Illimitable Until Death v3c208


Seeing that Houri suddenly stared at the phone interface and did not speak, Aria could not help but voice out in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Houri didn’t answer, but just turned the phone towards Aria and let his phone interface into Aria’s view.

In the next second, the contents of an open SMS came to Aria’s eyes.

“Beautiful fireworks will bloom on the ocean at night.”

“This feast, I wonder if I can invite the famous detective’s partner?”

“–Butei killer.”

“Wha…?!” Aria couldn’t help but be shocked.

In such a situation, Houri retracted the phone and slowly said.

“Looks like this is the next crime preview letter.”

“Aria, we have a job.”

Hearing this, the shock on Aria’s face gradually turned serious, and strong emotions welled up in the scarlet’s eyes.

Needless to say, Houri and Aria didn’t attend the major courses.

But that’s not a big deal.

Anyway, credits for major courses can be earned by completing the Commissioned Missions.

With Houri and Aria’s level, they can easily get credits by taking a few difficult Commissioned Missions.

So, not being able to take classes in the major subject is just less time for Houri and Aria to train.

So, Houri and Aria set off for home.

On the street to the dormitory building, Aria followed Houri’s footsteps and asked. “Do you just go straight to the dormitory?”

“What else would we do?” Houri replied directly. “Since the Butei killer dared to send an SMS, it proves that this person is confident that this SMS will not leave tracks. It is estimated that there will be no gain if we go to Connect and ask someone to help us track down the letter.”

“Amdo’s procurement was completed yesterday, and Informa probably won’t be able to help us, since we have limited leads after all.” Houri clarified one by one. “In that case, we might as well do our own reasoning.”

“Reasoning…” Aria, as if she had been poked in the gut, dropped her head a bit and said in frustration. “But the thing I’m not good at is reasoning.”

“That’s why you need me as your partner, isn’t it?” Houri couldn’t help but reach out and touch Aria’s head, said with a laugh. “Or do you think it’s better to ask Inquesta’s high-ranking Butei? If that’s the case should we change our course?”

“No, I trust your abilities.” Aria raised her head and looked at Houri with a cute smile on her baby face and said. “Because you are my partner.”

“Is that so?” Houri couldn’t help but smile along.

Immediately after, Aria realized that her head was being touched by Houri, and immediately performed a rapid red face technique, hastily dodging it, making Houri smile again.

The two then returned to the third boys’ dormitory room.


The door of the room was opened with a slight sound of the door being opened.

Houri and Aria entered the room through the door and changed their shoes in the entrance hall.

After changing into slippers, Houri immediately entered the living room, threw his backpack on the sofa, and then sat down at the glass table and opened his laptop.

Aria, on the other hand, asked very dryly. “What should we do now?”

“It’s simple.” Houri opened his computer while taking his phone out, pulling up the SMS from Butei killer, and said. “First, we need to know the location of the Butei killer’s crime.”

“The location of the crime?” Aria picked up the phone, stared at the SMS, and muttered. “The SMS only mentioned the ocean, which means the crime was committed at sea?”

“But this is an artificial island, surrounded by the sea, so we need to narrow it down first.” Houri began to work on the keyboard of his laptop and spoke to Aria. “Actually, the SMS is very clear.”

“The SMS mentions the sea and the feast, so the first thing we think of is some kind of event at sea.”

“Butei killer is also a serial killer who targets transportation, so this event must be possible on some kind of transportation.”

“The vehicle that can hold the event at sea, it must be a large oil tanker without a doubt.”

“Plus the SMS mentioned night, we just need to check online to see if there are any large oil tankers that hold events at night recently, then we can basically lock the location of the Butei killer’s crime, and even the time of the crime if it goes well.”

“Is that so?” Aria said with some relief. “Is that why you chose to go straight back to the dormitory?”

“After all, this level of information can be found by looking it up on the internet, so there’s no need to pay Informa and Inquesta to help us,” Houri said as he skillfully worked on the keyboard. “Besides, Butei killer mentioned in the SMS that the invitation was extended to a famous detective partner, so we can’t just go and ask someone to help us when we’ve been so blatantly provoked, right?”

“You’re unexpectedly childish.” Aria turned her gaze to Houri’s face, smiled a little happiness, and said. “I don’t hate it, though.”

“Oh?” Houri glanced at Aria and said with a faint smile. “So, can I take it that you like me a lot?”

“Li-like?!” Aria’s face flushed rapidly, and she shouted with her hands danced. “No… it’s not like that! It-it has nothing to do with that!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Houri was almost used to Aria’s reaction, and in a few words, he had Aria’s rhythm completely under control.

It didn’t take long for Houri to find out the information he needed and stop tapping his fingers on the keyboard.

Aria glared at Houri in anger, but raised her eyes and looked at the computer interface.

On the top, among the open pages, there was a message like this.

“The large tanker Matiya Haida has been completely completed and is officially launched for business from now on. The organizer will hold the opening ball on the tanker on April 18, and will invite all major companies in Gakuen island to participate.”

Looking at the news, Houri and Aria looked at each other.

“Except for this opening ball, there will be no similar events for some time,” Houri said. Houri said. “With the venue being Gakuen island and us being invited, what do you think Aria?”

“Still need to ask?” Aria said without hesitation.

“That should be it!”

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