Illimitable Until Death v3c210

Houri is no stranger to Reki either.

When they were first enrolled, Houri and Reki were both interested in a Commissioned Mission.

After that, Houri learned that Reki, like himself, had received an S-class rating on the entrance exam, and was considered a treasure by the sensei at Snipe and a prodigy by her fellow majors.

In this way, it was impossible for Houri and Reki not to cross paths.

After all, Assault and Snipe are the most compatible types in the sense that one is a close combat attacker and the other is long-range support.

And Houri and Reki, one being the leader of Assault and the other being the leader of Snipe, are both S-class Butei, so it’s impossible for them not to work together at times.

In the past, Houri took on a difficult commission that lasted for two months.

The commission was commissioned by a faculty member.

Houri and Reki were chosen by the faculty to carry out the Commissioned Mission.

Therefore, Houri and Reki were working together for two months.

However, Houri and Reki did not know each other very well.

The reason why is simple: Reki’s personality does not allow people to get close to her.

In a nutshell, this shoujo has no feelings.

At least, no one at Butei High School has seen any expression on Reki’s face during the year.

Furthermore, Reki never speaks when she doesn’t have to, and her presence is frighteningly low.

This is not a level of silence, but a level that makes people wonder if she is even human.

For this reason, the people of Butei High call Reki a robot, saying that Reki has no feelings.

In fact, Houri has never seen Reki’s emotions fluctuate either.

So, for a while, Houri was very concerned about Reki.

“If I don’t feel anything but death, then Reki doesn’t feel anything?”

That’s why Houri cares about Reki.

But because they hadn’t had many conversations outside of the mission, they weren’t familiar with each other either.

“I didn’t expect you to know Reki,” Houri said to Aria. “Is this what you call backup?”

“Yes.” Aria nodded, turned her gaze to Reki, and said. “Butei killer is a crafty opponent after all, and this incident is likely to be similar to the last bus hijacking, where the criminal used remote manipulation and deceleration bombs to create crimes without showing up in person, so I want to hire Reki to be our eyes and ears to monitor and observe the surroundings as we enter the party scene.”

“That’s true,” Houri said rather agreeably. “I was also going to say that it’s possible that the criminal is hiding behind the scenes again, so we should find a way to bring it out, and this level of preparation is basic, right?”

As a sniper, Reki has the highest level of expertise.

As long as Reki occupies a high position, the area within a two-kilometer radius will not escape Reki’s eyes.

Having Reki as an eyeliner behind them is a very good thing for Houri and Aria, too.


As Houri and Aria finished their conversation, Reki completed the last step of her work, getting the sniper rifle ready.

Reki then raised the sniper rifle in her hand, pointed it forward, seemed to be checking the function of the scope, and slowly moved it, finally pointing it at Houri and Aria.

Gotta say, being aimed at by Snipe’s famous S-class Butei with a sniper rifle is an extremely scary thing.

Unfortunately, Houri and Aria, also S-class Butei, was not surprised by the muzzle.

“Reki.” Aria stepped forward and spoke to Reki without any hesitation in a thunderous manner. “I’d like to hire you for one day, April 18, can you come?”

Without the slightest roundabout, Aria went straight to the point.

In response, Reki’s face did not even change a little, just nod, agreeing.

Seeing this, Aria said again. “So, the price is the same as before, no problem?”

Obviously, this is not the first time Aria has entrusted Reki with a job.

It’s not cheap to commission an S-class Butei.

But for Aria, who is an S-class Butei and a British aristocrat, it’s no big deal.

Other than that, during the bus hijacking incident, Houri received the same payment from Aria.

At that time, Houri had not yet become Aria’s partner, and it was Aria who entrusted Ranbyou to give attack instructions to Houri, which was equivalent to Aria hiring Houri during the bus hijacking incident, so it was natural for Aria to pay for the commission.

It seems that Reki is often commissioned by Aria.

In the face of such Aria, Reki nodded gently, without even saying a word.

In such a situation, Aria seemed to be surprised by it and said rightly. “Then it’s decided, come see me on April 18 at 7 pm, don’t be late.”

Leaving these words, Aria walked towards Houri as if she had completed her purpose this time, and said to Houri. “Okay, let’s go back.”

The whole process of the commission was so surprisingly brief that Houri couldn’t help but have a bitter smile.

This is a situation that would only occur between Aria and Reki, right?

One who does everything by herself and moves forward at her own pace.

One has no emotion and requires no extra explanation.

This kind of two people together, in turn, makes everything easy.

So, Houri did not say anything, nodded and immediately wanted to follow Aria to leave together.

But at that moment, Reki suddenly said.

“Houri-san, please be careful with your surrounding.”

The sudden words, while make Aria stupefied, but also surprised Houri.

Turning his head, Houri looked at Reki, and just so happened to be aligned with Reki’s straight gaze, without a hint of deviation.

Reki then said.

“The wind around you is getting stronger, you must have encountered something extraordinary recently.”

After that, Reki turned her head, wiped her sniper rifle and stopped talking.

Looking at this scene, Aria had not yet reacted, but Houri remembered what Shirayuki had said to him before she left.

“Houri-kun will encounter events that will make a great change in his surroundings.”

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