Illimitable Until Death v3c204

That night, Aria stayed in Houri’s room.

Houri’s room was originally a luxury suite, with not only a dormitory-style bedroom for four people, but also a small room for five people, so it was not a big problem to accommodate one person.

But still, Houri is a man, Aria is so simple to stay in Houri’s room, really do not know in the end is too much trust Houri, or too unguarded.

And once he asked Aria, the other party directly said this sentence.

“You are my partner anyway, so it does not matter.”

This girl, it seems that the so-called partner completely as their own, quite a kind of ‘your things are my things, my things are my things’ trend.

In other words, Aria is really treating Houri’s room as her own room.

Even the next day, Aria woke up Houri, who was sleeping soundly, clamored for being hungry, just like a primary schooler.

This gives Houri the feeling that she is not a partner at all, but a mischievous kid.

Although this mischievous kid is a little too cute.

Since Aria was so happy early in the morning, Houri got up early and ordered a take-out breakfast for two, and ate it with Aria before heading out.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but at the same time Houri and Aria were leaving the house, the sound of a familiar door opening came from the next room, causing the owner inside to come out together.

“Eh?” Tohyama Kinji came out of his room and saw Houri with Aria at first glance, and his intention to yawn froze in place.

“Yo.” Houri, as usual, greeted Tohyama Kinji. “Kinji, why are you so early today?”

“Because of yesterday’s incident, I had to give a statement as one of the victims in the academic affairs section.” Tohyama Kinji instinctively answered Houri’s question, and then reacted.

After glancing at Houri and then at Aria, who was staring straight at him, Tohyama Kinji said with a subtle expression. “You brought another girl back while Shirayuki was out?”

“I see, no wonder you’re reacting like this, so that’s what you’re thinking?” Houri said with eyes half-opened and explained with a lazy look. “I’m not you, in the end stage of misogyny, is it weird to do that?”

“… Even though you’re right, I don’t know why, but I just feel so upset.” Tohyama Kinji said with an unhappy face. “Forget it, you saved me yesterday, so I’ll help you keep today’s matter a secret, don’t say I’m being insensitive.”

After saying that, Tohyama Kinji, as if he wanted to stay away from the scandalous place, yawned while leaving without looking back.

Looking at Tohyama Kinji, Aria, who had been silently observing him, suddenly said. “Is he the Tohyama Kinji who was awarded S-class Butei with you in the first year?”

“Oh?” Houri’s brow raised and said. “Do you know Kinji?”

“I was told about it when I was asking about you in Assault,” Aria said. “They all said that in the past, there was no one in the Assault Division who could be your training partner except Tohyama Kinji, so I collected information about him in the meantime.”

“Is that so?” Houri asked with some curiosity. “Then why didn’t you choose Kinji as your partner?”

“Without you, I probably would have had to choose him,” Aria said with an air of righteousness. “But since you’re there, the gloomy guy with misogyny is eliminated.”

Just as Aria’s voice fell, Tohyama Kinji, who was about to walk down the stairs in front of him, sneezed loudly and lost his balance, and fell down the stairs with a shriek.



Houri and Aria, who watched this scene with their own eyes, both fell into a state of speechlessness.

Then, Aria asked Houri with a suspicious face. “Does that person really received an S-class grade in the first-year entrance exam, just like you?”

“Well, that guy is a bit special, just like Choutei, sometimes he has incredible power, but usually he is no different from ordinary people.” Houri touched his nose and said. “So, you can think of him as the incredible Butei who has two modes, Scrap Mode and Hysteria Mode.”

“A Butei in such an unstable state is a headache to think about.” Aria accepted Houri and came to this conclusion with some carefree.

“If I chose that kind of person as my partner, I would open a hole on him every day.”

Without knowing why Houri always felt that this conclusion would really come true.

“I’m glad Aria didn’t choose Kinji as her partner.”

Otherwise, as Tohyama Kinji’s neighbor, Houri felt that his walls would not be able to block out a lot of noise.

Like the sound of gunshots or something.

Butei High, 2nd Year Class A.

When Houri opened the door to the classroom and followed Aria inside, all the students in the classroom began to clamor.

“Here they come!”

“The hero of the bus hijacking!”

“It’s truly S-Class Butei!”

“And two of them teamed up together!”

“And they even went to school together today!”

“Shouldn’t it be during the mission, so they’re ready to team up, right?”

“That’s amazing, two S-class Butei teaming up together!”

“It’s definitely one of the strongest teams in the second year, right?”

With such a clamoring sound, the whole 2nd Year Class A was like a party and became extremely noisy.

Tohyama Kinji was the only one who stayed in the corner seat with a bored look, obviously determined to be a passerby to the end.

In such a situation, it is Houri and Aria were scared.

But before the two people made a response, a small figure squeezed out from the crowd.

Then, she made a sobbing face and said with a sobbing voice. “Riri abandoned Riko for another woman, how outrageous.”

Who else could it be but Riko?

Looking at Riko, who was sobbing, the corners of Houri’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Because it was so fake.

However, Aria seemed to believe it and said in a panic. “You… Why are you crying all of a sudden?”

At this moment, Houri saw it.

Riko, who was sobbing with her head down, had an evil curve at the corner of her mouth.

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