Illimitable Until Death v3c178

Houri will be stupefied as a matter of course for this shoujo of Yamato Nadeshiko in front of him.

Because, this shoujo, is the girl who was pestered by a group of delinquents in the school building before.

At that time, Houri just caught a glimpse of the side of the shoujo’s face.

So, Houri didn’t expect that this shoujo would be so beautiful.

That’s right, beautiful.

It seems that Houri and Tohyama Kinji is just new high school students, but this one has an unusual sense of maturity and is very beautiful.

Perhaps Tohyama Kinji also thought the same thing, so the guy who had just said he hated girls couldn’t help but blush a little, and subconsciously took a step back, and his expression became even more cowering than the shoujo.

There is no way around it.

The trigger for Hysteria mode is sexual arousal.

If he goes into Hysteria mode with a girl he just meets for less than a minute, then Tohyama Kinji really wants to die.

However, the other party called Tohyama Kinji by name.

Therefore, Tohyama Kinji could only ask carefully. “Well, I’m Tohyama Kinji. May I ask what you are looking for?”

In order not to enter Hysteria mode, Tohyama Kinji’s eyes were full of caution when he looked at the shoujo.

This seemed to make the shoujo panic and start bowing to Tohyama Kinji.

“I-I’m sorry, I know it’s very rude to come to you so suddenly, I should have prepared a gift to visit you, I’m really sorry!”

Tohyama Kinji became embarrassed when he saw how sincere and frightened the shoujo was acting.

“You… you don’t have to be so respectful, this is the entrance of the school, if people see you, it will cause unnecessary misunderstanding.” Tohyama Kinji acted more cautiously and asked. “Then, may I ask what you want to see me about?”

“Yes-yes.” Shoujo hurriedly folded her hands in front of her, bowed again, and began to introduce herself.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Hotoki Shirayuki, I come from Hotoki shrine outside of Aomori.”

“Hotoki Shirayuki?” Tohyama Kinji was immediately stunned.

Houri, who had been watching the development silently, asked Tohyama Kinji with some curiosity. “What? Is it someone you know?”

Houri really didn’t remember much of the original work.

It was hard enough to remember Tohyama Kinji, who was the main character of the original work.

For such a Houri, this world may not unfamiliar, but it is definitely not familiar.

Therefore, Houri had to gather as much information as possible to gain a better understanding of the world.

Tohyama Kinji responded to Houri’s inquiry.

However, before Tohyama Kinji could say anything, Hotoki Shirayuki noticed Houri and said in surprise. “Are you the student who just saved me?”

“Saved?” Houri blinked and said. “That’s not really saving, is it?”

However, this statement in turn led Hotoki Shirayuki to confirm Houri’s identity.

At that moment, Hotoki Shirayuki bowed to Houri and said this. “I’m really grateful to you at that time, thank you, thank you.”

Seeing Hotoki Shirayuki start bowing to himself, Houri was a little awkward.

This shoujo was so polite that she was overly polite, right?

This respectful look might be normal for people in this country, but for Houri, it was a little too flattering.

So, Houri scratched his cheek, rarely unsure of what to do.

At this moment, Hotoki Shirayuki, who had been bowing to Houri, suddenly froze her body and looked at Houri with her eyes slightly widened.

At a closer look, Hotoki Shirayuki’s eyes fell on the back of Houri’s hand that was scratching his cheek.

And on the back of Houri’s hand, there was a faint pure white tattoo.

It was actually Houri’s Stigma.

Of course, the real Stigma is a brand imprinted on the soul, the Stigma on the back of the hand is just a pure imprint, representing the existence of this power in Houri’s soul.

However, it was this imprint that made Hotoki Shirayuki’s eyes tremble slightly and turned to look at Houri’s face.

At this moment, Hotoki Shirayuki’s eyes did not have the previous timid, nor the apprehension.

At this moment, the only emotions that existed in Hotoki Shirayuki’s eyes were solemn and serious.

Then, Hotoki Shirayuki whispered said.

“So it was him?”

The voice was so low that Houri could not hear it clearly.

Therefore, Houri slightly stunned, asked Hotoki Shirayuki with some confusion. “Well, did you just say something?”

“No, nothing.” Hotogi Shirayuki almost instantly returned to her original state, but her attitude towards Houri was a bit more serious, and her gaze also glanced at the pure white imprint on the back of Houri’s hand from time to time, as if she was double-checking it.

The atmosphere in the air suddenly became a little uncomfortable.

Houri also did not know what to say, and could only say to the side of Tohyama Kinji. “Do you know Hotogi-san?”

“No,” Tohyama Kinji replied fearfully. “This is the first time we meet today.”

“First time?” Houri asked. “But she was calling your name?”

The person who answered the question was not Tohyama Kinji, but Hotoki Shirayuki.

“I’m sorry, I should have told you beforehand.” Hotogi Shirayuki said apologetically. “Actually, Hotogi Shrine from my hometown told me to greet Tohyama’s second son after entering Butei High, because I heard that Tohyama Kinji-san would enter Butei High in the same period as me.”

Hearing Hotoki Shirayuki, Tohyama Kinji tapped his palm and said with a sudden realization. “Now that you mention it, Nii-san also told me that Miko from Hotoki Shrine will also be applying for Butei High this year and let me take care of each other within the allowed range. It was you?”

“Yes.” Hotogi Shirayuki replied politely. “Since Hotogi Shrine lives deep in the mountains and has very little contact with the outside world, I was asked to greet the Tohyama family since they have had contact with each other since the old days.”

“Nii-san also told me that the Tohyama family and Hotogi shrine have been in contact for a long time and seem to be very close.” Tohyama Kinji frowned and said. “However, it is said that when I was very young, Hotoki shrine suddenly forbade anyone to enter or leave the vicinity of the shrine, not even our family. Why is that?”

Hearing this, Hotoki Shirayuki was silent.

However, Hotoki Shirayuki’s eyes glanced subtly in the direction of Houri.

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