Illimitable Until Death v3c183

–Glock 18.

This is the gun Houri bought in Amdo.

Developed by the Austrian company Glock, it can be freely selected from full-automatic shooting mode or single-shot shooting mode.

The bullet is a 9mm Parabellum bullet, 223mm in length, with a muzzle velocity of 370 meters per second, and the bullet capacity is different according to the magazine, with a minimum of 17 rounds and a maximum of 100 rounds of great difference.

Of course, the larger the capacity of the bullet, the larger the magazine. To really use a large-capacity magazine of 100 rounds is not only a problem to carry but also because the magazine is too long and affects flexibility and portability.

Therefore, Houri’s choice of the magazine is only 20 rounds, which is relatively standard equipment.

The reason why Houri chose this gun is actually very simple because in his previous life, such a gun was often used in a very classic gun-fighting game ‘Counter-Strike’.

In that game, the guns of the Glock series are the easiest to use in the eyes of many players, but also the most popular and famous pistol.

So, Houri chose it directly and let this gun become his own gun.

Of course, the money was paid by Tohyama Kinji.

After all, Houri doesn’t have any money right now.

Otherwise, Houri wouldn’t have taken on such a sod.

Bang Bang–!

In the brightly lit indoor shooting training room, the sound of gunshots rang out unceasingly.

It was not only the sound of Houri’s gun firing but also the sound of the rest of the Assault Division students shooting.

During the training, the rest of the students also frequently turned their attention to Houri.

As they watched Houri’s shooting continued and his hit rate remained high, each student exclaimed.

“Is this the strength of S-class Butei?”

“He’s clearly just a new student.”

“And it’s said that he came from normal middle school.”

“No wonder the way he holds the gun and changes bullets is so amateurish.”

“But he has such a high hit rate.”

“It’s incredible.”

Of course, in addition to Houri, Tohyama Kinji, who also received an S-class rating in the entrance exam, was also the subject of observation.

Next to Houri, Tohyama Kinji was also training in shooting, shooting in a very skillful way, and replacing magazines when he ran out of bullets in a very quick and agile manner.

As for the hit rate, it is somewhat moderate.

“The new student over there is also quite skilled.”

“The hit rate is quite low.”

“But the technique is very skilled.”

“But he came from Butei High’s affiliated middle school, so it’s normal for him to have this level of skill, right?”

“That’s true.”

Now, Houri and Tohyama Kinji, the two S-class Butei, are in stark contrast.

One is an amateur but has a high hit rate.

The other is skilled but has a moderate hit rate.

Both sides have parts that convince people that they are S-class Butei, but also parts that do not convince people.

This makes both Houri and Tohyama Kinji seem mysterious and awe-inspiring.

Of course, no one knows that the reason for these two unscientific phenomena is due to the special nature of Houri and Tohyama Kinji.

One is not trained in the use of firearms but has the title in improving the hit rate.

One is well-trained, but the reality is that when not in Hysteria mode is just an ordinary Butei and there is nothing remarkable about it.

So two phenomena were born that were quite unscientific compared to the rumors.

It didn’t take long for Houri to stop shooting.

“That’s it.”

In Amdo, Houri not only bought Glocks but also a lot of bullets, although they were paid by Tohyama Kinji.

However, after using the third magazine, Houri didn’t plan to continue.

“The current hit rate was improved by the title, and it won’t be very high if I continue, so let’s wait until I’ve trained my skills with the pistol.”

Saying this, Houri is aware of someone approaching behind him.

“You really need to train on how to use a gun.” Ranbyou appeared behind Houri, holding a long sword in her hand, her tone was surprisingly not as rough as before, but rather a bit cold and then said.

“Otherwise, there would be an accident if you continue like this.”

“Accident?” Houri was puzzled. “Why do you say that?”

“Don’t you see?” Ranbyou snorted, raised her chin in the direction of the target in front of Houri, and said. “Look at your shooting, where are you aiming?”

Hearing this, Houri looked at the target in front of him.

In that human-shaped target, a thousand holes in a bullet hole are left on it.

And these bullet holes, most of them fell on the heart, chest cavity and even head parts.

Those parts, without a doubt, are the vitals of the human body.

“Butei law Article 9: Butei must not kill under any circumstances.”

Ranbyou stared at Houri with a vicious gaze and said. “Do you really think you’ve been out too long and plan to spend the rest of your life in jail?”

Houri was silent and had a bitter smile in her heart.

Almost forgot about this one.

Although the hit rate was increased with the aid of the title, the hit area was determined by Houri, and the title made up for the hit based on the area Houri was aiming at.

So, all those vitals just now are the parts Houri aimed at.

But that’s not Houri’s fault.

When every beginner faces a target and does shooting training, he or she will aim at these vital points, not at other places, right?

Even people like Tohyama Kinji, who went up from Butei Junior High School, aimed at parts of the body.

However, that was a shot that was based on the premise that the opponent was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Therefore, except for beginners like Houri, no one would deliberately aim for the head.

“Now that you know that, you should change it,” Ranbyou said.

“In international law, Butei has the right to arrest, but the penalty for the crime is tripled.”

After that, Ranbyou took out her gun, came to Houri’s side, and said. “Follow me and learn, from the grip, I will not deliberately slow down. If you can not keep up, then you will only pick up cartridge case until evening.”

“Got it,” Houri replied reluctantly.

Thus, under Ranbyou’s guidance, Houri began to familiarize himself with the way of shooting.

He stayed there until the evening.

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