Illimitable Until Death v3c205

In the whole 2nd Year Class A, only Houri probably saw Riko’s evil smile.

At that moment, Houri secretly shouted ‘not good’.

It’s been a whole year since he interacted with Riko, so how could Houri not understand the personality of this childish-looking, yet well-built shoujo?

In short, Riko is a cheerful and lively person who is usually naive and a bit of an idiot.

But this person has an unusual interest.

It is to tease Houri.

Somehow, since the first grade, Riko has been teasing Houri in various disguises.

For example, when Houri borrowed a notebook from Riko, Riko slipped a book that was inappropriate for children into it, making Houri almost scream in class.

For example, when Houri played games with Riko, Riko secretly switched Houri’s cell phone and changed the desktop and photo album with her pictures, which made Shirayuki, who happened to see it, feel like the end of the world that day and threatened to go after Riko.

The rest of the pranks, big and small, Riko has done almost everything, giving Houri sometimes a headache and being fooled around.

So, this extremely innocent looking shoujo, in fact, hides a little devil inside, very haraguro.

At this moment, Riko is obviously planning to do something.

Houri immediately tried to stop it.

However, Riko seemed to be aware of this, sobbed and said to Aria. “Aria stole Riko’s boyfriend, Aria is a bad woman.”

At these words, the whole room was silent.

The group of students who were clamoring a second ago seemed to be choked on their throats, and all of them fell silent, looking dumbfounded.

“Ha?” Aria was completely dumbfounded and made an out of line sound.

Within moments of that sound, the entire room exploded.


A group of students lets out a shout in an even more exaggerated manner than before.

“So this is the relationship between Houri and Riko?”

“I told you why these two have been so close since the first year!”

“That means Ri-san and Riko-san are a couple?”

“And Kanzaki-san is the third party?”

“I feel like… it’s suddenly interesting!”

This is the voice of a group of girls who like to gossip.

As for the boys, they face were all ashen, and then looked at Houri with dark emotions in their eyes.

Houri is aware of this.

Riko is actually very popular among the boys.

One of the reasons is that she has a pleasant personality.

There is a much simpler reason, which is Riko’s appearance.

There is no doubt about her looks, she is very cute and beautiful.

Although her body size is small, but her body is very good.

This contrast moe, so almost all the boys in Butei High will regard Riko as the most precious, almost change the shape of home pillow to Riko.

This kind of shoujo suddenly announced that she had a boyfriend, let alone the gossiping girls, boys regardless of whether they are single dogs or not, all have exploded.

This makes Houri covered his face and didn’t know what to say.

Until a certain moment…

Bang Bang–!

With a gunshot sound, the ceiling of the classroom was shot straight through and several bullets holes appeared.


All sounds came to a screeching halt in this moment.


A few empty shells fell to the ground with a crisp thud.

Aria, who was holding two Colts aloft, blushed red and shouted in that distinctive baby voice, grinding teeth-like.

“Who dares to talk nonsense again, I will open a hole on their body!”

Absolute silence.

In the face of the S-class Butei, who had gone on a rampage, the group of students, who thought they were not strong enough, chose to shut up.

Aria, on the other hand, continued to look at Houri with a red face and a stiff neck, like a lioness in a rage.

“… So, you originally already in that… in that kind of relationship with a girl?”

Hearing this, before Houri could say anything, Riko, who looked like she was sobbing, raised her head, without a single tear on her face, and said as if she had suddenly realized.

“So Aria doesn’t know about Riri and Riko’s relationship?”

Riko then looked at Houri, as if she had found some criminal, pointed out with one finger, and announced.

“In other words, Riri you cheater!”

The words just fell, a hand blade suddenly fell from the sky, landed heavily on Riko’s head, with a bang sound, Riko made on odd cry, holding her head while squatting.

“Cheating my ass!” Houri retracted his hand knife, looked at the crouching Riko on the ground, his face pulled up a chilling smile, said. “Riko, you should know that I am a man with a vengeance, right?”

“Ah… Ahahaha…” Riko’s lovely face spasm slightly, and said as she cowardly lowered her head. “Riko was just joking, it was all just a joke, Riri can understand, right?”

“Yes, I can understand.” Houri’s smile became kinder, but it made the class tremble.

Then, Houri said with a smile. “So, I think I need to have a good talk with Riko, come on, come out with me.”

Saying this, Houri grabbed Riko’s head who wanted to run away, like a pliers, dragged Riko, who couldn’t stop begging for mercy, out of the classroom.

Looking at this scene, the students in the class looked at each other, and then whispered.

“It’s over for Riko…”


“I can’t believe I’m messing with that devil…”

“It reminds me of the Assault Division’s battle…”

“You mean the time when Riko went to cheer that guy on and made everyone in the Assault Division angry and challenged him to a fight?”

“That was the time everyone in the same class as that guy in the Assault Division lay for a day.”


The students all went back to their seats with great silence as if nothing had happened.

Tohyama Kinji, who was cowering in the corner, even whispered with a pitying face. “Everyone finally can feel what it was like to be eaten alive by that guy when I was in first grade, huh?”

Aria, on the other hand, was in a state of shock.

“Cheater… cheater… cheater…”

It seems that this tsundere shoujo is not immune to this kind of love topic.

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