Illimitable Until Death v3c200

“Houri, be my partner!”

The moment such words came out of Aria’s mouth, they immediately resonated like an echo in the surroundings.
Houri has stopped in his tracks.

And stopped in his tracks with a stunning face.


What does that mean?

Looking at Aria’s serious face, a pair of scarlet eyes staring straight at him as if he had found the world’s most precious treasure of glittering, Houri almost did not react.

In this way, on the contrary, Aria was a little uneasy.

“You… why are you not talking?” Aria opened her lips, showing a pair of small teeth as if she wanted to bite Houri, and said. “Is there something wrong with my Japanese? Or do you not understand what I mean?”

No, your Japanese is fine, it’s very standard.

That said, Houri couldn’t understand Japanese either, but he only understood Aria’s language through the translation ability granted by MainGod space, so he didn’t know how Aria spoke Japanese.

But since Houri can understand the translated version, it proves that there is no mistake in Aria’s language.

However, Houri was unable to grasp Aria’s meaning.

“What does that partner mean, exactly?” Houri asked. “Do you want to form a team with me?”

In Butei High, there is no such thing as a Butei who are not in a team.

Rather, it is an anomaly to have Butei that do not form a team after the second year and act alone.

At Butei High, once students enter the second grade, they must form a team of two to eight people and register with the school by the end of September.

This team system is very important.

After all, Butei is all different from each other, and even the way Butei High cultivates Butei is done in a professional way, so it is necessary to divide the course.

Of course, to go out into the society as a Butei’s profession, not only skill was needed, but also teammates to make up for their weaknesses, otherwise they might be in danger every minute.

Therefore, until September, students who are in their second year are required to form a team according to their situation and register with the school. The registered team will also be registered in the database of the International Butei Federation and will carry out activities in the form of a team in the future.

Even if the team members go their separate ways in the future, according to the international Butei law, they will be able to go beyond the framework of the organization they belong to and carry out their tasks with teamwork as the first priority.

In view of this, at Butei High, the only Butei students who act alone are first-year students, and second-year students will be active as a team after September.

It’s already April.

Since that’s the case, it’s not surprising that someone would want to team up with Houri.

In any case, Houri is an S-class Butei, and his reputation in the Butei community is not small, so there are only a few people who don’t want to team up with him.

The first thing that Houri could not help but think about was the fact that Aria had been asking for information about himself.

This made Houri say with some relief. “You’ve been asking about me all this time, just to team up with me?”

“That’s just one of the reasons.” Aria looked closely at Houri and said. “By partner, I don’t just mean teammates.”

Saying this, Aria lowered her head, her voice lowered somewhat and said. “I must have a partner, and only with a partner can I bring out the true power of the family.”

“Family?” Houri closed his eyes and when he opened them again, the look in his eyes towards Aria had become calm.
Immediately, Houri then said.

“Kanzaki Holmes Aria.”

When this name came out of Houri’s mouth, Aria jerked her head up, and a childish face was covered with surprising emotions.

“You…” Aria said with surprise. “Do you know my real full name?”

“Is that weird?” Houri looked at Aria’s surprised look, smiled slightly, and said. “After all, since the third semester, you have been inquiring about my whereabouts and news, and even collected information about me, so since I know about it, I naturally won’t pretend that I haven’t heard about it.”

So, during the third semester, Houri actually gathered information about Aria through his own contacts.

“Your full name is Kanzaki Holmes Aria, and your ancestor is Sherlock Holmes.” Houri looked directly at Aria and said, word by word.

“So, you are Sherlock Holmes IV.”

–Sherlock Holmes.

People are no strangers to this name.

Other than that, Butei High’s textbook has an account of this great man.

He was a famous detective who was active in England more than a hundred years ago, known for his godlike accuracy in marksmanship and extraordinary fighting skills, as a detective, but with excessive force, known as the prototype of Butei-like character.

The famous detective’s descendants, now still active in the British detective world, and even was named a nobleman, enjoying the treatment of the rich and powerful families can not match, and even have a fiefdom.

Aria is the descendant of that famous detective.

Because she is of mixed English and Japanese descent, Aria has the surname Kanzaki.

The French pronunciation of Holmes is ‘Olmes (Holmes)’.

Therefore, the so-called ‘H’ in Aria’s full name means Holmes.

So, Sherlock Holmes is Aria’s great-grandfather, and Aria is Holmes IV, with the blood of a famous detective and the blood of an aristocrat.

“When I first got this information, I was very surprised.” Houri shrugged and said. “It is said that the Holmes family is still very active in the UK today, completely living up to the name of the famous detective, the family has had a very superior performance for generations, and has always been a detective, I did not expect that as the Holmes IV you actually became Butei.”

“… I can’t help it, I didn’t inherit my great-grandfather’s superior reasoning ability, I’m just a defective product to the family,” Aria saying this, but her eyes became very firm.

“That’s why I chose to become a Butei, in order to be close to my great-grandfather in a different way.”

Hearing this, Houri fell silent.

Did not inherit the superior reasoning ability?

That’s why this petite shoujo has extraordinary motor skills, but her judgment of the situation is a bit lacking?

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