”

“Two: Absolutely abide by the contract set with the client.”

“Three: Be strong, but with the right purpose.”

“Four: Butei to be self-sufficient, no help without request.”

“Five: Action shall be like a swift wind, aiming to win in one blow.”

“Six: Think for yourself and act for yourself.”

“Seven: Always hold pessimism, act with optimism.”

“Eight: The task should be completed completely and thoroughly.”

“Nine: Butei must not kill under any circumstances.”

“Ten: You cannot give up, Butei must never give up.”

“The above ten rules will be your code of conduct in the future. Unless you no longer want to be a Butei, otherwise, once you violate them, you are no longer qualified to be in this field.” Ranbyou said. “Do you remember them all clearly?”

Houri and Tohyama Kinji were both nodded.

And that was the end of the entrance exam.

This time, two S-class Butei students were born.

This event was destined to become a sensation throughout Butei High and became a legend.

After getting out of the abandoned building, Houri immediately replaced his title with the new one and used up all the 30 free APs he had saved.

As a matter of course, all of Houri’s APs were on AGI.

As a result, Houri’s attributes changed.

Character: Houri
Race: Human
Title: Butei (S-Class)
Tier: Tier 5
STR: 28 (+27)
VIT: 28 (+27)
AGI: 74 (+27)
INT: 8 (+7)

New power began to pour out of Houri’s body, allowing Houri to deeply experience the increase in his power.

In particular, the lightness of his body increased to a staggering level, making Houri feel as light as a swallow, as if he would scamper out with the slightest movement of his feet.

“Now, even without Stigma, I can still be faster than Heavenly Father Dyaus, right?”

After all, the combined attributes of Tier 5 are only 100 points, while Houri’s AGI has reached 74 points, which is definitely higher than the rest of Tier 5’s MainGod envoy.

If not for Houri to specifically enhance his AGI of the speed type, then in Tier 5, there is no one faster than Houri, right?

“As long as the speed can be raised up, relying on the power of death perception mystic eyes, cross-level killing monsters is not something that I can’t do.”

So, Houri is in a happy mood.

And at this time, footsteps came from behind Houri.

Houri’s footsteps stopped, turned around, and looked behind him.

Tohyama Kinji slowly walked out of the abandoned building with his head down.

As he walked, Tohyama Kinji let out a small sigh.

“I’ve overdone it, I didn’t expect it to break out at that time, S-class Butei, what if I’m not able to play at this level in the future?”

Tohyama Kinji, who was sighing like that, didn’t realize that Houri was right in front of him.

Houri was completely puzzled by this situation.

“He didn’t even notice me at such a close distance?”

That’s not right.

With Tohyama Kinji’s keen nerves, which could instinctively dodge even Houri’s One Wind, how could he not notice Houri at his doorstep?

And maybe it was Houri’s illusion.

“It feels like the atmosphere is completely different.”

If the previous Tohyama Kinji was able to give Houri a slight sense of oppression, Houri couldn’t even detect a similar feeling from the current Tohyama Kinji.

The level of Tohyama Kinji now is just like those ordinary new students before.

This makes Houri feel a bit strange and can’t help but open his mouth.

“What’s wrong Tohyama-san?”

“Eh?” Tohyama Kinji now noticed Houri’s presence and spoke out with some surprise. “You haven’t left yet?”

Saying this, Tohyama Kinji said with a bitter smile, not knowing what had occurred to him. “You’re not going to continue the fight we just had, are you? Let me make it clear to you first? The current me will definitely be beaten by you in one fell swoop.”

“The current you?” Houri frowned.

The next second, Houri’s memory was finally awakened.

Tohyama Kinji, the protagonist of this original work is actually a bit special.

What’s special about it?


Tohyama Kinji’s Tohyama family has a hereditary physique.

It is said that when human beings fall in love, they secrete a neurotransmitter called beta-endorphin in their brains.

In order to reproduce, men will increase their strength when protecting women, which is a human instinct.

The Tohyama clan’s physique is an abnormal enhancement of this instinct, allowing men with the Tohyama clan’s bloodline to secrete more beta-endorphin than humans when they become sexually aroused, and through this transmitter, the central nervous system, such as the brain, cerebellum, and spinal cord, can be dramatically stimulated, increasing physical ability, reflexes, and even thinking speed to more than 30 times the usual level, thus becoming a superhuman being.

This is the special physique that people of the Tohyama clan possess.

Houri vaguely recalled these memories and whispered the medical name of this physique.

“Hysteria savant syndrome…”

These words were clearly heard by Tohyama Kinji.

At that moment, Tohyama Kinji took two steps back and said in an extremely surprised manner. “You… How did you know about this?”

Looking at Tohyama Kinji’s more or less shocked appearance, Houri knew that his memory was correct.

In other words, the person who had just surprised Houri several times during the entrance exam was Tohyama Kinji, who had entered the Hysteria savant syndrome.

At this moment, Tohyama Kinji is just a human being.

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