Illimitable Until Death v3c191

S-Class Butei.

That’s not a rating that can be given casually.

Perhaps the fact that Houri was awarded S-class Butei on the first day of the entrance exam made many people think that the S-class Butei was not unusual.

In fact, there are only 712 S-class Butei in the whole world.

Even with Houri, there are only 713 of them.

Therefore, the S-class Butei can be said to be the top pillar of the Butei sector, the elite of the elite, even with only one person is enough to destroy a special forces squadron, combat power in the eyes of ordinary people, can be called superhuman.

It is because of this that the first day of the entrance exam was awarded an S-class rating, a score that is enough to attract the attention of a country and even the rest of the world.

As one can imagine, the number of S-class Butei students in a small Butei High School is very small.

At least, the number of S-class Butei in Butei High’s sophomore class can be counted on one hand.

In view of this, in the Assault Division training, only Tohyama Kinji, who is in Hysteria mode, is able to fight with Houri, while the rest are all being defeated in one move.

But not long ago, a transfer student came to Butei High and transferred to the Assault Division.

“Kanzaki H Aria.”

Riko slowly said while holding Houri’s hand and hanging on to it like a toddler.

“S-class Butei from the UK, international student who just transferred to Butei High last semester, using a weapon of Colt M1911 government type pistol, and still two, also said to use two kodachi, so-called ‘Quadra’s Aria’.”

“You are investigating very well.” Houri pursed his lips and said. “Not bad for Inquesta’s A-class Butei.”

This is one of the reasons why Houri noticed Riko in the first place.

Although a fujoshi, and has this personality, Riko is a Butei who is skilled in peeping, snooping, eavesdropping and hacking, and therefore has an extraordinary ability to gather the information that has earned Riko an A-class rating.

Houri was asking Riko to collect information about Sayonaki at that time.

Now, Riko once again showed her superior intelligence-gathering ability and investigated the matter of the transfer student from England clearly.

“If it’s that transfer student, that should satisfy Riri, who is also an S-class Butei, right?” Riko poke her finger at Houri’s arm and said with an extremely ambiguous expression.

“I heard that after transferring to Assault Division, that transfer student has been asking for information about Riri, and has even investigated Riri’s whereabouts?”

Houri also knew about this.

After all, Houri was in the Assault Division.

The transfer students in Assault Division were looking for him, so Houri couldn’t have been unaware of this.

However, throughout the third semester, the two had never met.

The reason was simple: Houri was busy.

In Butei High, Houri was known as a workaholic.

Once there is a difficult commission, then Houri will take it and go out to carry out the task.

And difficult commissions are also very time-consuming.

Especially some need to travel to carry out the commission, sometimes it needs one or two months to be completed.

Of course, such assignments are not posted on the bulletin board, but the sensei of the Academic Affairs Division selects the right person from Butei High School to carry out the assignment.

As a supernova of the Assault Division, Houri, unlike Tohyama Kinji, has always been very active, so he was often entrusted with such difficult assignments by the Academic Affairs Division, and has made many trips.

So, the third semester was only a few months long, and Houri spent a lot of time away from school.

The transfer student, who was also an S-class Butei, took on a number of top commissions and was therefore often absent from school.

Thus, Houri did not even meet the transfer student once during the third semester.

However, whenever Houri finished his work and returned to Butei High, students in the Assault Division would tell Houri that the transfer student had been looking for him.

“The same S-class Butei, the other party is likely to want to duel with you, to decide who is the No.1 of Butei High Assault Division sophomore.”

“Finally, there’s someone who can restrain a monster like you.”

“I hope there will be deaths and injuries in the duel.”

“And you’ll be the one who dies.”

“That’s right.”

These are the words of the people of the Assault Division.

Thinking about it, Houri couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t think that Kanzaki-san really wants to fight me?”

“Sa, who knows,” Riko said in a sweet voice. “But, Riko heard that the transfer student is in our class this year.”

“Our class?” Houri was immediately stunned and surprised. “No way?”

“Really, it’s just that there seems to be some kind of case today, so I don’t think the transfer student will come to class.” Riko lifted her head and looked straight at Houri.

Perhaps it was just Houri’s illusion.

For a moment, in Riko’s innocent eyes, there seemed to be a strange light flashing.

It was like a hunter expecting to hunt, i.e. brutal, but also pleasant.

Shortly after, Riko said with her usual sweet smile. “Well, Riri will meet Aria sooner or later anyway.”

With these words, Riko jumped like a rabbit and left Houri’s side and started to talk to the rest of the people.

Watching this scene, Houri shrugged his shoulders, turned his head and looked out the window, the corners of his mouth slowly lifted an arc.

“Kanzaki H Aria…”

“An interesting one, I hope…”

Time passed slowly.

It wasn’t long before the sun was setting and dusk was falling over the entire Butei High.

One by one, students began to come out of the campus, laughing and talking with each other and spread out in all directions.

Houri was one of them.

Since the fifth period of classes started with the major classes, students left the campus at different times for different courses depending on their majors.

Shirayuki’s Supernatural Selective Research requires more energy than the rest of the courses, so students leave school later.

So, today, Houri went back alone.

“It just going back together, she doesn’t have to send so many SMSs to apologize, right?”

On the dimly lit road, Houri felt dumbfounded as he checked the SMS from Shirayuki.

In the next second, Houri’s steps suddenly stopped.

At the same time, the atmosphere around him changed abruptly.

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