Illimitable Until Death v3c199

At this moment, what appeared in Houri’s mind was an SMS.

“Magician’s blood will be spilled on this earth.”

“–Butei killer.”

This SMS is still on Houri’s cell phone.

At this moment, the vibration of the phone made Houri recall this matter completely.

So, Houri finally knew.

He knew where the sense of dissonance he had just felt was.

Looking at Aria, who was holding a plastic bomb high in her hand, Houri’s eyes were solidified.


The sound of gunshots rang out.

With a flash of light appearing in front of Houri’s body, a bullet pierced the air and shot out.

That was a shot that Aria, who was an S-class Butei, was unable to react to.

By the time the flash of muzzle fire caught Aria’s eye, the bullet had already landed heavily on Aria’s raised plastic bomb.


With a metal clashing sound, a spark suddenly appeared.

Then, Aria’s raised plastic bomb was directly bounced off.

“Eh?” Aria didn’t react at all.

At this time, Houri had already rushed forward to Aria’s side and pressed her down.

In this instance, a vision occurred.


Under a deafening explosion, a burst of fire burst in mid-air behind the bus that was running wildly, mixed with a violent wave of impact wind, instantly swept around.

The ground was partly covered by the fire.

The rain in the air was directly evaporated.

A strong blast of wind blew, like a tidal wave in the direction of the bus, so that the bus was nearly lifted off the ground. After a short period of ups and downs, it barely maintained its shape.


Inside the bus, the girls’ screams also began to resonate.

On top of the bus, Houri was holding Aria down and finally kept his body in shape.

At this point, if Aria didn’t react to what was happening, she wouldn’t deserve to be an S-class Butei.

There is no doubt that the bomb exploded.

The bomb that Aria had defused from underneath the car, and that Aria had held high above her head a second before.

What would have happened if Houri hadn’t just knocked the bomb out of the air?

It’s not hard to imagine.

Thinking about this, Aria couldn’t help but look up at Houri beside her.

There, Houri maintained a one-knee posture, looking back at the explosion scene in silence.

Looking at Houri like this, Aria’s eyes began to flicker and a thoughtful look swept through them.

The crisis was lifted so that the speed of the bus was finally slowed down until it came to a halt.

At this time, the sound of the police car sounded, so that the support came late.

The rain, still falling.

For Butei, an encounter like this is like a student’s morning walk, no matter what time of day it happens, it is not surprising.

Therefore, even though there was a big bus hijacking incident, the police department and Butei Bureau were so hasty and left the follow-up investigation to Butei High because all the targets were Butei and there was no relationship with the public.

So, on the commission board of Butei High, the commission for Inquesta and Repier also appeared.

Next, just need someone to take this commission, complete the task of investigation, then the event is finished.

Of course, this is definitely not the real end.

Because the criminal has not been caught.

After that, Houri and Aria, just like Butei who finished the mission, returned to the Assault building by the helicopter they came from.

“Wait for me here, I have something to discuss with you.”

After leaving these words, Aria went into the locker room and changed back into her uniform.

About ten minutes later, Aria changed out of her C equipment like counter-strike and reappeared in front of Houri wearing Butei High’s girl’s uniform.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Aria said sternly. “Let’s go.”

“Hmm.” Houri nodded and followed Aria out of the Assault Division building, heading in the direction of the course’s school building.

On the way, Aria questioned Houri about the bomb that suddenly exploded earlier.

Apparently, Aria didn’t know why the bomb had suddenly exploded.

So, Houri told Aria about the Butei killer’s SMS.

“What?” Aria said with great surprise. “So, you were threatened by the Butei killer?”

“I thought it was a threat before, but now it looks like it’s really a crime alert.” Houri took out his cell phone, pulled up the previous SMS, and handed it to Aria. “The criminal was obviously targeting me, but planting a bomb on a bus full of Butei doesn’t fit the crime alert.”

“So, I’ve always thought it was a bit incongruous that criminal was clearly targeting me, and yet was targeting a bus, why exactly?” Houri spoke his reasoning to Aria. “The result is obvious, the criminal knew that I would have gone to solve the bus hijacking, and the purpose of hijacking the bus was also to lead me.”

“I see.” Aria looked at the SMS signed by Butei killer and said with a sudden realization. “The reason why the criminal hijacked the bus was to lure you, and then after confirming that you got on the bus to defuse the bomb, the bomb was detonated with remote control.”

“That should be the case.” Houri nodded and said. “With the power of that bomb, not to mention a bus, a tank car would be blown up. No matter which one of us defuses the bomb does not matter, as long as I get into the car, then once the bomb detonates, I will be affected.”

In this way, the existence of the self-proclaimed Butei killer will be able to kill Houri effortlessly and complete the crime.

This was the other party’s plan.

“You realized this, so you suddenly shot at me, right?” Aria continued to walk forward while raised her head, looking up at Houri and said. “At that time, I was really scared. I’m obviously not far from you, but completely unaware of when you pulled the gun. And when you fired before I could even react, the bullet has hit the bomb and blown away the bomb, this is the so-called invisible bullet?”

“Thanks to this, I can finally determine your ability.”

With these words, Aria suddenly stepped forward and turned around, facing Houri.

With that, Aria said.

“Houri, be my partner!”

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