Illimitable Until Death v3c188

The sudden voice made Houri stop in his tracks.

However, Houri was as if he recognized the owner of the voice, frowned slightly, and then subtly recovered, turned his head and looked behind him.

The first thing he saw was that in the direction of the school entrance, a tall man was slowly walking towards Houri’s direction.

It was a beautiful man with a tall, thin body and long hair, a high nose, wearing a designer suit and a valuable tie, like an aristocrat.

His age was about 20 years old, not much different from the students in Butei High.

However, this beautiful man, who was only a few years older than the students at Butei High, was a sensei.

At that moment, Houri smiled slightly and spoke with a somewhat indifferent expression.

“Good morning, Sayonaki sensei.”

After Houri’s voice, Shirayuki whose beside him gave a bow to the sensei named Sayonaki.

“So Hotoki-san is here too.” Sayonaki greeted Shirayuki and then looked at Houri with a courteous smile and said. “Houri-san and Hotoki-san’s relationship is still as good as last semester, it’s really enviable.”

“Is-is it?” Shirayuki’s face reddened slightly and she said with a bit of embarrassment. “Do-do we have a good relationship?”

“Well, we are friends after all,” Houri said with a little smile. “Shouldn’t that be normal?”

“That’s true.” Sayonaki nodded, his expression still kind.

But the next second, Sayonaki said this with a kind expression, as if he was giving a gentle reprimand.

“However, Hotoki-san is the student council president of Butei High, and her behavior is perfect. In order to be a friend worthy of Hotoki-san, Houri-san also needs to work harder, so he can’t be a useless man who can only rely on girls?”

Although these words were said in a harmless manner, the words in them were extremely harsh to the ears of the person concerned.

Houri’s eyes narrowed slightly and his eyebrows began to creased visibly.

Sayonaki is a young talent who returned from a foreign university by skipping a grade and is a lecturer of Medica Genetics at Butei High School.

In a word, he is the kind of perfect young man who only appears in idol dramas.

Sayonaki is known to be polite and courteous to everyone, and many girls are attracted to him, making him a popular idol at Butei High, and he is surrounded by a group of nymphomaniacs everywhere.

Therefore, in Butei High, except for those who are jealous of Sayonaki’s popularity, there is no one who really hates this beautiful man.

However, Houri is an exception.

It’s not that Houri is looking for trouble.

For some reason, Sayonaki clearly is always polite and nice to the rest of the people, but when it comes to Houri, he is always picking on him covertly.

Just like now.

Houri wondered if he had ever offended this Medica lecturer.

For this reason, Houri had asked Inquesta’s friend to help him investigate Sayonaki’s information as he did not find any dealings with this person.

But why would such a well-respected sensei bother a student for no reason at all?

There must be some reason for it.

Because of this, Houri was in a state of observation towards Sayonaki and did not take any action until he found out the reason why this popular lecturer was hostile to him.

Therefore, Houri just said somewhat perfunctorily. “Thanks sensei for the reminder, I will work hard.”

“Then I’m relieved.” Sayonaki once again showed an impeccable smile, before saying. “Well, I’ll leave now, see you in class.”

After saying that, Sayonaki crossed Houri’s side and gradually left.

Looking at Sayonaki’s distant back, Houri considers it thoughtfully.

“Houri-kun,” Shirayuki asked with some concern. “Are you all right?”

As the most frequent friend of Houri in this world, Shirayuki naturally knew about the matter between Houri and Sayonaki.

“Sayonaki sensei is clearly very tolerant of the rest of the students.” Shirayuki lowered her voice and said. “Why he’s so hard on Houri-kun?”

“I’ll have to ask him about that.” Houri sighed. “Perhaps I have offended him in some way.”

“How can that be?” Shirayuki shook her head and said. “Houri-kun is a very gentle person, and would never offend someone for no reason.”

“Gentle?” Houri said with a dumbfounded expression. “If you go to the Assault Division and say this openly, it will definitely attract a large group of people’s opposition.”

After all, Houri had been known to take down sparring students during Assault Division’s combat training sessions.
But Shirayuki insisted. “Anyway, Houri-kun can do no wrong.”

This does not sound like the words of a fair and impartial student council president.

However, Shirayuki, the usually gentle and kind Yamato Nadeshiko, sometimes suddenly says such things, so that one can clearly feel Shirayuki’s bias towards Houri.

That being said, having such a lovely and beautiful shoujo who is so partial to him is a thing that makes a man happy.

At that moment, Houri also stopped thinking and glanced in the direction where Sayonaki left, and then, followed Shirayuki to the gymnasium for the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony at Butei High was inevitably a bit boring, but fortunately, it was not very long.

After Shirayuki, who is the student council president, finished her speech, and the principal finished his speech, the ceremony was over.

The class placement process was also completed.

Unfortunately, Houri and Shirayuki were not in the same class.

So, Houri and Shirayuki were separated halfway and went to their own classes.

Last year, Houri was in 1st year of class A.

Perhaps it was because of the letter ‘A’, but this year, Houri was also in class A, only in the 2nd Year of class A.

After finding the classroom, Houri pushed the door open and walked in.

The opening ceremony had just ended, and the class was not yet crowded, gathering in twos and threes to talk and wait for the class meeting to begin.

Houri glanced around the classroom, and then his brow raised.

At the same time, Tohyama Kinji, who met Houri’s eyes, also rolled his eyes and said weakly. “Is it the same class as yours again?”

Houri suddenly smiled bitterly.

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