Illimitable Until Death v3c181

Tokyo Butei High School, the third boys’ dormitory.

This is a student dormitory located some distance from Butei High.

In this dormitory, there are several rooms with long corridors and spacious rooms like a house.

These rooms are like VIP suites and are undoubtedly much more luxurious than the rest of the rooms.

For example, the room where Houri is now is such a VIP suite.

Inside, not only with dining hall, living room, kitchen, washroom, bathroom and toilet, there are four dormitory bedrooms and five small rooms. Not to mention a living for one person, it is enough for a family to live.

The purpose of these rooms is to allow students to memorize the distance between the hallway and the door so that they can train themselves to visually measure the distance in a straight line in their daily lives.

For Butei, this visual and calculation can sometimes be decisive and lead to a different direction in a battle.

So it’s not just the third boys’ dormitory, the rest of the Butei High dormitories have similar VIP suites, mainly for the best Butei.

Houri was a new student, but he was lucky enough to be assigned one of these rooms because he received an S-class ranking in the entrance exam.

“I think Tohyama Kinji was also assigned to a room like this, right?”

Standing in the living room, Houri nodded with satisfaction as he looked around.

Compared to the treatment in the previous two worlds, the treatment in this world was so good that it was like being in a dream.

Of course, the dormitory is not something that is provided to students for free, students also need to pay the accommodation fee.

And of course, this kind of VIP suite accommodation fee is absolutely expensive.

In addition, Houri’s tuition fee for enrolling in Butei High had not been paid yet, so before the school year started, Houri was already in debt.

“MainGod space is really stingy, since they arranged for me to enroll in the school, at least give me free tuition?”

However, among the Main Missions assigned by MainGod space, both Mission 1 and Mission 2 are the types that require enrollment in Butei High to complete.

The MainGod envoy needs to earn money by their own ability. Otherwise, they only exchange CP to MainGod space.

“But money can not be sold back to MainGod space, what a cheapskate.”

In fact, this is normal when one thinks about it.

Otherwise, the MainGod envoy didn’t even need to fight in the Transcript world, directly rob a few banks and vaults, all the gold and silver treasures are sold to the space to get a lot of CP, and then abandon the Main Mission, return to the space. Even if the CP required for mission failure is deducted, they can still make a lot of money.

At that time, even become an outrageous robber in the Transcript world, out of this Transcript world, MainGod envoy can still continue to be unfettered, that is simply not too good.

If the MainGod envoy can do such a thing, MainGod space certainly will not allow it to happen.

“As a result, to enjoy the glory and wealth in the Transcript world, either make your own money or use the CP to exchange, what a pit.”

Therefore, Houri will never exchange valuable CP for money that can be used in one world unless it is gold or silver that can be used in multiple worlds.

“However, gold and silver treasures may seem useless in MainGod space, but they can sometimes be useful in the Transcript world, so the price of exchange is high.”

In a nutshell, MainGod space won’t let MainGod envoy in the Transcript world have an easy time.

Unless you have CP of course.

“Forget it, think about money later.”

After Houri wandering around the dormitory and getting familiar with it, he returned to the dormitory.

There are two bunk beds in the dormitory, two on top and two on the bottom, so four people can live in the room, just like a dormitory.

However, Houri was the only one who lived in this room, so he doesn’t know why Butei High designed it that way.

As for the rest of the five small rooms, they were not used for living, but for organizing and storing various tools.

Such as the maintenance of guns, the placement of bullets, the repair of equipment and the production of tools, etc., these are all things that require a variety of space.

Otherwise, there is no need to separate the sleeping quarters from these small rooms.

“And all those things also cost money, no wonder Butei, this profession needs to be paid with money, or else you’ll starve to death.”

With this thought, Houri, without arranging any luggage, directly laid down on the bottom bunk of one of the bunk beds and raised one hand.

In his hand, he was holding a card.

It was the Kojiki card given to Houri by Hotoki Shirayuki.

“Decide the direction of the world?”

Houri could not help but sigh.

In a way, Hotoki Shirayuki’s divination is really accurate.

As a MainGod envoy, Houri naturally has the ability to influence the direction of the world.

In the world of ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’, Houri killed the Kabane virus in the body of Ikoma, the main character of the original work, and turned Ikoma back into a human.

That’s all it took to change the course of that world.

After all, Houri is just a stranger, and the smallest thing he does will be like a butterfly effect, eventually causing a huge change.

Therefore, every MainGod envoy has the ability to change the course of the world.

“Only, to become a great man to save the world or become the evil man to destroy the world, it depends on MainGod envoy how to choose.”

With this thought, Houri slowly closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Since the last time he returned to MainGod space, Houri has not slept until now.

The next day, at dawn, Houri came out of the dormitory and got ready for school.

However, as Houri came out of his room, the door of the room next to him was also opened and a person came out.
Houri looked at once and then was speechless.

The person who came out of the room also fell into a state of speechlessness, looking at Houri, could not help but cover his face.

The person who came out of the next room was Tohyama Kinji.

The next second, two voices sounded at the same time.

“Why is it you again?”

Actually, it was not a strange thing.

There were only a few rooms in the third boys’ dormitory, and since both Houri and Tohyama Kinji had such a room because of their S-class rating, it was not strange that they lived next door to each other.

When Tohyama Kinji was about to hit the wall, Houri sighed.

“Forget it, since we are here, you can accompany me to buy a gun.”

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