Illimitable Until Death v3c194

Early the next morning.

Because Shirayuki had already gone to Mt.Osore for training camp, it was impossible for this Yamato Nadeshiko to wait for Houri in front of the male dormitory today.

However, Shirayuki still sent an SMS to wake up Houri, who was sleeping soundly, on time for school.

Clearly, this is something that an alarm clock can solve, but Shirayuki has been so happy to play the role of an alarm clock that Houri is embarrassed to set an alarm clock on his own phone.

So, after being woken up by Shirayuki’s SMS, Houri yawned and started to wash up.

As usual, it took Houri ten minutes to wash up and get out of the dormitory on time.

Originally, he would have taken the bus to Butei High.

However, Shirayuki prefers to walk unhurriedly rather than on the bus, glorified as exercise, but the real purpose was unintentionally revealed once.

“If I take the bus, I won’t be able to enjoy the time alone with Houri-kun?”

So, Houri never took the bus to Butei High again.

Even when Shirayuki was not around, that was the case.

Today is the same.

“Butei killer?”

Walking on the road to Butei High, Houri looked at the SMS he received out of the blue last night and muttered to himself.

“Is this a crime alert? Or is it a threatening letter?”

The SMS clearly told Houri that the Butei killer was already on him.

“But the Butei killer has already been arrested.”

This was something that the entire Butei High community knew.

“So that’s the imitator?”

Houri is more inclined to this speculation.

Because, according to rumors, if Butei killer has set eyes on the target, it will first plant a bomb on the target’s vehicle to deprive it of its freedom, and then use the vehicle equipped with submachine guns, which can be remotely controlled to threaten and keep chasing the opponent.

In this way, the target will end up with only two.

One: Bombed to death.

Two: Gunned down by submachine guns.

Of course, there is a third possibility, is to be chased in the case of traffic accidents, and finally hounded to death.

This is how the Butei killer has been committing crimes.

“And if the attack I encountered yesterday evening was the work of this guy who calls themselves the Butei killer, then this person could only be the imitator.”

At least, Houri hadn’t heard that the Butei killer knew how to train wolves as a way to attack his targets.

“In any case, the fact that I was targeted is already certain.”

So, sooner or later, the instigator will take action against Houri, right?

“Fortunately, Shirayuki went to training camp.”

In this way, Houri didn’t need to worry about being involved.

However, Houri’s thoughts were mercilessly shattered.


Just as Houri was about to put the phone away, it suddenly rang.

The caller ID shown on the phone interface was an instructor from Assault.


Houri frowned and picked up the phone.

As soon as he received the call, Ranbyou’s nonchalant words came out from inside.

“Go to the roof of Assault now!”

Hearing this, Houri knew it.

The event had happened.

The next second, Ranbyou’s voice confirmed Houri’s thoughts.

“A bus to Butei High has been planted with a bomb, and now running on the road like an unbridled wild horse, you hurry over and get ready to strike!”

In the elevator of the Assault Division building, Houri pressed the button for the roof while recalling what Ranbyou had told him when they met.

“The bus that was hijacked was a school bus for Butei, and all the people inside were Butei, but the bus was equipped with a bomb that would explode if it was slowed down, and there seemed to be a vehicle that was monitoring and pursuing from a distance, and if I’m not wrong, it should be equipped with weapons.”

“The bomb was installed first, and then chased by a vehicle equipped with weapons, and the target is Butei, the other party is undoubtedly the imitator of Butei killer.”

“However, there is a person on our side who seems to have been chasing this imitator for a long time and is familiar with the long-range manipulation of the other party’s electric wave mode. This time it was this person who captured that electric wave and predicted the event in advance so that we could respond in time.”

“Now, the Butei who captured the electric wave is already ready to attack, you immediately rush and attack together.”

Recalling what Ranbyou had just said, Houri’s brow furrowed deeply.

“Butei killer?”

Indeed, this time, the modus operandi was almost identical to the rumored Butei killer.

But if that was the case, then what about the wolves last night?

“Could it be that the two sides are not the same person?”

While thinking this, the elevator reached the top floor and opened the door.


A strong wind blew in, spilling rainwater on Houri’s body.

Unknowingly, it was raining heavily outside.

And in the middle of the rain, there was a person standing with the back to the door, facing the wind.

It was a shoujo who was just over 140 centimeters tall and unusually small in size.

The shoujo had long, conspicuous pink hair, tied in a twintail style, with the ends of her hair fluttering in the wind and rain.

She was wearing a TNK bulletproof undershirt, a helmet with a reinforced plastic visor and open-finger gloves. Several belts tied to the flesh, and a leather pouch with a pistol holster and several spare magazines.

Houri is very familiar with this equipment.

It was the assault clothing that Butei always wore when attacking, known as C equipment.

The Assault Division is usually involved in very dangerous incidents, so they are often instructed to wear this equipment when they are in action.

The defensive performance of this equipment is very good. Even if a bullet falls on it, it will be reduced most of the impact, which is several levels higher than the bulletproof uniform that the students of Butei High often wear.

But when this equipment that only the anti-terrorist elite would wear was worn on the petite twintail shoujo, there is a kind of indescribable sense of incongruity.

Perhaps she noticed someone approaching from behind, the shoujo turned her head and looked at Houri.

The face that entered Houri’s field of vision at this moment was so cute that one could mistake it for a doll.

But the shoujo, who had such a cute doll face, was looking at Houri with a critical gaze, and her pupils were ruby-like scarlet.

Then, the shoujo said.

“Are you the magician gunner?”

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