Illimitable Until Death v3c206

The sun was going down.

After the bus hijacking that happened yesterday, Butei High continued to have classes as usual today, so much so that people felt uncomfortable.

But as previously said, this kind of incident is a normal thing for Butei, so the big news that would cause an uproar in other schools is just a little bit of after-dinner conversation here, but not even a ripple in Butei High.

However, it is a fact that the criminal did not reveal itself.

So, after the Assault Division’s professional class, Aria went to Connect and Amdo, seemingly ready to prepare the instruments and equipment to intercept the Butei killer’s usual electric wave, just like the last time, in preparation for the next showdown.

Houri asks Aria to buy a batch of bullets for him, then separates from Aria and goes home alone.

However, Houri had just walked out of the Assault Division building when a person jumped out from the side.

“Janjan! Riko’s here!”

Seeing Riko’s expression and pose that could only be used at a surprise party, Houri stopped in his tracks and his eyes turned into dead fish eyes.

“Boo-hoo,” Riko said as if she was displeased with Houri’s reaction and put her hands in front of her body with a cross. “Riri, zero points.”

“What exactly is that grading scale?” Houri said with a sigh. “Why are you here? Did you ambush me here on purpose?”

“Hehe, Riko just wanted to give Riri a surprise.” Riko jumped up to Houri’s side, hugged Houri’s arm, and said coquettishly. “Riko did so much to Riko in the morning, shouldn’t he make it up to Riko?”

“Please,” Houri said somewhat ill-humoredly. “Whose fault is it?”

After that, Houri tried to get free of Riko’s arm but was wrapped tightly by Riko in a way similar to judo.

Houri had no choice, so he used a little more force.

“Ah…” Riko was making a gasping sound, as if her breath had become hot, said to Houri with a blush. “Riri is really bold, to rub in that kind of place…”

Houri immediately stopped his movements, unable to do anything else.

“Hehe,” Riko said with a satisfied laugh and said while jumping for joy. “Well, Riri, let’s go home in a way that looks good, this is a scene that is worthy of being CG?”

Saying this, Riko is holding Houri’s arm, dragging Houri with a seemingly delicate, but actually very brutal force.

At that moment, Houri also can only helplessly follow Riko together.

In the sunset, the beautiful shoujo hugging the arms of the opposite sex, which makes them seem like a couple.

If Aria saw this scene, she would have been so shy that she would have pulled her gun.

If Shirayuki saw this scene, she would have been stimulated to draw her sword.

Fortunately, the two shoujo, which in every sense have different degrees of danger, were not present, allowing Houri to be quiet.

Riko was also uncharacteristically quiet, as if reminiscing about something, quietly holding Houri’s arm as she walked through the campus in the evening.

The students around who were going home saw this scene and were both surprised and curious.

Presumably, some degree of rumors might really spread tomorrow.

And in this situation, Houri frowned.

There was something wrong with Riko’s condition.

Just as Houri was about to say something, Riko suddenly said. “Riri and Aria seem to be getting along very well.”

“Me and Aria?” Houri was slightly stunned, scratched his cheek and said. “Was it?”

“Of course.” Riko nodded vigorously and said. “In the Assault Division, Aria has always been known as a loner, and has never been that close to anyone, so when people saw Riri and Aria going to school together, they were actually very surprised, otherwise they wouldn’t have been so noisy in the morning.”

“Well, I guess so.” Houri shrugged and sighed. “Including you, isn’t it?”

“Not Riko. Riko knew Riri and Aria would be together like this sooner or later.” Riko said with a meaningful smile, holding up a finger. “Riko had already said that sooner or later, Riri and Aria would meet, and it was only a matter of time before the relationship developed into what it is now.”

“It’s just that Riko didn’t expect that Riri’s relationship with Aria would develop so smoothly.” The smile on Riko’s face faded a bit as she held Houri’s hand tighter. “After all, Aria needs a partner, but Riri does not need a partner, the two actually came together so quickly, really surprised Riko.”

“You’ve gathered the information that Aria needs a partner.” Houri did not see Riko’s expression but replied truthfully. “But in a way, my partnership with Aria is a certainty, right?”

Just because both of them are defective.

I don’t know if Riko understands Houri.

Riko suddenly changed the subject, and her voice came softly into Houri’s ears.

“If Riko disappears one day in Butei High, will Riri feel sad for Riko?”

“Disappear?” Houri’s eyebrows creased again and he asked. “What does that mean?”

Riko didn’t answer Houri’s question but said it as if talking to herself. “Riko has had a great year at Butei High.”

In these words, Houri heard a feeling of nostalgia.

“You know what?” Riko said with a beautiful smile to Houri. “After Riko turned eight, no one celebrated Riko’s birthday until she came to Butei High.”

After saying these words, Riko suddenly tripped Houri with her foot.

Houri was so concerned about Riko that he didn’t notice it for a while, so he stumbled and fell to the ground on one knee.


At that moment, a soft touch came to Houri’s cheek.

“Eh?” Houri was instantly stunned.

At that moment, Riko had already let go of Houri and ran in the direction of the school entrance while waving at Houri, and gradually left Houri’s view with her usual happy smile.

Watching Riko gradually disappearing under the sunset, Houri’s heart had a feeling.

It felt like Riko was saying goodbye to himself.

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