Illimitable Until Death v3c185

As the name implies, Snipe is a course that trains students to use sniper rifles for long-range combat.

If Assault is a training institute for combatants who suppress at close range, then Snipe is a training institute for combatants who support at long range.

In Butei High, it is the Assault Division and Snipe that often deal with combat.

Therefore, if the Assault Division can take on many commissions in Butei High, so can Snipe.

Therefore, Assault and Snipe students often work together, and many have even formed a team to complete many difficult tasks.

However, there are many instances of cooperation, and naturally many instances of conflict.

In the absence of a team, commissions are often taken by both courses, so if students from both courses are interested in the same commission, conflicts will naturally arise.

This is the situation Houri encountered today.

However, Houri did not expect that the first time he took a commission, he would have a conflict with a Snipe student.
Looking at the robot shoujo, who was looking at him quietly, Houri said helplessly. “You’re also interested in this commission?”

The shoujo did not answer, just expressionless look at Houri until Houri is a little impatient, the other side only gently nodded.

With the movement of shoujo’s nod, Houri realized that the other party was wearing a pair of headphones.

This phenomenon, Houri is more or less amazed.

One must know that sniping is a job that requires a lot of concentration.

In such a situation, the sniper must naturally try to avoid being distracted by unnecessary factors, thus breaking their attention.

But the shoujo in front of him was wearing a pair of headphones.

If it was just a decoration, it would be justifiable, but if that headset had a function, it would be a bit strange.

Of course, looking at the other party’s appearance, it seems that she is not a senior student, and may even be a trainee.

In that case, it is impossible to exclude the possibility that the other party is an amateur.

However, Houri did not think she was an amateur.

The reason why is simple.

This shoujo, not only is her presence pathetically weak, even her aura is collected to a degree that is easy to ignore.

So Houri does not think the other side is an amateur sniper.

In that case, let’s decide where to go with the commission in a professional way.

“What are you going to do?” Houri asked directly. “Want to work together? Or do you want to decide who gets to take the job?

It would be logical for Houri, as a man, to back off at this point and let the woman have a leg up.

However, in Butei High, humility is not something that should be respected.

If a Butei can’t earn as much as possible in the future, the outside Butei companies won’t take such a person with no future.

With this in mind, seeing as the other party is a woman, so deliberately give up the task, which will not only make others think you are underestimating others but also be despised by others.

So, negotiate here, that’s what a professional Butei should do.

The other side should also understand this.

Unfortunately, Houri guessed wrong.


Snipe’s shoujo was silent for a long time, and then, after putting back her small hand on the commission order, she turned around directly and left without even saying a word.

Houri was stunned.

Just like that?

Just when Houri was stupefied, voices began to come from the surrounding crowd.

“That’s Reki from Snipe?”

“Is that Snipe’s famous newcomer?”

“I heard that Reki got an S-class grade on Snipe’s entrance exam yesterday.”

“Another new student who got an S-class rating on the entrance exam? Is it so easy to get an S-class now?”

“Shh, keep it down, the one over there who is looking at the same commission as Reki seems to be Houri from Assault Division.”


Hearing the conversation from the surroundings, Houri raised his eyes and gazed at the small figure that was fading away.

“Reki?” Houri murmured. “A truly inscrutable child.”

However, from the weak presence of the opponent and the way she walked away without making a single footstep sound, Houri was sure that this Snipe shoujo named Reki definitely had real talent.

“S-class sniper, it seems we’ll be dealing with each other a lot.”

Leaving these words behind, Houri tore the commission order off the bulletin board and walked out of the campus.
Houri did not notice.

In the corridor not far away, a figure slowly came out, looked at Houri who walked out of the campus, after a bit of silence, immediately went after Houri’s direction.

Gakuen island is an artificial island with vegetation transplanted from other places.

Among them, there is an environmental forest.

The forest was once built as part of a theme park, but it was abandoned because it was located in a remote area and did not do well.

Recently, a company intends to buy this region and redevelop it.

However, because this was once a theme park and there was a zoo in the theme park, the management of the later period was rather idle, so many animals from the zoo had sneaked into the forest and settled here, and there was no lack of beasts in the environmental protection forest, which posed a threat to a certain extent.

Houri’s commission is a mission initiated by the company that intends to acquire this region.

The task was to clear the beasts in the environmental forest and eliminate the threat so that the reconstruction could proceed smoothly.

Houri took a train to the region according to the map and entered the forest directly.

As soon as he entered the forest, Houri was attacked by various beasts.

Among them, even lions and tigers, such carnivorous and violent animals exist.

“It’s a good thing there’s never been a human life here.”

In a corner of the forest, Houri stood between the corpses of a group of fierce animals, holding a Glock in one hand, and with a movement that was completely transformed from a week ago, he quickly replaced the magazine, played a gun trick, and then put the gun into the space of the Black Ring.

After taking a look at the gradually darkening sky, Houri sighed.

“It should be almost cleared up, so come back tomorrow and report back after making a round to make sure there are no leftovers.”

After saying that, Houri walked in the direction of the exit of the forest.

The exit of the eco-friendly forest is in the middle of the abandoned theme park.

When Houri came out of the theme park, he could not help but be slightly stunned.

At the exit, a shoujo was looking around with some anxiety.

“Hotogi-san?” Houri uttered in surprise.

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