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Butei High adopts a credit system.

If you do not have enough credits, you will not be able to go on to higher education.

In addition, there is also a requirement for attendance in courses and majors. Although it is not high, if you don’t attend, and end up with insufficient attendance, you will also repeat a grade.

In the morning class, Houri went to the class, but he just attended and didn’t really learn anything.

In his previous life, Houri was also a high school student, but he was already in his second year of high school.
So, the first year of high school was something Houri had already learned.

However, it was a different country’s curriculum after all, so Houri naturally could not have learned everything.

In addition, in his previous life, Houri was not a top student, and he had to work a little harder to achieve an average, so of course he was not a top student.

Therefore, during the class, Houri sometimes felt that the course was very easy, and other times he was in a state of confusion, his future grades would surely be very bizarre.

However, the weight of the curriculum at Butei High is not very high, and it can even be said that Butei High has the lowest curriculum grades in the country.

This was a big help to Houri.

Houri didn’t want to come to MainGod space and enter the 2D world and have to go through the test of grades every day, which would be too torturous.

So, naturally, Houri was more interested in the professional courses than the classes.

This is not only because Assault Division has combat training, but also because after a certain level of professional training, Butei can start accepting civilian commissions.

Butei is a profession that acts on the basis of payment.

Even during the school year, Butei High will accept private commissions from outside and post them as missions on the bulletin board for students to choose from.

By completing a private commission, students not only gain practical experience but also get paid and receive credits.

Houri is very excited about this.

“Lack of money is one thing, but my Main Mission 2 also needs to be completed.”

Houri’s Main Mission 2 is to earn mission points by completing a Commissioned Mission.

This system of mission points is a common type in MainGod space.

When the Transcript world itself has a mission system, and the Main Mission released by MainGod space is based on the completion of these missions, then this type of mission point system will be used.

As in this Transcript world, Butei High itself has a system of issuing missions, so depending on the difficulty of the mission, when completed, MainGod envoy will be able to get different mission points.

For example, an S-class Butei level to complete the difficult task, and if Houri completed them, then he can get between 100-300 Mission points.

When the mission point reaches 3000, then Houri’s Main Mission 2 will be completed.

In view of this, Houri naturally focused his attention on the Commissioned Mission.

Unfortunately, only after a certain level of professional training will Butei High allow students to take on commissions.

In particular, Assault Division students are not allowed to take on commissions without being recognized by their instructors.

After all, assignments for Assault Division are inseparable from combat and can be dangerous or even fatal at any time. Otherwise, Assault Division would not be called a course without a tomorrow.

Under such circumstances, it is unlikely that new first-year students would be allowed to take on commissions and go out to complete a mission.

However, after Houri received a week of combat training, Ranbyou kicked him out of the Assault Division’s building.

“At your level, if you have time to play around here, you might as well take a few commissions to practice your skills and don’t come back without killing a few criminals.”

This is what Ranbyou nee-san, the Assault Division instructor who had criticized Houri’s shooting training for targeting the human body’s vitals as worthless a week ago, said today.

Therefore, Houri, half speechless and half happy, went to the Commission board for the Commissioned Mission and started to select a mission.

It must be said that the image of Butei in the world is not very good, but the professional nature while being good at many kinds of work does make Buteis doesn’t need to worry about not having a job, even if they are students.

On the Commission board, a list of tasks is posted on it, and the number is quite substantial, so many students stop here.

Houri mingled with the crowd and also started to browse through the task list.

“Inspection of the industrial sites in the port area. Credit 0.5. Pay 10,000 yen per day. Available for Logi and Informa.”

“Investigation of suspicious incidents in abandoned buildings. Credit 0.5. Pay 100,000 yen. Available for Inquesta and Repier.”

“Escort work of private enterprise managers. Credit 1.0. Pay 200,000 yen. Available for Assault and Amdo.”

“Mafia stronghold intelligence gathering. Credit 1.5. Pay 200,000 yen. Available for Lezzad and Connect.”

Looking at the list of missions on the bulletin board, Houri couldn’t help but whisper. “There are really all kinds of tasks.”

However, Houri did not do any of these tasks.

Because Houri saw a job that suited him better.

“Environmental forest beast removal. Credit 2.0. Pay 300,000 yen. Available for Assault and Snipe.”

This task immediately caught Houri’s attention.

Not only because of the high pay, more credits, or because the opponent is a beast that does not need to be merciful, the content is just fighting, very simple and brutal.

For Houri, such a task is undoubtedly the best choice.

At that moment, Houri extends his hand in the direction of the commission order.

However, just as Houri touched the commission order, another hand came out from the crowd and touched the commission order almost simultaneously with Houri.

Houri was immediately stunned.

Turning his head and looking to the side, Houri could not help but be stupefied again.

Only to see, in the crowd, a shoujo stretching out her hand like Houri, touched the same commission order.

It was a very small shoujo.

The shoujo’s height was only about Houri’s chest, and she was carrying a backpack with a guitar bag on her back.

The hair color is blue-green like glass.

The pupils are a jewel-like shade of amber.

A face with a little childishness, but like a carefully made doll, very cute.

However, the other party’s face does not carry a trace of emotion, just like a robot, didn’t show any feeling.

The shoujo kept her hand outstretched, and a pair of jewel-like eyes met Houri’s, quietly looking at Houri.

Under the other party’s gaze, Houri finally reacted and glanced at the backpack behind her.

Houri can be sure.

In there, there was a sniper rifle.

This shoujo was Snipe’s Butei.

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