Illimitable Until Death v3c201

At this moment, the atmosphere between Houri and Aria became somewhat heavy.

In order to get rid of this heavy feeling, Houri took the initiative and said. “So, what is the real power of the family that you are talking about?”

“Don’t you know?” Aria slightly stunned, and then said. “Speaking of Holmes, there’s one thing he’s known for, besides his deductive reasoning and marksmanship, isn’t there?”

“No, that famous detective is famous for a lot of things,” Houri said very dryly. “There are so many examples to judge by their fame that it’s hard to know how to choose.”

“Well, that’s true.” Aria’s expression relaxed a bit as if she was very happy to have her great-grandfather praised, and said. “Although my great-grandfather was a very famous detective, but not by himself to conquer so many cases. In his side, if there is no excellent partner, it is certainly impossible to become so good.”

“Holmes’ partner?” Houri said with a thought. “You mean Watson?”

In Sherlock Holmes’s life, many famous characters have become his enemies and put him in danger again and again.

And in this period of life, it is undoubtedly Watson who gave Sherlock Holmes the most help.

That is a doctor.

In Sherlock Holmes’s life, this doctor occupies a very large proportion.

He had given Sherlock Holmes a lot of help, but also from the perspective of ordinary people gave Sherlock Holmes a lot of advice, can be said to be the famous detective’s partner.

It is because of the existence of this partner, Sherlock Holmes can conquer one case after another, defeat one enemy after another, and gradually become one of the most famous figures in Britain.

“In the Holmes family, the existence of a partner is very important. Just like great-grandfather, only after finding partner, it is considered perfect.” Aria said with great seriousness. “So, the Holmes will have their own partners for generations to make up for their shortcomings.”

As a matter of course, just complement it if there is a defect anywhere.

In other words, if it is not complemented, then it will always be a defective product.

One of the biggest reasons why Aria was considered defective by the people in her family was because she never found her partner.

“That’s the result of poor strength, no one can keep up with me, so no one can be my partner.”

Therefore, Aria needed someone who could make up for her own shortcomings and keep up with her.

As someone who has not been able to inherit the best reasoning ability in her family, Aria needs someone with a cool head as her partner.

As a person with excellent motor skills and superior strength, Aria also needed someone who could follow in her footsteps.

“I’ve been looking for such a person for a long time, and today, I finally found it.”

With these words, Aria’s eyes became shiny again as she looked at Houri.

“So, Houri, become my partner!”

The amount of expectation that Aria injected into these words is actually known without explanation.

Because, only with her own partner, Aria can become a real Holmes, can play the family’s specialty, from now on no longer a defective product.

Aria will always inquire about Houri’s information, is because Houri as Assault Division in the most famous S-class Butei, let Aria generated hope.

The petite shojo desperately needed someone to accompany her through the rest of her journey.

And so, once again, Houri fell silent.

In the Butei community, teaming up is not uncommon.

But, as Aria said, what she needs is not just a teammate, but a partner she can trust and rely on for everything she has.

That is not just a team, but a lifetime contract.

Such a heavy wish is not something that Houri can just agree to.

Not to mention, Houri as a MainGod envoy, once the completion of all the Main Mission, he will leave this world within three days.

So it’s absolutely unrealistic to become Aria’s partner in such a situation.

But this is also secondary for Houri.

Houri is never concerned with external conditions, but his own mood.

At this point, there is only one thing that attracts Houri among Aria’s statements.

“Defective product…?”
This statement makes Houri think of himself.

How is he not a defective product?

Only, Aria’s defect is her ability, and Houri’s defect is his feelings.

Unable to feel emotions about death, but in the rest is very normal.

Isn’t this phenomenon like a missing piece of a puzzle, very unexpected?

Previously, Houri had always thought that he was a person with a personality defect.

Now, Houri knows that the reason for this unnatural phenomenon is that his soul automatically records death.

So, Houri is not missing something but has something more.

There is such a special soul.

Yet, as a human being, Houri is defective.

It is because it is not normal that it is defective.

If a so-called partner is to make up for one’s shortcomings, then what should Aria make up for by becoming his partner?

While such a thought flashed in his mind, Houri met Aria’s gaze.

“Wha-what’s up?” Aria said with a tense face as if she was really nervous. “First of all, I found you with great difficulty, whether you want to or not, you have to be my partner!”

“Otherwise…” Aria pulled out the Colt from the holster pinned to her thigh and said with a fierce look. “I’ll open a hole on you!”

She suddenly became so capricious.

However, this also shows how desperate Aria really is.

In response, Houri smile wryly said. “Okay, I can be your partner!”

Saying this, not waiting for Aria to be happy, Houri suddenly added.

“As long as you promise me one condition.”

“Conditions?” Aria said in a hurry. “What condition?”

Houri smiled faintly.

In the next second, Houri’s voice echoed softly.

“If one day, the most important person around me dies…”

“Aria, you help me cry…”

That day, Aria would never forget Houri’s expression.

It was as if it was about to disappear, an unusually unreal expression.

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