Illimitable Until Death v3c180

Houri lowered his head, looked at the cards arranged in a star formation on the ground in front of him, and smiled faintly.

Then, Houri said. “You can divine whatever you want for me.”

Houri gave Hotoki Shirayuki a problem.

For there is nothing more difficult to satisfy than ‘whatever’.

However, Hotoki Shirayuki didn’t even frown, and completely transformed into a pious Miko, nodded.

Under Houri’s watchful eye, Hotoki Shirayuki closed her eyes, reached out her hand, and gently stroked the card in front of her.

Then, by the time Hotoki Shirayuki stopped, three cards had appeared in her hand.

Houri couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

When did Hotogi Shirayuki draw three cards from the star formation in front of her?

Houri didn’t see it at all.

In this situation, Hotogi Shirayuki lined up the three cards in front of Houri, and then opened her eyes and looked at Houri.

“These three cards represent your past, present and future.”

Saying this, Hotoki Shirayuki began to slowly turn over the three cards in front of her.

Houri’s eyes were immediately cast.

Not only Houri but also the surrounding students who had gathered around looked at the three cards with great curiosity, whispering while looking at them, as if they found them interesting.

Then, the front of the three cards was exposed to everyone.

The first card is a forest, the middle of which has a small tree.

The second card is the river, there is a small boat on the river swaying forward.

The third card is a cave, a cave formed by rock.

Looking at these three cards, the rest of the people’s reaction aside, Hotoki Shirayuki’s expression was a serious one.

“What?” Houri looked at Hotoki Shirayuki’s serious look and said with some amusement. “Is my past, present and future all very strange?”

“No, that’s not it either.” Hotogi Shirayuki shook her head and said hesitantly. “Rather than strange, it’s very special.”
“Special?” Houri was curious and asked. “What’s so special about it?”

“Well, I’ll explain what these cards mean.” Hotogi Shirayuki pointed to the first card and said. “This is the card that represents your past.”

“In the endless forest, there is only one small tree nestled between one big tree, and the appearance of this card represents all the meaning of loneliness.” Hotogi Shirayuki said softly.” Your, although you have always existed in the forest that can contain all the trees, you have learned that you are different from your surroundings, and even if you are successfully integrated into the forest, you can only look up at the trees around you, but you cannot stand on the same level as them.”

Houri’s brows slightly raised, but did not say anything, just spoke with indifference.” What about the second card?”

“The second card represents your present.” Hotogi Shirayuki looked directly at Houri and said. “Since long ago, people have believed that the river is the dividing line between life and death, and that across the river are the yellow springs, and after crossing them is reincarnation, which is called Styx.”

“And the boat moving in the river, that is you, proves that you are now always wandering between the line of life and death, surrounding filled with either life or death.”

This statement made the surrounding students look at each other, some began to look at Houri, and some took it as a topic of conversation, laughing casually.

Houri himself did not react to anything, did not even look at the river card, as if this statement is normal for him, continued. “What about the third card?”

“The third card represents your future.” Hotogi Shirayuki cast her eyes on that card as if it were difficult to say, then looked at Houri, took a deep breath, and said.

“A cave formed by rocks, then the first thing that comes to mind in this country is Kojiki.”

“Kojiki?” Houri asked directly. “What is that?”

“In the ‘Records of Ancient Matters’, it is written that Susano tried to open the gates of the land of the yellow springs to welcome back his dead mother, but did not succeed, and then made a scene in the heavens, angering the god of light, the great lord Amaterasu.” Hotogi Shirayuki sternly said. “Amaterasu was so angry that he went into a cave formed by rocks, causing heaven and earth to lose their light and fall into darkness, and this cave is Kojiki.”

“So, this card represents the meaning of light and darkness.” Hotogi Shirayuki looked straight at Houri and said, word by word.

“If you choose the light, then you can bring light to the world as well.”

“If you choose darkness, you will be able to bring darkness to the world.”

“One of your future decisions will represent the direction of the world.”

“This is a destiny that only a great man who is destined to save the world and an evil man who is destined to destroy the world can have.”

“Whether you will save the world or destroy it, it all depends on your decision.”

“This is your future.”

Just after Hotoki Shirayuki spoke, the atmosphere around them gradually became heavy.

The students all clearly heard Hotoki Shirayuki, and looked at each other, followed by laughter.

It can’t be helped that the results of Hotoki Shirayuki’s divination are too mysterious and have no credibility.

At least, none of the people present believed that this new student who carefreely sitting in front of the school and having his fortune told would have anything to do with the direction of the world in the future.

Only Hotoki Shirayuki looked straight at Houri with an unprecedented seriousness in her eyes.

Houri did not say anything.

Rather, Houri had nothing to say.

Looking at the card that represents light and darkness, Houri grinned and finally said.

“Thank you, Hotogi-san.”

After saying that, Houri stood up and immediately wanted to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Hotogi Shirayuki picked up the Kojiki card and said sincerely. “This card is for you, I hope you can remember what I said today, do not choose the wrong path in the future.”

Hearing this, Houri shook his head in disbelief, reached out his hand, and took the card over.

“Then I’ll take it.”

Leaving these words, Houri then waved the hand holding the card in the direction of Hotoki Shirayuki, turned around, and left directly.

One by one, the surrounding students also began to disperse.

The only one left was Hotoki Shirayuki, who watched Houri leave and then said in a mosquito voice.

“It’s really him?”

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