Illimitable Until Death v3c192


An extremely oppressive silence permeated the entire space.

Houri’s eyes gradually narrowed, closed the phone in his hand gently, and looked around.

In this street shrouded by dusk, there was not even a single person except for Houri.

However, Houri knew that he was not the only one here.

During his year at Butei High, Houri spent most of his time working to complete Main Mission 2.

However, in Assault Division, Houri learned a lot of professional knowledge.

For example, tracking techniques, anti-tracking tricks, the way to get out when bound, and the detection of surveillance, etc., a variety of techniques to deal with the upcoming situation, Houri benefit greatly.

So, now Houri can rely on hearing and intuition to judge the surrounding situation.

And in this second, Houri vaguely perceives.

The turbulent breathing is hidden in the shadows.

The sound of disorder footsteps.

The fierce sight without the slightest mercy.

And, the disgusting feelings caused by the sticky saliva rubbing back and forth.

At this very moment, Houri was sure.

“I’m surrounded…”

With Houri’s muttered voice, a black shadow began to slowly walk out of one of the alleys around the street.



It was the sound of a jumbled low growl.

The black shadows slowly coming out of the dim alley, which is actually wolves.

The wild wolves that have set their eyes on their prey, their limbs tensed up, and surrounded Houri tightly, their eyes filled with ominous aura.

“No, not a wild wolf.”

If it was a wild wolf, the surrounding would not have produced such an oppressive silence.

After all, there were at least ten wolves coming out from a dim alley.

If such a pack of wolves suddenly appeared in a street full of people, they would have launched an indiscriminate attack and caused panic, and would not have surrounded Houri alone in the absence of any bystanders.

Therefore, these wolves were not wild wolves, but tame animals that had been specially trained to be put into battle at the right moment.

By some instigator behind the scenes with hostile intentions against Houri.

“To be able to train these wolves, I guess they are not ordinary people?”

At least, it is impossible for an ordinary person to successfully tame this fierce wolf around.

Anyhow, the silvery-white fur, the overwhelming ominous aura that makes people’s skin tingle, the masculine body that makes people feel a touch of elegance, and the huge body that is close to the calf, are all telling Houri.

These wolves are not ordinary wolves.

Houri had read about them in textbooks.

“The endangered Caucasian silver wolf.”

Voice fallen.


With the reverberating howl of the silver wolves, the silver wolves leaped up like a bullet and instantly scurried in Houri’s direction and surrounded Houri.

In this instant, Houri was completely surrounded and had no way to retreat.

But almost at the same time, the corner of Houri’s mouth raised an arc.

At that moment, Houri’s hand was raised and a flash of light appeared around it.

Bang Bang–!

The sound of gunfire suddenly rang out.

The flash of light that appeared around Houri was actually the muzzle fire of a bullet being fired.

There was no gun in sight.

There was no movement.

Houri simply raised his hand, and a muzzle fire appeared, under the dull sound of gunfire, causing a round of bullets to break through the air and attack the surroundings.

At first glance, it was almost as if Houri used his hand to fire the bullets.

–‘Magician Gunner’

It was this magic-like shot that earned Houri the title in the Butei community.

This is a move that Houri used in front of Tohyama Kinji at the very beginning.

At that time, Tohyama Kinji, who saw this move, pronounced this name with a dumbfounded expression.

“Invisible bullet…”

As the name suggests, it is an unbelievable move where one can’t even see the body of the gun and get hit by it.

Not knowing when the gun was drawn.

Not knowing when being targeted.

Not knowing when being hit.

It was an attack that could not be reacted to at all.

It is said that Tohyama Kinji’s elder brother knew this incredible gun skill and once subdued numerous vicious criminals with this move.

So, Tohyama Kinji was stunned when Houri used the exact same shot.

Of course, Tohyama Kinji did not know that Houri did not know any ‘invisible bullet’ gun skill.

Houri simply took out the Glock lying in the space of the Black Ring in an instant, then pulled the trigger with his extraordinary attack speed, and then took the gun back into the space of the Black Ring after he finished firing.

However, this process is so fast that even entering Hysteria mode, Tohyama Kinji, who can use bullets to deflect bullets, is not aware of the step.

Therefore, this move has become Houri’s famous technique, so that Houri eventually obtained the title of ‘Magician Gunner’.

Under such circumstances, a group of silver wolves naturally could not react to the sudden shooting, and directly ran into the incoming bullets themselves.


The sound of a bullet entering the flesh rang out.

Puchi– Puchi– Puchi–!

One after another, the bullets pierced through the body of the silver wolves, causing them to fall to the ground in a splash of blood.

Blood gradually stained the ground.

Have to say, if there were no corpses, that scene would be absolutely beautiful.

Under the dim sunset, a flower of blood suddenly bloomed around Houri and then stained the ground. It’s extremely bloody, but with an indescribable beauty.

However, Houri is not in the mood to create such beauty.

While the silver wolves were killed on the spot, Houri’s ears faintly moved and heard a strange sound.

Looking up, to a corner of the street, Houri saw a car starting up and driving away.

“Is that you?”

These words, while coming out of Houri’s mouth, a flash of light blossomed in front of Houri’s body again.


Another shot rang out, the bullet cut through the air and landed on the tires of the car in the blink of an eye.

The vehicle with the broken tires lost its balance and suddenly twisted and crashed into a street lamp.


An explosion sounded loudly.

The vehicle was covered with fire.

Houri watched this scene happen but did not look the slightest bit shaken, lifted his feet and walked forward.

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