Illimitable Until Death v3c197


The cold wind whistled in the air.

The rain beat mercilessly on Houri’s whole body.

In such a situation, Houri held Aria with one hand and followed the free-fall motion, jumped from the helicopter with whistling wind and falling towards the ground.

Only when he was almost ten meters away from the ground, Houri opened the parachute behind him.

With a pa sound, the parachute bloomed behind Houri’s back, stopping the trend of falling.

Houri just holds Aria, speed plummeted, slowly drifted to the ground.

Only now Aria reacted.

Aria’s face was a bang, turned red like a kettle that had exploded.

“You-you-you-you-you… What are you doing?!”

Aria burst into red, a pair of small fists clenched up and waved desperately.

However, Houri seemed to have expected such a reaction from Aria and pressed a finger on one of the parts of Aria’s body.

At once, Aria only felt her whole body tingling, her small fist did not have time to swing to Houri’s body, her body softed down, unable to exert strength for a while.

In such a situation, Houri’s voice came into Aria’s ears through the radio.

“Now is not the time to be in a daze, the shooting is coming.”

Almost as soon as Houri’s voice fell, the surveillance cameras on the convertible car below seemed to spot Houri and Aria falling from the sky, and the submachine gun on the passenger seat turned its head and aimed at mid-air.

Dada Dada–!

The submachine guns started roaring without any mercy, and under a burst of flashing muzzle fire, countless bullets were released.

However, when the countless bullets cut through the rain and released upwards, Houri also made his move at the same time.

Houri held Aria with one hand and tugged on the parachute rope with the other hand, suddenly exerting force.

In the next second, the parachute slanted steeply, so that the gusts of wind blowing on it.

So, under the gust of wind, Houri suddenly flashed to the other side.

Hearing this, Aria understood at once.

It was in order to hit the tires of the convertible car that Houri jumped straight down from the helicopter.

If they stay on the helicopter, even if the helicopter’s altitude drops, it can’t drop to the point where the pistol can hit the tires.

That is not only because of the range but also because of the angle.

Not to mention, the helicopter’s descent would mean exposing itself to the muzzle of the submachine gun.

Even if the helicopter’s bulletproof performance is not weak, but once hit by the fuel tank, it is also dangerous.

That’s why Houri jumped straight down.

As for holding Aria, it was mainly because Aria had no way to dodge bullets in an extraordinary way as Houri did.

Therefore, Houri is telling Aria.

“Leave the dodging to me, while you shoot.”

This is cooperation.

Understanding this, Aria immediately pulls two guns from her holster.

One was silver and one was black.

Different colors, but the same type of gun.

It was the Colt M1911 pistol that Riko had mentioned.

Moreover, it was a special version of the government model, a gun for the U.S. government military.

From Houri’s point of view, it is clear to see that the two guns have a pearl shell embossed on the handle, which is engraved with the side face of a mature woman similar to Aria.

With these two guns in hand, Aria pointed the muzzle at the convertible car below.

Bang Bang–!

The next moment, Aria pulled the trigger without hesitation.

The bullets passed through the rain curtain and the rain of incoming submachine gun fire, landing on the tires of a convertible car.

The convertible car’s tires exploded, causing the convertible car to lose its balance and fling itself against the side of the road at high speed.


The explosion sounded loudly.

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