Illimitable Until Death v3c190

“Mine Riko!”

Looking at the sudden appearance of this shoujo in front of his eyes, Houri’s reaction aside, Tohyama Kinji stood up from his seat a little too aggressively.

Houri, who has been friends with Tohyama Kinji for a year, knows that, for Tohyama Kinji to behave so aggressively towards a girl, it means that it is a very dangerous existence in Tohyama Kinji’s heart.

That is to say, in Tohyama Kinji’s mind, this shoujo in front of him is a danger that can make him enter Hysteria mode.

It can be imagined how cute this shoujo called Riko really looks.

But, in the eyes of uninformed onlookers, Tohyama Kinji’s reaction is a bit intriguing.

“Boo-hoo, Kinji-kun’s reaction really saddens me, it’s a blow to a girl’s confidence?”

Riko pouted, somewhat displeased.

But then Riko looked at Tohyama Kinji with shining eyes and then at Houri as if she had found something funny, and smiled with great anticipation.

“Kinji-kun is just like the rumors, he hates girls, but he’s so close to Riri. He’s not really playing ‘Papa’, ‘Bang’ and ‘Yada Yada Yada’ with you, is he?”

Riko’s speech was completely a baffling one.

But for some reason, being looked at by Riko with such expectant eyes, both Houri and Tohyama Kinji only felt a chill down their backs, as if they had done something extremely disgusting in Riko’s mind, and simultaneously said.

“No! Absolutely not!”

Under such resolute and unanimous voices, the sense of expectation in Riko’s shining eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced by disappointment.

“Why is that, there are clearly some rumors among some girls. If Riko can confirm the truth of this rumor, it will be a good after-dinner conversation.”

This statement also reveals something so important that Houri and Tohyama Kinji is shivering from the chill.

This is not something that can just be heard.

You know, Riko is a famous fujoshi.

And, unlike other fujoshi, she is a fujoshi with peculiar interests.

She’s clearly an overly cute girl, but Riko is very keen on bishoujo games.

Especially in a game when the heroine wears fluffy and frilly clothes like Riko, Riko will pay special attention to it and even spend a lot of money to cosplay it, and the result is messy but cute.

The boys of Butei High have seen Riko go out to Akihabara many times, and often visit the maid cafe, just like a heavy otaku.

If it was a boy who had such a rumor, he would have received disgusting looks.

But a cute girl with such a rumor, let Riko accumulated a lot of popularity.

And such Riko naturally has some rotten theories that only a bad girl would have.

In view of this, Houri and Tohyama Kinji really got a chill.

“I-I suddenly remembered that I have some things to do, I’ll come back when the class meeting is over!”

Tohyama Kinji dropped this sentence without hesitation and then ran out of the classroom at a speed unmatched in Hysteria mode.

Seeing this, Houri also said immediately. “I also remember that I have something…”

But before he could finish his sentence, Riko suddenly moved.

“Don!” Riko let out this cry, suddenly lunged and pounced on Houri’s side, hugged one of his arms and cried out. “No, no, Riko is finally in the same class with Riri, so I won’t let Riri escape!”

Riko, who was yelling like this, didn’t know if she didn’t notice or if she did it on purpose, but because of the excessive force, the plump chest squeezed directly between Houri’s arms.

The touch of that soft body and the special fragrance of a girl were transmitted to Houri’s nerves, making Houri’s heart flutter.

But then, Houri couldn’t run away, so he had no choice but to smile bitterly.

“You haven’t changed a bit from before.”

In Butei High, Houri’s first friend is Tohyama Kinji, his second friend is Shirayuki, and his third friend is Riko.

In the first grade, Houri was in the same class as Riko.

On the first day of school, Riko caught Houri’s attention.

“My name is Mine Riko, you can call me Riko directly, my birthday is March 31, my favorite thing is to make clothes and play games, my major is Inquesta. If you don’t mind, then please make friends with Riko~~”

This is how Riko introduced herself in the class.

Riko was the only one who gave a long speech with a high spirit and even gave her birthday. With her cute appearance and beautiful body, no boy would not notice her.

The sad thing is that Houri is also a guy.

So, Houri remembered Riko.

It’s just that, in the beginning, Houri and Riko did not know each other that well, and did not even speak a few words.

Until March 31, Houri just finished a commission but got a cake from the client as a thank you gift, and was thinking about how to solve the cake when he happened to run into Riko and remembered that it was Riko’s birthday that day.

So, Houri gave the cake to Riko.

Since then, Riko has been pestering Houri from time to time, and even when Houri attended Assault Division’s training class, Riko attended it as an elective and blatantly cheered Houri on.

For this reason, Houri was mistaken by a group of single dogs in the Assault Division as a winner in life, resulting in a personal vendetta, many people challenged Houri in combat training, and finally get mobbed.

Of course, the result was Houri’s complete victory that day, while the entire Assault Butei were all laid up for a day so that the Assault building was full of wailing that day.

In addition, once Houri was free, Riko would occasionally drag Houri along to play games with her, and gradually she became acquainted with Houri.

“But, can you change that ‘Riri’ nickname?”

Houri’s words immediately received a laugh from Riko.

“That’s Riko’s pet name for Riri? You’ll get kicked by a horse if you refuse a girl’s advances, Riri?”

There’s a big difference between the term of pet name and proposal.

Houri didn’t even bother to tsukomi.

“Right, right, back to what we were talking about.” Riko tapped her palm and said to Houri. “Nah, Riri, isn’t there another S-class Butei in the Assault Division?”

Hearing this, Houri scratched his cheek and asked back. “You mean Kanzaki-san?”

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