Illimitable Until Death v3c195

At this moment, the voice that penetrated the wind and rain and reached Houri’s ears was a doll’s voice that matched well with the appearance of the shoujo.

However, this doll’s voice is not unpleasant, but on the contrary, it has a pleasant feeling, as if a work of art.

However, this voice was soon covered up by the increasingly huge storm.

The only thing that remained was the shoujo’s scarlet eyes staring intently at Houri as if she wanted to completely memorize Houri’s looks in her mind, and as if she wanted to take a good look at it all over again, without a moment of looking away.

From those eyes, Houri saw two things.

One is a sense of mission.

A sense of mission, as if intending to accomplish something and desperately chasing after something.

One is a strong will.

A strong will to move forward even if bloodied and bruised.

Under the rendering of these two feelings, shoujo’s immature face seems to have matured, so that people can feel the extraordinary aura in her body.

Even the Butei would have to bow down in front of her, right?

Unfortunately, Houri is not a normal Butei.

Looking at the shoujo who was staring at him, Houri pondered for a moment and spoke out as if he was sure.

“Kanzaki H Aria…”

Hearing this name, the shoujo’s nice brow slightly raised and said. “I thought you didn’t know me, so I guess I don’t need to introduce myself.”

That is to say, this shoujo who looks like she just started junior high school and doesn’t look like a high school student at all, was actually the transfer student from England that Riko talked about yesterday.

–‘Quadra’s Aria’.

Assault Division’s S-class Butei.

The S-class Butei, who was said to have been inquiring about Houri’s whereabouts and gathering information about Houri, finally appeared in front of Houri after being late for a semester.

“I’ve heard about you before I came to Butei High.”

Aria raised her eyes, looked at Houri, and said this under Houri’s stunned expression.

“S-class Butei, the magician gunner of Tokyo Butei High School, who uses magical gun skills, I finally met you.”

So Ranbyou informed me because of you?

“Although there are many things I want to say to you, now the situation is urgent, I won’t say more than necessary.” Aria turned around and faced the sky where heavy rain was pouring down.

“I have informed Logi, and asked them to send me a helicopter, it should be here now.”

As if to confirm Aria’s speech, a helicopter began to descend slowly in the sky, allowing the wind to blow away the rain and beat down on Houri’s body.

Ranbyou said that the electric waves pattern that the Butei killer’s imitator had been using seemed to have been mastered by Aria.

So, when the electric waves were captured, Aria seemed to be preparing, putting on C equipment, arranging transportation, and incidentally informing Ranbyou to call Houri over.

This S-class Butei from the UK has really good motor skills.

At least, at this point in time, the pace was completely controlled by the transfer student.

Aria, as if taking all this for granted, turned her back on the descending helicopter, looked at Houri, and with an expression of strong will, said this to Houri.

“I’m running out of time, so let me determine your ability in this one incident.”

“I hope you won’t let me down.”

This is the situation when Houri and Aria first met.

And this encounter changed the trajectory of the two in this world.


The rain kept falling, giving the entire sky an eerie atmosphere, and coupled with the dark layer of dark clouds, there was an indescribable sense of oppression.

Butei High’s helicopter flew in the middle of the rain, parting it as it advanced.

In the cabin, Aria was checking her equipment while talking to Houri without looking back. “I’ll explain to you the current situation.”

Hearing this, Houri just grabbed the armrest and spoke directly to Aria. “No, I have almost understood the situation. Simply put, it’s a bus hostage incident, the real identity of the criminal is unknown, but the weapons used are bombs and vehicles that can be operated remotely. The vehicles are also loaded with weapons, and the hostages are all the passengers on the bus, and this time the mission is to rescue all the passengers, right?”

“That’s right, it’s good that you can understand so quickly.” Aria looked back at Houri and said. “Although not wearing C equipment before the attack, it feels like not understanding the seriousness of the matter, so I deducted your points, but you really are still a good Butei.”

However, Houri did not wear C equipment because he did not want to add to his burden, not because he did not understand the seriousness of the situation.

While the defensive properties of C equipment are good, the lightness of the uniform is much better, and for Houri, that lightness suits him better than the defensive properties.

Of course, Houri did not need to explain anything but continued to ask. “How are the police department and the Butei Bureau doing?”

“Preparations are already underway.” Aria put away her gun, turned her head to face Houri, and said. “However, the other side is a bus in the middle of a mad dash, and needs some time to prepare.”

“In other words, we are the first rescuers to arrive on the scene?”

“Yes, after all, I was the one who intercepted the criminal electric wave, and I started making preparations long before anyone called the police.”

“Understood.” Houri turned in the direction of the hatch and spoke to Aria. “Kanzaki-san, let’s hope we work well together.”

“To each other.” Aria came to Houri’s side, tilted her head, looked out the window, and said. “And, just call me Aria.”

During the conversation, the speed of the helicopter began to slow down.

As the helicopter descended, it finally came into Houri and Aria’s view.

On the highway below, a bus was running wildly at a speed that was not surprising when the driver’s license was revoked, leaving behind a vehicle on the highway, almost rear-ending it several times, but finally dodging it.

“Did you see that!” Aria shouted into the radio in her ear. “Okay, get ready to descend, we’ll use the parachute to jump to the car!”

However, when her words had only just fallen, Houri’s voice rang out over the radio at the same time.

“No! We can’t descend yet!”

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