Illimitable Until Death v3c203


Seeing that Aria suddenly lowered her head and started to cry, Houri was dumbfounded.

At that moment, Houri hurriedly went forward, sat next to Aria, started to pat her back and asked. “What happened to you? Why are you crying all of a sudden?”

“Nothing…” Aria pouted, wiped away her tears, and said with some tears of joy. “I’m just so happy to hear someone say that my mom was wrongly accused for the first time.”

“Your mother?” Houri was straight-up stupefied on the spot.

In this situation, Aria bit her lip, looked at Houri, and said. “The person who was arrested on the charge of Butei killer was my mother.”

Hearing this, Houri finally reacted.

No wonder Aria had been chasing after this criminal before this incident started.

Originally, Houri was still a bit strange, an imitator Butei killer, and Aria as S-Class Butei should have no reason to keep chasing such a criminal.

Now, Houri finally understood that Aria had determined at the beginning that this criminal was the real Butei killer, that’s why she kept chasing it.

And, Aria also said with a low voice. “Not only is it the Butei killer, but my mother is carrying the guilt of many criminal members of a very powerful organization, and the Butei killer is just one of the members of this organization.”

“A very powerful organization?” Houri asked, frowning. “What kind of organization?”

“I can’t tell you that.” Aria looked up and said with a hint of seriousness on her tender face. “That is the organization that even many big countries have to be afraid of. If you reveal the information casually, you will be targeted by the hidden agencies of this country.”

“Is it?” Houri’s tightly furrowed brow slowly relaxed and said indifferently. “I’m happy if you don’t tell me, but your mother is responsible for the crimes of many people in this organization, what are you going to do?”

“Arrest them all, of course!” Aria said without a moment’s hesitation. “I will definitely arrest all those criminals who put my mom on groundless charged crimes so that they can clear my mom’s name!”

“If that’s the case, it means that as your partner, I will have to face them sooner or later, right?” Houri glanced at Aria and said with a faint smile. “So, even if you don’t tell me, I’ll still know.”

Aria was at once speechless, just sitting on the sofa, a pair of scarlet eyes sneakily glance at Houri, said cautiously. “Do you regret it?”

Aria is talking about becoming her partner.

In order to save her mother who was wrongly accused, Aria had to face the criminal organization that even many big countries had to be afraid of.

And can be imagined, even the country was afraid of this organization, so as a small Butei, against such a huge thing will be a dangerous thing.

Perhaps, Aria is so anxious to find a partner in order to be able to deal with this organization.

In other words, strictly speaking, Houri was dragged into the water.

But at this moment, Houri is laughing.

Moreover, he laughed from his heart.

“This is the moment I’ve waited for?”

During this year, Houri has been running around for Main Mission 2 and has completed many commissions and gained 3500 Mission points so far.

In other words, Houri’s Main Mission 2 has been completed.

The remaining Main Mission 3 and Main Mission 4, Houri did not deliberately complete.

This is partly because Houri is concentrating on Main Mission 2, and partly because Houri has not found the opportunity.

Main Mission 3 requires Houri to collect the blood of great men.

In this world, many great people who are famous in the history books have left their bloodlines, resulting in the emergence of many superhumans in this world.

The Aria in front of him is one of them, inherited the bloodline of the famous British detective, although not inherited the ability to reason, but has extraordinary strength.

Tohyama Kinji’s Tohyama clan is also one such example.

In Butei High, there are many people like this.

But Houri can’t just ask someone to give him some blood for no reason, can he?

Of course, Houri has a lot of ways to get their blood.

So, Houri’s original intention was to focus on completing Main Mission 2 first and then consider Main Mission 3.

Now, it’s time to do it.

But Main Mission 4, that is, requires the arrest of a non-human race of criminals.

In this year, Houri traveled almost everywhere for the Commissioned Mission, but did not encounter inhuman existence, and could not find a chance to complete the mission.

Coupled with this year, Houri has not triggered Side Mission, and cannot find the opportunity to earn CP, Houri really started to hope that something more happened around him.

Apparently, Aria has given Houri such an opportunity.

The opponent is a criminal organization that even the major powers are afraid of.

Then, in such an organization, there is a high probability of non-human existence.

The chances of Side Mission being triggered against such a huge organization will be greatly increased.

If this organization also has a large number of inherited great man’s bloodline existence, it would be even better.

When he thought of this, Houri really smiled from the bottom of his heart.

So, Houri said.

“Tell me.”

Hearing the words, Aria was stunned.

“The name.” Houri looked at the stunned Aria and said. “At least tell me the name of the criminal organization.”

Hearing this, Aria pondered for a moment, and then slowly said.


“IU…” Houri lowered his head and silently wrote down the name.

Then, Houri said to Aria. “So, the first thing is Butei killer, right?”

Aria blinked her eyes and seemed to be a little bit unresponsive.

Looking at such Aria, Houri smiled and said. “First, we’ll arrest the Butei killer, so that your mother’s guilt can be partially cleared and the debt that Butei killer owes me can be paid off in one go.”

“That means…” Aria said with some delight. “You don’t regret being my partner?

Houri looked at Aria, suddenly smiled, and softly said.

“Butei law number two: Absolutely abide by the contract with the client.”

“Since you have agreed to my terms, I will keep the agreement and become your partner.”

“Absolutely, no regrets.”

Houri’s words, let Aria a pair of scarlet eyes can’t stop shaking, and finally a happy smile.

That smile, unprecedentedly lovely.

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