Illimitable Until Death v3c189

If Shirayuki is Houri’s most frequent friend at Butei High, then Tohyama Kinji is Houri’s bad friend.

Moreover, he was a friend who often had an inexplicable bond.

Fought against each other during the entrance exam.

Was in the same class in the first year.

Attended Assault classes together.

Even teamed up together in the Commissioned Mission, so they can be considered bad friends.

“I didn’t expect to even be in the same class for the second year,” Houri said with a sigh. “Is there a curse on you?”

“Then I must be the one who is cursed.” Tohyama Kinji tsukomi said. “Even if you are cursed, Hotogi-san will help you to remove the curse. It’s good to have a Miko with you.”

“You have the nerve to say that,” Houri questioned. “Didn’t you Tohyama clan and Hotogi shrine have an old relationship? But how come I haven’t seen you take care of Shirayuki?”

“I’m not going to do that kind of trouble.” Tohyama Kinji said with a resistant face. “You don’t know my physique. If I go near a girl like Hotogi-san, I’ll be miserable.”

In other words, Tohyama Kinji is disguisedly admitting that Shirayuki is attractive.

However, that’s not surprising.

In Butei High, Shirayuki was known as a top student.

Her personality is gentle and kind.

She is gentle and polite.

Beautiful in appearance.

Her grades were high.

Even in Supernatural Selective Research, Shirayuki is one of the top students, the Yamato Nadeshiko in everyone’s mind, and the one that many boys dream of.

So, Shirayuki not only became the student council president of Butei High this year, but also the club president of the gardening club, handicraft club and women’s volleyball club, which is a perfect dream girl.

Houri, who was once helped by Shirayuki to do the cleaning during the holidays, also knows that not only outside, but also inside, Shirayuki is a virtuous domestic helper, household chores are omnipotent, full of points in cooking skills, is completely impeccable.

Of course, Shirayuki is not without flaws.

For example, Shirayuki sometimes inexplicably falls into her own delusions and then does a series of creepy things.

For example, last year, Houri went away on a commission without notifying Shirayuki, even though he had asked for leave from school.

As a result, on the same day, Houri received nearly 100 SMS, all of which were sent by Shirayuki asking about his whereabouts. When he returned, Houri even found out that Shirayuki had commissioned Informa and Lezzad’s people to find his whereabouts, leading to a clear investigation of Houri’s mission process, and even took photos and made them into a package and sent them to Shirayuki.

It can be imagined how Houri felt when he helped Shirayuki receive the package and opened it out of curiosity, seeing these things.

Because the memories were so dark, Houri sealed them without hesitation and vowed not to forget to report back to Shirayuki when he went on future missions.

If Tohyama Kinji knew about this, he would be scared to death, right?

At that moment, Houri shook his head and put all these things behind him, and sat down on the seat not far in front of Tohyama Kinji.

Without turning his head, Houri opened his backpack while saying this sentence abruptly.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go back to Assault Division?”

The air around them became heavy all of a sudden.

“… I’m not going back.” Tohyama Kinji said in a low voice as he put his head away. “Moreover, after this year, I will transfer to a regular high school and won’t be a Butei anymore.”

“Is it?” Houri nodded, and then said nothing more.

In fact, Houri secretly sighed in his heart, somewhat regretfully.

In Assault, the only person who could fight with Houri was Tohyama Kinji.

To be more precise, it should be Tohyama Kinji who entered Hysteria mode.

However, just half a year ago, Tohyama Kinji suddenly switched subjects from Assault to Inquesta and declared that after this year, he would transfer out of Butei High and go to a regular high school and won’t be a Butei anymore.

The reason is very simple.

Tohyama Kinji’s older brother was also a Butei.

But last year, Tohyama Kinji’s older brother was killed in an incident.

Tohyama Kinji’s older brother was devalued by the media at the time, causing Tohyama Kinji to suffer a huge blow.

In that incident, Tohyama Kinji’s elder brother had the opportunity to escape, but he died because he delayed his escape to save the people who were also in distress.

In such a situation, instead of getting the glory that he deserved for saving so many people, Tohyama Kinji was criticized as worthless and notorious, so the blow Tohyama Kinji suffered can be imagined.

All of this is due to the bad image Butei has given to the world.

Realizing that even if Butei did the right thing, the result would not necessarily be good, and it would be unappealing, Tohyama Kinji decided to quit the Assault Division and transferred to Inquesta, preparing to transfer to another school next year and not to work hard with Butei as his goal.

This is how this conversation between Houri and Tohyama Kinji came about.

“Everyone has their own ambitions, and I won’t say much about what you think.” Houri as if talking to himself, said. “It’s just that, after you’re gone, I’ll have one less opponent who can keep up with me.”

Just after he spoke of this sentence, a voice suddenly jumped out and passed into Houri’s ear.

“NO~NO~NO, what you are said is wrong. Isn’t there another S-Class Butei in the Assault Division?”

With these words, a small figure popped out from beside Houri’s desk.

Houri and Tohyama Kinji was shocked at the same time.

“Hehe, scared?”

The person who came out made her hand like a rabbit’s ear and put it on her head, and said this in a voice full of spirit and very cute.

“Don’t worry, Riko is herbivorous today, so she won’t suddenly ‘growl’ at you guys?”

The person who said that was a very cute shoujo.

The shoujo has fluffy and soft blonde hair, with pink ribbons tied in two tiny tufts on the sides of her head, looking like a twin-tail hairstyle, but also like long straight hair.

Her body is naturally wearing Butei High’s girls’ uniform, but it has undergone a self-modification, with lace and pleated edges, in a kind of Lolita style.

Although her body type is a little petite, her body is very good, especially since the upper bust is unusually full, practically almost catch up with Shirayuki.

Such a lovely shoujo is opening a pair of glittering eyes, looking at Houri, the smile on her face was pretty sweet as if it can drip honey.

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