Illimitable Until Death v3c198


With the sound of the explosion, the convertible car that hit the roadside burst into flames and gradually turned into a pile of scrap metal.

The aftermath of the explosion blew away the rain and set off a blast of wind, causing the wind direction around it to change somewhat.

However, this wind direction was once again used by Houri, with a tug on the rope, the parachute will be completely transformed into a paraglider, riding the wind and rain, swept forward.

Bang Bang–!

With the sound of gunfire, Aria re-pulled the trigger and let the Colt in her hand burst into a burst of muzzle flashes, firing a volley of bullets.

It must be said that Aria’s shooting was very accurate.

At least, without the title’s hit correction effect, Houri’s shooting is definitely not as good as Aria’s.

Under Aria’s shooting, the bullets hit the tires of a speeding convertible car below one after another, making a convertible car with an inaccurate submachine gun lose its balance one by one, throwing it off and hitting the roadside one after another, some of which were broken into pieces, some of which exploded directly.

It was only then that Houri finally gained some insight into Aria’s strength.

“It’s really worthy of being an S-class Butei.”

Although the previous judgment of the situation was slightly inadequate, there was a considerable guarantee in strength.

The fact is that Aria’s fighting skills aren’t weak either, right?

Otherwise, this petite shoujo would not have been able to use two Colt M1911s that were a bit too big for her, and ignore the recoil.

Of course, perhaps Aria’s guns have been modified to reduce recoil.

After all, many of the patents on these guns have expired, so they are free to be modified.

Unlike Houri’s Glock, in order to better strengthen the power of invisible bullets, he commissioned Amdo to strengthen the rapid firing power and heat resistance, and even the firepower was adjusted and strengthened, which already belonged to the category of violation of modification.

While these thoughts were flashing through Houri’s mind, Aria successfully shot down the last convertible car.


With the sound of the explosion, the convertible car hit the roadside once again and was covered by fire.

On the wide-open highway, finally only the last vehicle in the mad rush was left.

That was the hijacked bus.

Under Houri’s control, the parachute, which was transformed into a paraglider, swept down and arrived on the roof of the bus.


With a soft sound, Houri untied the parachute behind him, carried Aria, and landed on the roof of the bus.

Without wasting time, Houri spoke directly to Aria. “The criminal will probably continue to send additional vehicles with long-range maneuvering, so we will divide the work, one will be in charge of the guard, and one will go to defuse the bomb.”

Hearing this, Aria also seemed to think that this arrangement is the best to played out her own motor skills, said. “I’m going to defuse the bomb, you stay in the car and guard.”

Saying this, Aria is not the slightest hesitation to leave.

As for Houri, with a flip, he leaped to the side of the bus, through the window that seemed to be shot by the convertible car’s submachine gun and jumped into the car.

At that moment, all the students wearing Butei High uniforms were on their stomachs, as if to avoid being shot through the window by the convertible car’s submachine gun.

One of them, Tohyama Kinji, was present.

Looking at Houri, who had rolled into the car, Tohyama Kinji spoke out in surprise and joy. “You’re finally here.”

The rest of the students also looked at Houri and were all surprised and happy.

“Great, S-class Butei is here to save us.”

“We’re finally saved.”

“How’s the bomb?”

“Are we out of danger?”

The students stood up and talking simultaneously.

In response, Houri simply said. “We’re not out of danger yet, the bomb hasn’t been defused yet, but there’s another S-class Butei who’s looking for it under the car, so it should be okay.”

“Another S-class Butei?” Tohyama Kinji exclaimed in surprise. “Is there another S-Class Butei here?”

“And an S-class Butei from the Assault Division,” Houri said. “Quadra’s Aria, you know her, right?”

Tohyama Kinji pondered for a moment and then said extremely bluntly. “Don’t know.”

“… Well, I guess so, for a guy like you who wants to leave Butei High, Assault’s Butei information, and girl’s information at that, is something you would avoid.” Houri turned a supercilious look. “But you are still Inquesta’s Butei, so you should have grasped an information of this level?”

“So noisy!” Tohyama Kinji said with a little annoyance. “Anyway, I’m only the lowest E rank Butei, so this level is just right!”

The ranking of Butei is not always the same.

Depending on the strength and performance of the individual, Butei can be upgraded or downgraded.

For example, a Butei who has suffered a physical injury, and whose strength has decreased, will often face a drop in rank.

Tohyama Kinji was rated S-class in the first year entrance exam, but because he switched subjects halfway through the year and did not take the third semester exam, his grade has now dropped to the lowest E-class.

Of course, for Tohyama Kinji, Butei’s rank is no longer important.

Although Butei’s rank affects the assignment, pay and treatment, it really doesn’t matter to Tohyama Kinji, who wants to leave Butei High and not become a Butei anymore.

At that moment, Aria’s voice came over Houri’s radio.

“I’ve found the bomb!”

Houri’s spirits lifted slightly.

Seeing Houri’s expression, Tohyama Kinji seemed to have guessed what was going on and hurriedly asked. “Have you found the bomb?”

“Yes.” Houri quickly explained the situation. “I’m going to go outside and take a look, all of you stay here, there may be another attack outside, so don’t do anything rash.”

After that, Houri did not give Tohyama Kinji time to reply, directly jumped on the car window, with a long leap, leaped to the roof of the car.

At the same time, Aria also climbed up from under the rear of the car, looking at Houri, who appeared on the roof of the car, raised her hand.

In her hand, there is a size plastic bomb.

Seeing this, while Houri sighed in relief, his heart also has a sense of dissonance.

It felt as if something important had been overlooked.


At that moment, Houri’s cell phone, which was set to vibrate mode, suddenly vibrated in his pocket.

It was probably someone who had made a call to Houri.

However, it was this vibration that made Houri’s heart jump.

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