Illimitable Until Death v3c176

Seeing Tohyama Kinji’s surprised look while took a few steps away from him, Houri couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“No wonder you said before that you would be merciful if your opponent was a girl.”

Hysteria savant syndrome is a physique derived from the instinct to reproduce offspring.

Therefore, when entering this state, Tohyama Kinji falls into an incredible mental state.

In this psychological state, Tohyama Kinji becomes a male character that women find attractive and protects the women around him no matter what happens.

That’s why the contrast between Tohyama Kinji, who was a man like a cowboy, and Tohyama Kinji, who is now an ordinary man is so great.

Therefore, once Tohyama Kinji triggered the Hysteria savant syndrome, he would never hurt women, and even if he had to, it would be in the name of ‘punishment’ and would be merciful.

“What a troublesome physique.”

This is Houri’s honest opinion.

In response, Tohyama Kinji shouted as if he was very much in agreement. “Yes, this body is really troublesome, not only can it be used by the women around, but the genes that trigger it are also that kind of thing, so I want to be reborn again.”

From Tohyama Kinji, it can be seen how much this person has been tortured by this physique.

However, Houri was curious and asked this. “So how did you trigger it before?”

Tohyama Kinji’s expression froze and he stammered a little. “This… You don’t need to know about this.”

“Is that so?” Houri smiled slightly, but a playful mood appeared in his eyes and he said. “Since you’re not going to talk about it, I’ll just ask instructor Ranbyou to investigate the surveillance camera recordings.”

If Houri remembered correctly, the state of Hysteria savant syndrome would be maintained for a period of time depending on the degree of sexual arousal.

However, it will only last for an hour at most even with arousal.

Since the entrance exam began, about an hour has passed.

In other words, it is likely that Tohyama Kinji’s Hysteria savant syndrome was triggered during the exam.

In that case, if the whole process of the entrance exam recorded by the surveillance camera was investigated, then it was possible to know how Tohyama Kinji got into this state.

Saying this, Houri turned around and immediately tried to walk in the direction of the abandoned building.

“Ho-hold on!” Tohyama Kinji was instantly flustered and hastily dragged Houri, and said loudly. “Do I have a grudge against you? You even want to go to such an extent?”

“I don’t know if it’s a grudge, but Tohyama-san, please think about it, I’m going to the entrance exam and push everyone through,” Houri said. “As a result, I’ve been hold down by you, and we haven’t determined the winner between us. Isn’t it logical to investigate you under such circumstances?”

“Bu-but don’t you already know about my Hysteria mode, right?” Tohyama Kinji stammered a bit. “So there’s no need to investigate any further, is there?”

“That’s what you said.” Houri looked at Tohyama Kinji and then said with pleasure. “But what can you do if I’m happy?”

Tohyama Kinji almost hit the ground head-on.

This guy is so bad.

Indeed, in a way, Houri is bad.

No, it’s more like insists on doing everything his way rather than being bad.

Just look at the way Houri used to treat the rest of the Transcript world.

Once, when confronted with Mumei, Houri sarcastically and unmercifully sassed Amatori Biba in front of her, causing Mumei to be extremely angry with Houri.

Once, when facing Alisa, Houri also used a more or less rough way to wake up the arrogant shoujo, causing Alisa’s spirit to be stimulated.

From these aspects, perhaps Houri’s personality is really a bit bad.

In fact, Houri just does what he wants to do and will never hide.

This is also related to the fact that Houri has been more or less ignorantly aware of the fact that he is not too close to the surrounding people since childhood.

So, at the age of eight, Houri asked sensei that philosophical question on the first day of school.

In a nutshell, since he was already abnormal, he should at least be honest with himself.

With this idea, Houri has been doing whatever he wants to do since he was a child.

Because he likes Mumei’s group, Houri doesn’t mind spending a lot of effort to save them.

Because he hated Amatori Biba, Houri didn’t mind simply wiping them out.

It was the same when Alisa was about to be killed, he saves her just because he wanted to.

It was the same with Rollingleth because he hated him, so even though he knew that killing him would lead to Aragami’s army to attack the Russian branch, Houri still did it.

Now, Houri with the same impulsive wants to know the scandal of Tohyama Kinji, so he just teases him.

“I think it’s better if you tell me honestly,” Houri said as if he was being kind. “Anyway, the result is that I alone know, or the rest of the Assault Division instructors also know. How to choose, even if you do not enter the so-called Hysteria mode, you should know, right?”

“You-you bastard…” Tohyama Kinji said with resentment.

But he can’t fight Houri without entering Hysteria mode.

At that moment, Tohyama Kinji could only say helplessly. “I just won a girl’s Juliet in the exam.”

“Juliet?” Houri was confused. “What’s that?”

“… I forgot that you came from a normal middle school and don’t know this kind of Butei’s codeword.” Tohyama Kinji said with some difficulty. “It’s a peach trap, the woman is Juliet and the man is Romeo.”

Hearing this, Houri finally understood.

“That means…” Houri said speechlessly. “You’ve fallen for someone else’s beauty trap, haven’t you?”

“Ahhh! Yes, you’re right!” Tohyama Kinji said with some anger. “Can’t you be more polite? Bastard!”

Houri could not help but laugh at Tohyama Kinji’s angry look.

Neither Houri nor Tohyama Kinji noticed.

In the eyes of others, they look like best friends who have been arguing like this for years.

Maybe that’s what it means to be in tune with each other.

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