Illimitable Until Death v3c193

Butei Law, Article 9: Butei cannot kill under any circumstances.

Actually, this is not the original content of Butei law.

“Spread your wings to the world and fight together regardless of race or nationality.”

This is what the ninth article of the international Butei law is about.

However, in some countries where human rights are respected, this article of the Butei law is changed to not kill.

This country is one of those countries.

Violation of this article is equivalent to a violation of the Butei law and will be considered a crime and sentenced.

Therefore, even though it is only a part of the country’s law, this Butei law is still used and recognized by the International Butei Bureau.

As a Butei licensee in this country, Houri has no reason to violate it.

The consequences of violating it would be severe.

The legal sanctions are secondary.

After all, under the status of MainGod space arrangement, Houri is actually a foreign student from China because of his name, although he comes from a normal middle school.

Even if he violates the Butei law in this land, he will not be sentenced directly here but will be pressed to the International Supreme Court to be dealt with according to international law, unlike the local people who will be sentenced directly.

But even so, Houri will inevitably have his Butei license revoked.

As a result, Houri would not only have to quit Butei High, he would not be able to continue with Main Mission 2, and his ranking would be revoked due to the revocation of his Butei license, causing Main Mission 1 to fail.

In addition, Houri’s title is also not allowed to violate Butei law while wearing it, once violated, the title will be invalidated, Houri has no reason to violate it knowing that it will have so many serious consequences.

But just now, Houri did not hesitate to fire his gun, causing the vehicle to hit a street light, resulting in an explosion.

If there had been someone inside, Houri would have been out of the game.

However, Houri did not hesitate to shoot.

Houri did not believe that the instigator that can tame so many Caucasian silver wolves, which are on the verge of extinction, would die at such a level.

In fact, it was just as Houri had expected.

In the burning vehicle, there was no sign of anyone at all.

After that, Houri dialed Butei High’s office and asked the school to send Repier’s Butei to collect evidence.

Unfortunately, nothing came of it.


At night, in the room of the third boys’ dormitory, Shirayuki pressed Houri somewhat aggressively. “I heard that you were attacked, is that true?”

Shirayuki, who just got out of class, didn’t even have time to change her clothes and came over in a Miko outfit.

Seeing Shirayuki’s pretty face coming towards him, Houri said quickly. “Although this is true, do not worry, I can solve an incident of this magnitude.”

“Bu-but…” Shirayuki said with great unease. “Recently, this region has not been very peaceful, and I’m worried that Houri-kun might have run into the Butei killer.”

“Butei killer?” Houri was slightly stunned and then smiled again.

“You mean the criminal who specifically picked on Butei?”

Professions of Butei’s nature can easily attract hatred.

Apart from that, the arrest of the criminal alone is a reason for those vicious criminals to hate Butei, thus leading to trouble.

Butei killer is a particularly famous existence of this type of criminal.

It is said that many Butei have been attacked by this killer.

“But hasn’t the Butei killer already been arrested?” Houri wondered. “I remember something about it in Butei High’s promotional email a while ago.”

“But we can’t rule out the possibility of an imitator appearing,” Shirayuki said with some uneasiness. “Especially for a famous Butei like Houri-kun, there will be a lot of people targeting you. If something happens to Houri-kun, then I… then I…”

Shirayuki suddenly burst into sobs, and her big, beautiful eyes spilled out a few tears.

“Don’t cry.” Houri while bitter smile, while sitting next to Shirayuki, patted the back of this shoujo, comforted. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Not to mention the imitator, even if the real Butei killer comes and wants to take my life, it’s not that easy. Don’t you believe me?”

“No… nothing of the sort…” Shirayuki shook her head, wiped away her tears, and said with a smile through tears. “Yeah, Houri-kun is so powerful, even if it’s a real Butei killer, you’ll arrest him.”

Saying this, Shirayuki is as if suddenly remembered something, will face to Houri’s front, said. “But Houri-kun should be more careful these days.”

“Oh?” Houri’s brow raised and asked. “Why?”

“Because, before I came here, I did some divination for Houri-kun.” Shirayuki’s expression became serious and then said. “Just recently, Houri-kun will encounter an event that will cause a great change in your surroundings.”

“An event that will cause a great change in my surroundings?” Houri immediately frowned.

Houri no longer had any doubts about Shirayuki’s divination.

This Miko from Hotoki shrine is not only good at using kidoujutsu’s ESP but is also almost 100% accurate in divination. Although she cannot give the most direct results, such as directly telling Houri what kind of events he will encounter, but is extremely accurate in other aspects.

Therefore, since Shirayuki said that Houri will encounter an event, Houri will encounter an event 100% of the time.

Moreover, this time, according to Shirayuki, it is an event that will lead to a great change in Houri’s surroundings.

Coupled with the usual unlikely event of a wolf pack attack in the evening, Houri also believes that his surroundings are quietly changing.

In a short while, there should be a breath of change, right?

“I’ll be away for a while because I’ll be going to Mt. Osore in Aomori Prefecture from tomorrow for training camp,” Shirayuki said to Houri with utmost seriousness. “So, Houri-kun, please be careful.”

“I know.” Houri stretched out his hand and touched Shirayuki’s long, silky hair and said softly. “You can rest assured.”

Shirayuki’s expression relaxed before she noticed Houri’s action, she blushed but showed an expression of comfort and happiness.

Shirayuki did not see that Houri had quietly put his cell phone behind his back.

In the phone interface, which has not lost its light, an SMS is being opened.

“The blood of magician will be spilled on this earth.”

“–Butei killer.”

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