Illimitable Until Death v3c209

The opening ball for the big tanker was on April 18.

And today is April 15.

In other words, Houri and Aria actually have plenty of time, with three full days to prepare.

But there’s really nothing much when it comes to preparation.

After all, Amdo’s shopping was over, the intelligence gathering was almost done, and all that was left was the work of preparing for the ball.

What work is it?

One: The dress.

Since it is the upper classes’ ball, it is necessary to prepare the dress.

Two: Invitation.

On that day, only the entrepreneurs of the upper classes who were invited by the organizer to attend the opening ball, none could enter without an invitation.

For this reason, Houri and Aria divided the work, one preparing the dresses and the other the invitations.

“In that case, I’ll take care of the invitations.”

Aria immediately decided to do her job.

However, that was natural.

In any case, Aria was a British aristocrat.

With such a status, it would be a matter of minutes for Aria to get an invitation to the opening ball.

With this in mind, Houri took care of the dress.

It was not a difficult task either.

In Butei High, there is a special search and research section, C research for short.

It is a course where only pretty girls with great looks are allowed to enter.

The purpose of this course is to train people who can use beauty tricks to achieve spying, counterfeiting, reporting and infiltration skills.

Therefore, almost all of the people in this course are girls, and they are the kind of girls who are no less beautiful than super idol stars.

Due to the special nature of C-Research, students in this course often need various costumes to decorate themselves or disguise themselves, or even seduce the target of a special costume fetish.

For this reason, students at Butei High School often commission people from C-Research to make costumes for them to complete various tasks.

Houri is also no stranger to this place.

Of course, Houri is not like the rest of the boys, who approach C Research for various nefarious purposes, but as a workaholic, he has come here a few times for jobs that require specific costumes.

As an S-class Butei, Houri is also very popular with C research, every time he enters C research will attract a large group of fans, but also all have an idol star-like beauty, always looking at him with shining eyes.

However, every time, Houri would say something like this at this time.

“Put away your acting, you are just looking at my wallet, I will spend what I should spend, but I will not spend more, so do not use what you have learned on me.”

When this sentence comes out, those beauties that surround Houri will be very neatly scattered, leaving people extremely speechless.

Today, Houri also used the same method to deal with this group of uncouth bishoujo, looking for acquaintances to help make their own prom dresses and then left.

Immediately after, Aria found Houri.

“Let’s prepare a backup.”

Saying this, Aria then took Houri and went to the second girls’ dormitory.

This was the top floor of the second girls’ dormitory.

Aria took Houri to one of the rooms on this floor, and then, without even knocking, she directly pushed the door open.

“The door is unlocked?”

Houri blinked his eyes, and when he saw the scene inside the door, he was dumbfounded.

It was an empty space.

That’s right, space.

At least, for the scene that appeared in front of his eyes, Houri absolutely no way to call it a room.

In there, there was no table or chair.

In there, there was no décor.

In there, there was no paint.

In there, there was no flooring.

What was presented as a space where the bare concrete slab was exposed to the air.

A light bulb hung in the middle, illuminating the space, but did not bring a trace of warmth to the space, making people feel a chill.

The room was just empty to this extent, as if it was a recently completed residence, not at all like someone was living in it.

Aria seems to be used to this scene, not even changing her shoes, directly into the depths of the room, came to a door and opened it.

Houri, who was following behind Aria, was the first to see the scene inside the door.

What’s in the back of the door, is still an empty space, seems to be set up as a small room to use.

In this small room, only a table, neatly arranged on top of the various tools used to maintain the gun.

In front of the table, a shoujo with short shoulder-length hair of glazed color is sitting there, maintaining the sniper rifle.

That was actually Reki.

Kaca… Kaca… Kang…
Reki disassembled the sniper rifle beautifully with great skill and used the tools on the table to clean up the disassembled parts one by one.

Reki did not refer to any manuals, but relied entirely on her own skills, as if she remembered every part, every tissue, every structure of the sniper rifle, and seemed to have repeated the project countless times, silently carrying it out.

That approach, already comparable to Amdo’s teachers.

Honestly, Houri was more or less surprised.

The maintenance of guns is not a strange thing.

No matter what the weapon, lack of maintenance, it will eventually become dull and rusty.

Houri often takes the time to maintain his Glock, too.

But that’s just maintenance.

If it were like Reki, where every single part is cleaned and reconditioned, the work required would be many times more troublesome than maintenance.

Therefore, in most cases, Houri entrusts Amdo to do this level of maintenance, which saves energy and effort.

More than 80% of the students in Butei High would do the same thing, even sensei.

Reki, however, completely relies on herself to maintain her gun, and it is a more complex sniper rifle.

That’s fine.

It’s not uncommon for students to not feel comfortable leaving their guns to others, or to not be able to spend the money, so they do it themselves.

But looking at Reki’s skill, Houri has reason to believe that Reki will do full cleaning like this after almost every use of the gun.

It was amazing how careful and conscientious she was.

Seeing that Reki seemed to be unaware of anyone’s approach and continued to maintain her gun, Houri also began to slow down his breathing for a moment.

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