Illimitable Until Death v3c202

On the same day, Houri and Aria were not able to attend class because of the bus hijacking incident and were called directly to the Academic Affairs Department to explain the process of resolving the incident.

Moreover, they were separated and explained separately.

This is a measure to avoid the Butei who solved the incident from giving false confessions for some reason.

If there are more than two Butei to solve the case, the explanation afterward will be done in this way, and it will be finished only after confirming that both of them have given the same statement.

After it is over, of course, is to receive payment.

For this kind of unexpected event, as the perfect solution to the incident, the parties can often get a very large amount of money.

Therefore, by the time all the procedures were completed, it was already late in the evening.

When Houri came out of Butei High and returned to his room, an unexpected scene appeared in front of him.

“You are slow!”

Aria, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room fixing her hair, said straight away.

“I’ve been waiting for you for half an hour!”

Hearing this, Houri half-narrowed his eyes and looked at Aria who was sitting there with a discontented expression and sighed. “Should I ask you why you’re in my room at a time like this?”

“Is it necessary to explain such things?” Aria raised her eyebrows and said. “As my partner, you should be able to deduct things of this level on your own.”

What deduction…

Anyway, she should have found out the door number of his room beforehand, and then asked the Amdo people to copy his key card, right?

Houri also learned by chance that some people at Amdo provide special services, such as copying the keys to other people’s doors.

There is no doubt that this kind of behavior is already in the level of trespassing.

Unfortunately, in Butei High, where a group of abnormal people is gathered, this kind of thing is quite normal, which is sad.

So, Houri just asked this question.

“So, what do you want to do in my room?”

“Nothing much, just thought I’d check-in.” Aria plopped down on the couch and crossed her two little feet, wiggling them as she said carelessly. “Anyway, you’re my partner, so it’s no problem.”

Which country’s theory is this?

Yes, I’m your partner, but not your husband, so I’m not obligated to let you in and out of the room at will, am I?

Houri really wanted to say that, but looking at Aria’s casual look as if she treated this place as her own home, he could only let out a long sigh.

When they first met, Aria gave Houri the impression of a very valiant Butei, a thunderous attitude and a decisive style of action that made people feel Aria’s strength.

It is a kind of inner strength.

Therefore, Houri has always thought that Aria is a female heroic figure.

In fact, when Houri was gathering information about Aria, he had heard that the shoujo seemed to be a very mature, calm, collected and handsome senpai in the minds of the new first-year students.

However, after becoming Aria’s partner, Houri realizes that this shoujo is often more willful and stubborn when dealing with acquaintances.

That’s the real Aria, isn’t it?

After all, this shoujo blushes rapidly when he is hugged by Houri, and when she asks Houri as a partner, she feels like a sheltered rich ojou-sama because she tries too hard.

Well, this isn’t wrong either.

As a famous British aristocrat, Aria is indeed a rich ojou-sama.

“Hum Hmm Hmm~~~”

Look, this rich ojou-sama seems to be in a good mood again for some reason, as the number of times she wiggles her legs increases, she even starts to hum a song.

Although from Houri’s point of view, the rich ojou-sama was unguardedly lying on the sofa and wiggling her feet, the beautiful scenery under her skirt was almost exposed, which was a bit bad.

At that moment, Houri shrugged helplessly, after leaving his backpack on the sofa, he turned around and opened the refrigerator in the corner of the living room.

“Would you like to drink something?”

“Do you have coffee?”

“Yes, but it’s iced.”

“Then I don’t want it, give me Manju flavored drink.”

There better be something like that.

Houri rolled his eyes and took out a bottle of juice from the fridge and tossed it directly to Aria, while he opened a cold beer.

“You’re actually drinking?” Aria said, extremely surprised, holding the juice. “In this country, aren’t students were not allowed to drink alcohol?”

“There are no such rules in China, and I’m a foreign student, so it’s okay.” Houri also showed a certain degree of capriciousness with his own theory, sipping a cold beer while speaking to Aria. “Since you’re here, tell me what exactly is the result of the investigation of this morning’s incident.”

For the investigation of the incident, Houri has not yet checked.

However, Aria seems to have been tracking the criminal behind the scenes, this time the incident is also an early interception of the criminal’s usual electric wave.

So, after the incident investigation results, Aria must have checked.

“After that, the police department found the hotel room suspected to have been used by a criminal, but the accommodation record was tampered with from the outside, and the criminal did not leave any trace.”

Aria really has checked the results of the investigation, without any pause, began to explain.

“And the investigation against the scene likewise yielded no useful clues. According to the report, the vehicles loaded with submachine guns were all stolen items, and some of them didn’t even have factory records, so it can be said that there was not a single crack.”

“I guess so,” Houri said as he twirled the beer can in his hand. “There’s no way the criminal would have left evidence in this accident.”

“Oh?” Aria asked curiously. “What makes you so sure?”

“Because such an event is not something that trivial imitator can cause anymore.” Houri took a sip of beer and spoke out indifferently.

“Criminal is the Butei killer, and it’s still the real one.”

“The previously reported Butei killer who was arrested was only wrongly accused.”

When these words came out of Houri’s mouth, Aria’s face froze in place.

Then, Aria lowered her head, her small hands clenched, and her soft shoulders began to tremble slightly.

Immediately after, Houri could see.

In Aria’s face, a teardrop began to slide down.

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