Illimitable Until Death v3c196

When Houri’s voice sounded over the radio, Aria was stunned directly.

Without any hesitation, Aria asked directly. “Why?”

Houri did not answer, but simply raised his chin in the direction of the bus that was running wildly below, and said. “You look around the bus.”

Aria looked down at once.

The next second, Aria saw it.

Around the bus that was running wildly, the convertible cars were actually running wildly at the same speed, closely following the bus’s surroundings.

And the passenger seat of those convertibles car was being loaded with a kind of weapon.

“That’s…” Aria’s expression tightened up slightly and muttered. “A submachine gun?”

“Yes, and it’s definitely loaded with a surveillance camera that allows the criminal to keep an eye on the bus and its surroundings and judge the timing of pulling the trigger.” Houri nodded and said. “Now if we jump with a parachute, we will inevitably be in danger of being captured, I do not care, but you will have to be beaten into a hornet’s nest by then.”

“Why you do not care, but I have to be beaten into a hornet’s nest?” Aria raised her brow, but she also put her hand on the handle of the gun at her waist and said. “In that case, let’s take care of those cars first.”

“That won’t work either,” Houri explained as he looked down the highway and watched the people’s cars being overtaken by buses and convertible cars. “Now, the police and Butei Bureau are blocking the road. Before the work is done, if we shoot rashly, even if we solve the convertible car, there is a great possibility that the surrounding vehicles will be involved, causing a huge car accident, and that would really be more than worth the loss.”

“Ugh…” Aria’s lovely face finally emerged with a tricky expression, and could only ask Houri. “So, what should we do now?”

Hearing this, Houri didn’t answer in the first place, but looked at Aria’s tense face and wondered in his heart.

Frankly speaking, in the current situation, even a B-Class Butei can make judgments.

However, Aria, the S-class Butei’s ability to judge the situation is obviously somewhat inadequate but has superior motor skills. But in the case of not being able to judge the situation while showing outstanding motor skills, it will become downright reckless behavior.

“Could it be that this British transfer student is testing me on purpose?”

Houri could only think like that.

Of course, while these thoughts flashed through his mind, Houri’s actions were not slow.

At that moment, Houri asked this question directly.

“Do you know the license plate number of the bus?”

“License plate number?” Aria tilted her head and said. “No, but that bus is the one that used to stop at 7:58 pm in front of the third boys’ dormitory.”

“… In other words, that’s the bus that stops in front of my dormitory, right?” Houri sighed and took out his cell phone from his pocket.

“In that case, that always unlucky guy should be on it.”

Saying this, Houri dialed a phone number.

It didn’t take long for the phone to be picked up and an extremely anxious voice came out.


The voice was that of Tohyama Kinji.

“Yo, Kinji.” Houri with a faint smile said. “You are indeed cursed.”

“Ahhh! You’re right!” Tohyama Kinji’s somewhat fiery voice rang out from the other end of the phone. “Now that I’ve managed to get trapped in the bus, and the kind where I can’t show my head, once a part of my body appears on the window, that part will surely be shot to hell by a submachine gun, damn!”

“How was it?” Houri got to the point. “Can you get rid of those convertible cars?”

“No.” Tohyama Kinji replied without hesitation. “You know what I can do now.”

In other words, Tohyama Kinji will only be able to do it if he enters Hysteria mode.

“It is indeed an extremely troublesome physique.” Houri inquired. “Have you checked the condition of the car?”

“Yes, I did.” Tohyama Kinji said quickly. “We checked under the seats, in the car, on the handrails, or in the panels, and found no bombs.”

“What about the bags you were carrying?” Houri continued to ask. “Backpacks, bags and satchels, check everyone’s bags to see if someone had secretly dropped them and hidden a bomb inside.”

Tohyama Kinji didn’t dare to be slow and started to ask the Butei in the car to check the packages they were carrying.

After a while, Tohyama Kinji reported. “All the bags were checked, and no bombs were found.”

“In that case, the bomb could only be on the roof of the car or underneath it.” Houri immediately stated his judgment. “While the roof of the car is too easily exposed, and this weather may affect the performance of the bomb, the criminal can only possibly put the bomb in the bottom of the car.”

“What should we do now?” Tohyama Kinji asked with some urgency. “If we want to check under the car, then we have to go outside, but there are so many submachine guns pointed at this side, we can’t do anything.”

“Then hide and don’t move,” Houri said. “Leave the rest to me.”

“You?” Tohyama Kinji said after a moment’s hesitation. “Can you do it alone?”

Hearing these words, Houri smiled slightly.

“Butei law number one: Trust your partner, help your partner.”

Leaving these words, Houri hung up the phone, picked up the parachute backpack in the cabin, and put it on his back.

Before Houri started the call, Aria remained silent and watched Houri handle the situation until she finally said.

“I was right about you, you’re really good.”

“It’s too early to draw that conclusion.” Houri’s expression did not change one iota and just said. “Until the mission is completed, any praise is just a waste.”

After saying that, Houri then steeply pulled open the hatch.


A strong gust of wind rushed into the cabin of the helicopter with the raging rain.

Houri looked down and found that the people’s vehicles on the highway had completely disappeared, leaving only the bus and convertible car.

“The highway is blocked,” Houri said into his radio. “We’re ready to move.”

“Okay.” Aria seemed to be ready to go and replied immediately. “Then let’s get the helicopters down and take care of the convertible cars.”

Houri, however, shook his head and said.

“There is no need for that.”

Houri picked up Aria directly.

“Eh? Oh?”

Aria didn’t seem to react.

At that moment, Houri had already leaped down.

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