Illimitable Until Death v3c207

“At our Butei High School, there is a system of one-on-one training between a senior student and a junior student, which is known as the Amica system.”

“Simply put, it is a mentor-apprentice relationship that is entered into with the consent of both parties, and such a relationship can be found everywhere at Butei High School and is called Amigo for boys and Amika for girls, or mixed genders, but altogether it is called Amica.”

“Everyone is already a second-year student, so if a new first-year student wants to enter into an Amica relationship with you, you can actually give it some thought.”

“This is not a troublesome system, although you have the obligation to guide Amigo and Amika as Battle-Brother and Battle-Sister, at the same time, Amigo and Amika are obliged to obey the orders of Battle-Brother and Battle-Sister and serve you, whether in normal times or during work.”

“So, if there is a junior student who wants to enter into an Amica relationship with you, you should consider it. But as a senior student, you must treat the junior student with a strict attitude, clearly establish the relationship between the top and bottom. This is also a necessary behavior for the smooth search or combat work, the person who gives orders and the person who follows the orders, the relationship between the two parties must be established very clearly and not allow the situation of insubordination to arise.”

“With this in mind, in Butei High, there is a difference in the status of the senior and junior classes, as evidenced by the fact that I believe you have all performed chores in your first year.”

“If anyone here already has an Amigo or Amika, then don’t hesitate to throw whatever chores you have at them.”

At the podium of 2nd Year Class A, the sensei who was in charge of the lecture had been talking about the system that was so feudal in the eyes of ordinary people from the very beginning.

His face was so righteous that it could make any junior student cry.

However, all the students in the room had been promoted from the first grade to Butei, and as sensei said, they had done a lot of chores in the first grade, and now it was their turn to give orders as upperclassmen, so they listened with great interest and joy.

However, Houri has been a bit inattentive, not listening to the lesson at all, and his eyes are frequently glancing at a seat next to his own.

That seat is Riko’s seat.

But today, this seat is empty.

For Riko, being late is not an unusual thing.

This fun-loving shoujo was often late to class in various ways, even missing class because of playing games all night and being lazy.

So, for the class, this is not a strange scene.

Moreover, it is not strange for Butei to take a long leave of absence because of a Commissioned Mission that needs to be carried out for a long time.

Even Houri, in his first year, had taken several long vacations due to several difficult Commissioned Missions, each time for a month or two, which is not strange at all.

Maybe, Riko just received some kind of Commissioned Mission and couldn’t come to class.

However, it was a normal thing, but Houri was still very concerned about it.

He couldn’t help it.

Yesterday, at the end of school, Riko’s words really made Houri can’t stop thinking about it.

“Disappearing and all that…”

Given Riko’s personality, that probably was a joke, right?

Houri has always told himself that.

But still, he had been concerned about it since morning until now.

“It’s already the fourth period…”

And the fifth period starts with the major class.

In other words, after this class, if Riko doesn’t come again, she will miss the class.

“I don’t know if she’ll come to the major class…”

Houri thought about these things in a careless manner.

Houri did not notice that on the other side of his seat, Aria was chewing on the nib of a pen, looking at Houri’s inattentive appearance, and seemed to be thinking about something.

As time passed, the bell rang for the end of class.

The students of Butei High started to come out of the classroom and started to go to their respective department buildings.

“Houri,” Aria spoke to Houri who was packing his bag. “Are you going to Assault Division training today?”

“Hold on a minute.” Houri nodded, then looked to the back corner and spoke to Tohyama Kinji, who was about to walk out of the classroom. “Kinji, you’re going to Inquesta’s major class?”

“I don’t want to go to this kind of Butei class, but if I don’t have enough credits, I won’t be able to go on to higher education, and I don’t want to do the Commissioned Mission, so I’d better go to class.” Tohyama Kinji replied casually with a listless look. “What? Do you have a job you want me to take on? If it’s the kind of job that requires me dying then please don’t call me.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to get you killed on the job either,” Houri said to Tohyama Kinji as he crossed his arms. “I just want to trouble you to call me if Riko is going to Inquesta’s class later.”

“Riko?” Tohyama Kinji said as he scratched his hair. “Well, if it’s something of that magnitude, that’s no problem.”

“I’ll leave it to you then.”

“Got it.”

After saying that, Tohyama Kinji picked up his backpack and walked out of the classroom.

“Okay, Aria.” Houri just stood up and said to Aria. “Let’s go.”

However, Aria’s answer never comes.

Houri immediately looked a little puzzled, and then saw Aria with a pair of scarlet eyes staring deadly at his own appearance.

Without waiting for Houri’s questioning, Aria said with wonder.

“You seem to have a good relationship with Mine Riko, you’ve been concerned about her whereabouts since this morning.”

“… You’re also very observant in this area.” Houri sighed. “But, is that strange?”

“It-it’s not that strange…” Aria stammered a bit. “It’s just that as your partner, I think there are some things you shouldn’t hide from me. Like… for example, your relationship with Mine Riko, really… is it really that kind of relationship?”

Houri was happy to see Aria’s face blush as she talked.

Why ask when you’re obviously not good at this kind of talk?

When Houri couldn’t help but tease this tsundere shoujo, the cell phone in Houri’s pocket suddenly vibrated.

So, Houri took the phone out and opened the standby screen.

The next moment, Houri’s eyes slightly condensate.

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