Illimitable Until Death v3c177

Butei High is an institution that nurtures Butei, but it is also a high school.

Of course, as a student of Butei High, everyone has to attend high school classes, otherwise there will be serious educational problems.

However, compared to high schools, Butei High places much less emphasis on the general curriculum.

Therefore, at Butei High, only the first four classes will be high school classes, and from the fifth class onwards, there will be specialized classes.

For example, for students in the Assault Division, the classes are for training in combat techniques.

Each specialization has its own training facility.

From the fifth period, the students will have to go to their respective buildings for their own training.

And in the course before the fifth session, the students are divided into classes with each other, regardless of their specialties, and are taught together.

Therefore, after passing the Assault Division entrance exam, Houri had to go back to Butei High to check which class he was assigned to.

Tohyama Kinji went along with him reluctantly because he was on his way.

Then, in front of the bulletin board, they found their names and fell into silence at the same time.

“Houri, Year One Class A.”

“Tohyama Kinji, Year One Class A.”

In other words, not only were they both Butei of the Assault Division, but they were also in the same class.

“Ill-fated, huh…”

“This can’t be…”

At that moment, Houri and Tohyama Kinji both spit out their own style of speech, and one of them burst out laughing, while the other one had a face full of spasms.

Houri will burst out laughing because he didn’t expect to be in the same class as the main character of the original work, and he feels that his life afterward will not be boring.

Tohyama Kinji will have such a performance that is also not difficult to understand. After all, in his mind, Houri has long been no different from the devil.

Of course, in fact, Tohyama Kinji’s emotions towards Houri are more awe-inspiring.

Although in Hysteria mode, his own words and actions would be so disgusting that Tohyama Kinji would want to swallow a gun and kill himself immediately, that does not mean that Tohyama Kinji does not understand his own strength when he enters that mode.

But Houri is able to rely on his own strength, to take him down in Hysteria mode without weapons, and even almost defeated, which makes Tohyama Kinji to Houri more or less awe.

But, this awe, with Houri’s later teasing, has completely changed the flavor.

Tohyama Kinji can imagine what his future life will be like when he faces a classmate who is in the same major and class as him and who can suppress himself in Hysteria mode.

That is definitely the lowest end of the food chain, eaten to death state.

“It’s over…” Tohyama Kinji mumbled almost unconsciously. “My high school life is over…”

Looking at Tohyama Kinji’s hopeless look, Houri was amused.

“I’m not going to eat you, so what are you afraid of?” Houri laughed playfully. “At most, I’ll ask you to run errands for me and do some shopping, and maybe I’ll give you a tip if I’m in a good mood?”

“Do you think I’m your minion?!” Tohyama Kinji said, a little frantically. “By the way, did you really come from normal middle school? It doesn’t look like that at all?!”

In the eyes of the world, the image of Butei was not very good.

Therefore, even if there were students who came from regular high schools, most of them were a little afraid of the preparatory Butei who came from Butei-affiliated junior high schools, and only later did they get used to it.

Houri, however, did not have any tendency in this respect, and in turn, was able to beat Tohyama Kinji, which is an affiliated high school.

Moreover, the strength of Houri is also a problem.

That kind of superhuman strength is not something that an ordinary middle school student should have, right?

Thinking about this, Tohyama Kinji was really puzzled.

In response, Houri just shrugged his shoulders and said with an indifferent face. “Your suspicions are correct, but if you want to know the truth, don’t expect to learn it from the mouth of the criminal. Since it is Butei, then go investigate and reason yourself.”

“Do you think of yourself as a criminal already?” Tohyama Kinji could not help but tsukomi, followed by a sigh. “But you’re right, this direct questioning is already an invasion of privacy, so I’ll be smart and stop asking.”

“Well, smart judgment.” Houri’s performance was a bit careless and then said with a smile. “However, looking at this development, we may have more dealings in the future, I hope we are also not in the same dormitory.”

After saying that, Houri turned around and walked in the direction of the school entrance.

Tohyama Kinji was completely dumbfounded.

“That can’t be, right?”

The same major, the same class, and finally the same dormitory?

Does that mean he has to live with Houri 24 hours a day?

Tohyama Kinji’s whole body felt bad when he thought about it.

At once, Tohyama Kinji hurriedly went after him.

In order to live a peaceful life in the future, this matter must be confirmed.

“Why are you following me?”

“To see where your dormitory is located.”

“Is that important?”

“Very important.”

“You’re right, if you share a dormitory with me, you won’t be able to bring girls back later.”

“I won’t even if I’m in the same dorm with you! I hate girls the most!”

After all, for Tohyama Kinji, the so-called girls are the dangerous people who will put him in Hysteria mode.

Even though Hysteria mode can give Tohyama Kinji great fighting power, Tohyama Kinji definitely doesn’t want to become that kind of person at every turn, considering his disgusting speaking habits in Hysteria mode.

In this way, Houri and Tohyama Kinji quarreling with each other while arriving at the school gate.

However, just as they were about to walk out the door, a timid voice appeared.

“Excuse me, which one of you is Tohyama Kinji-san?”

When this voice appeared, Houri and Tohyama Kinji stopped in their tracks at the same time and turned around to look behind themselves.

In the next second, they were both simultaneously stunned.

What appeared in front of them was a shoujo.

She was wearing the girl uniform from Butei High.

The skin exposed in the air was as crystal clear as snow.

A long, straight black hair that looks like a waterfall hangs neatly and smoothly down her back.

On her head, a white ribbon was tied there, forming a lovely bow.

It was like a bishoujo that came out of a painting.

She was carrying a gentle air, just like a standard Yamato Nadeshiko.

However, at this moment, there was a hint of apprehension on this shoujo’s face.

Looking at this shoujo, Houri and Tohyama Kinji were stupefied in a different sense.

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