Illimitable Until Death v3c179

This time, Houri noticed Hotogi Shirayuki’s gaze.

Moreover, from the gaze of Hotoki Shirayuki, Houri also felt a sense of seriousness.

This made Houri wonder.

“What’s wrong with this girl?”

Before she looks overly serious, and now she has become so mysterious, how should he react to this?

Compared to Hotoki Shirayuki, Mumei’s capriciousness and Alisa’s high-handedness are much easier to deal with.

At least, Houri, who knows the personalities of the two shoujo, knows how to deal with them.

But for Hotoki Shirayuki, Houri is really a bit confused.

This made Houri realize one thing.

That is, the reason why he was able to get by in the Transcript world was largely due to his knowledge of the original work.

Even in the last world, Houri entered the timeline a year before the original work, the plot of the original work had not yet unfolded, but the familiarity with the characters and the world still allowed Houri to find a way to cope to a large extent, not to be confused like now.

“I’m sure it’s still going to happen in the future, right?”

After all, Houri will have to travel from one Transcript world to another, and it is inevitable that he will enter a world that is somewhat unfamiliar to him, like this one.

“So, I can’t always rely on the advantage of foresight, I more or less have to develop my own temporary coping ability.”

From this point of view, Houri’s entry into Butei High is perhaps equally fortunate.

The most important thing that Butei needs to develop is the ability to respond to increasingly vicious crimes.

In addition, there are various other skills that need to be developed.

This was timely for Houri.

With this realization, Houri decided not to wait and see what would happen, but to take the initiative.

“So, Hotogi-san seems to be Miko, right?” Houri looked at Hotoki Shirayuki and asked tentatively. “You are clearly a Miko, why do you want to be Butei?”

This time, it wasn’t Hotoki Shirayuki who answered Houri’s question, but Tohyama Kinji.

“The Miko of the Hotoki shrine is not the same as the Miko of the shrine.” Tohyama Kinji glanced at Hotogi Shirayuki, with a lower tone said furtively to Houri. “Hotogi shrine Miko is armed Miko, and it is said that the Miko there can use a kind of ESP called kidoujutsu.”

“ESP?” Houri looked at Hotogi Shirayuki with surprise and asked. “Do you know how to use ESP?”

“It’s not that great of an ability.” Hotogi Shirayuki hastily shook her head and waved her hand, and said with some formality. “I’m still a practitioner, and one of the reasons I came to Butei High was to improve my abilities.”

This was not just a casual remark.

In this world, there is indeed such a thing as ESP.

And it’s not a secret anymore.

At least, in Butei’s world, ESP is already known to everyone.

Butei High, for example, has a Butei course that specializes in the use of ESP.

Supernatural Selective Research.

Collectively, S-Ken.

In this course, there are a variety of students who know how to use powers beyond human perception.

The power of magic, for example, is also part of the training in this course.

In addition to Butei High, there are various facilities for ESP research in other countries as well.

Butei, which can use ESP, is called Choutei.

Since Hotogi Shirayuki is able to use ESP and enrolled in Butei High, it is only natural that she joined S-Ken.

“Miko that can use ESP?” Houri, half probing and half curious, said this to Hotoki Shirayuki.

“Hotoki-san, can you show me a little?”

“Sho-show?” Hotoki Shirayuki was a bit troubled.

“I think it’s better if you don’t look at it.” Tohyama Kinji said while still in an eluded manner. “It’s a completely different world from ours, so you’ll become abnormal if you go too far into it.”

“Please.” Houri rolled his eyes and said to Tohyama Kinji in a bad mood. “You’re already in this school, do you expect your life to be normal?”

Tohyama Kinji was immediately speechless.

“Of course, I’m just a little curious.” Houri changed the topic slightly and turned to Hotoki Shirayuki. “If there’s anything inconvenient, then just pretend I never said anything.”

“… No, it’s not like that.” Hotogi Shirayuki hesitated for a while, and then seemed to have made up her mind and said. “In that case, I will do divination for you.”

“Divination?” Houri was immediately stunned.

“It means divination.” Hotogi Shirayuki explained. “Hotogi shrine’s kidoujutsu is not suitable for use in public, but just divination should be okay.”

Saying this, Hotogi Shirayuki sat down directly on the spot.

“Hey!” Tohyama Kinji immediately panicked.

That’s only natural.

This is the entrance to Butei High.

A bishoujo like Hotoki Shirayuki suddenly sitting right in front of the school is definitely something that attracts attention.

Not to mention, the surrounding students of Butei High were already looking at them with surprise.

In such a situation, how could Tohyama Kinji not panic?

On the contrary, Hotoki Shirayuki herself didn’t care about the situation around her, and her timid look had completely disappeared, replaced by a solemn and serious look like Shinto.

Then, Hotoki Shirayuki said to Houri directly. “Please sit down.”

“Okay.” Houri nodded without any hesitation and sat down in front of Hotoki Shirayuki.

Now, it was impossible not to attract attention.

“What are those two people doing?”

“New student?”

“That girl is cute.”

“And who is that boy?” The students around started whispering and stopped.

The students began to whisper and stop, and began to gather a crowd.

At this time, Tohyama Kinji had already sneaked away.

Thus, Houri and Hotoki Shirayuki were sitting opposite each other in front of the school in front of the whole students, ignoring the others.

The first time, Hotoki Shirayuki took out a deck of cards.

“This is the Miko deck. The Miko of Hotogi Shrine uses this deck as a medium to perform the spell of divination.”

Hotogi Shirayuki as if completely changed, with a sense of sacredness, like a dignified saintess, reverently arranged the cards in her hands into a star formation.

“So, what would you like to divine?”

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