Illimitable Until Death v3c187

In the early morning, the air is still with a hint of cold. Even though the sunlight spills from the sky and illuminates the street, the temperature is still a bit on the low side.

Now it is already considered cold autumn.

Soon, winter will come too.

But at this time, the students of Butei High are already wearing their winter uniforms, giving the campus a new look and a vague sense of freshness.

Of course, it is not only the environment that is new but also the characters.

After a year, Butei High has welcomed a new semester and many new students, adding a new look to the school.

Presumably, there are many new students who are running around because of the entrance examination.

Especially in Assault Division, if it is the same as a year ago, the entrance exams will be a nightmare for some.

But that doesn’t have much to do with Houri, who is in his second year.

At least, the situation where there were several new students with S-class ratings in the entrance exam like a year ago will never happen again, right?

Moreover, although there is no entrance exam, there is an opening ceremony today.

Therefore, this year’s new student is not related to Houri.

With this in mind, Houri was sleeping.

In his own dorm room.

“Buzz… Buzz…”

In his sleep, Houri heard a vibration that started to wake up his somewhat dazed head.

Opening his eyes, Houri immediately saw the phone vibrating on his bedside.


Houri yawned, lifted the blanket, turned the phone on his bedside, and checked it.

As Houri expected, it was an SMS that woke him up.

The name of the sender was not new to Houri.

Houri smiled helplessly, got up, went to the window, opened the curtain, and looked at the street outside the dormitory.

There, a shoujo in uniform was standing against the wind, her long, shiny black hair flying in the wind, very beautiful.

Who else other than Hotoki Shirayuki?


Perhaps she sees Houri appeared at the window, Hotoki Shirayuki turned her head and met Houri’s eyes, and a dazzling smile appeared on her delicate face.

That smile, that is beautiful, but also gentle, enough to make any man’s heart intoxicated.

Therefore, even Houri could not help but smile slightly, made a ‘wait’ gesture and began to wash up.

It took ten minutes for Houri to finish washing up and come out of the dormitory building.

“Sorry, Shirayuki.” Houri came to Hotoki Shirayuki and said. “I’ve kept you waiting.”

“It’s nothing.” Hotogi Shirayuki shook her head and said softly. “Because Houri-kun has never been late and has always been punctual.”

“That’s because you come here every morning to wait for me and send SMS to wake me up on time.” Houri scratched his cheek and said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the confidence to get up early.”

“Is that so?” Houri Shirayuki said coyly and happily. “It’s my pleasure to help you out.”

In this way, Houri and Hotoki Shirayuki talked in front of the dormitory.

The extremely natural conversation and the unconventional scene told others that their relationship had grown by leaps and bounds compared to the past.

But that was not something difficult to understand.

Since then, a year has passed, and Houri and Hotoki Shirayuki have both moved on to the second year, no longer new students.

And in that year, their relationship, as mentioned earlier, has grown by leaps and bounds.

In order to let this ojou-sama, who was even more than a deep-rooted ojou-sama, who had never been outside before and knew nothing about the outside world, adapt to the life of the academy, Houri dragged Hotoki Shirayuki around a lot during this year.

After all, Houri himself was new to the world at that time and was new to many things, so he naturally had to run around in order to familiarize himself with the environment, and only occasionally thought about Hotoki Shirayuki and brought along such a pleasant bishoujo.

As a result, the relationship between Houri and Hotoki Shirayuki grew by leaps and bounds. Not only did they start calling each other by their first names, but from the second semester of their first year, they often went to school together like this.

So, to Houri, Hotoki Shirayuki is no longer the timid and cautious person she used to be.

And Houri is not a fussy person, so in the eyes of others, this kind of relationship is like neighbors from a small acquaintance.

“It’s about time.” Houri looked at the time on his phone and said to Hotoki Shirayuki. “Let’s go to school.”

“Um.” Hotogi Shirayuki nodded and like reminding him. “Houri-kun, do you have your pistol with you? You didn’t forget it in the dormitory, did you?”

Houri smiled faintly, and with a shake of his hand, the Glock series pistol appeared in his hand, spinning beautifully between his fingers, and then suddenly disappeared.

That scene made Hotoki Shirayuki close her palms and exclaim. “Houri-kun’s technique is still the same as before, it’s like magic, people don’t know when you draw the gun and when you put it away, they don’t even know where the gun is, it’s amazing.”

Hearing this, Houri shrugged his shoulders and said. “It’s just a few tricks, nothing fancy.”

For Houri, it was indeed just a little trick.

As Houri was just taking Glock out of the Black Ring and putting it back in.

However, during the year, this trick has made Houri famous.

During Butei’s activities, his opponents often did not even know when Houri drew his gun and when he fired and were defeated in a confused manner, completely defeated in Houri’s hand.

So, over time, Houri actually made a ‘Magician gunner’ title in the Butei world, plus being an S-class Butei, even though he was just a student, he was also quite famous.

Unfortunately, no one knows that Houri’s gun skill is only a small trick, the really powerful thing has never been shown.

No matter in which country, the opening ceremony is always boring.

However, Shirayuki became the student council president of Butei High this year and had to give a speech on stage.

So, as the only friend of Shirayuki at Butei High, Houri had to go to the ceremony.

So, when they arrived at Butei High, they were talking and walking towards the gym.

At that moment, a voice called out to Houri.

“Oh? Isn’t this Houri-san?”

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