Illimitable Until Death v3c211

Under the dark moonlit night, a huge tanker docked at a port of Gakuen island, like a high-rise building, brightly lit, with every window, lit up, looking very luxurious.

At the entrance of such an oil tanker, a group of men and women dressed in luxurious dresses with each other’s dancing partners were boarding the ship in an orderly manner.

These men and women, all with a noble temperament of a public figure.

Both men and women, all with impeccable smiles, moved to the deck while handing over invitations to the staff on the side.

At this moment, the deck of the tanker was covered with a bright red carpet, and a table with a white cloth was placed around it.

And in that one table, champagne and delicious dishes almost piled up on the table, the aroma neutralizing the fishy sea breeze.

A pair of public figures from the upper classes gathered on the deck, some talking to each other, some toasting each other, very lively.

Not long after, another limousine came from one of the directions of Gakuen island and stopped in front of the tanker.

When the door of the limousine was opened, two people got down from the limousine.

Who else could it be but Houri and Aria?


The cold sea breeze blew by and lifted the hem of the dress.

Houri wore a black tuxedo, as if the heir of a company, his aura couldn’t help but slightly changed, become more or less mature.

Aria is wearing a white princess-like dress, slender shoulders exposed in the air, but covered with a light veil so that the already incomparable lovely ojou-sama is like becoming a real nobleman.

“Not become a real aristocrat, but is already an aristocrat!”

Aria did not know who she was explaining to, showing a pair of cute little tiger teeth, the pair of scarlet eyes were directly stared at Houri, a look of a lioness who intends to eat people.

In response, Houri just raised his hands, put up a surrender, said. “Okay, I know you are a nobleman, otherwise it is impossible to get the invitation so quickly.”

“I just called the Foreign Ministry and said that I’ve been bored in Butei High recently, so I wanted to attend a ball at sea to relax,” Aria said with an air of righteousness. “As a result, the next day, an invitation from here was sent to me.”

As expected of a noble-born ojou-sama, even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives such face, no wonder she can go to hire S-class Butei without changing her face.

“In the end, I just prepared the dress, and you even prepared the limousine.” Houri glanced at the stretch limousine behind him and laughed. “Could it be that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided this as well?”

“There’s no need to ask for something of this magnitude, is there?” Aria looked at Houri with a puzzled expression and said. “You’re an S-class Butei, you’re usually got paid a lot, and you’re a workaholic, so it should be easy to get this kind of thing, right?”

“But I’m not going to waste my money on something I don’t have to,” Houri says. “For Butei, money is almost like a lifeline, and that’s something that comes up in every course.”

Firearms, ammunition, and equipment are all essential combat factors for Butei.

Even in MainGod space, equipment is a part of the strength of the MainGod envoy.

And in MainGod space, equipment needs CP. Guns and ammunition will of course need money.

Butei is not the police, the use of equipment can be reimbursed with public funds. All equipment needs to prepare by itself.

Therefore, Butei is the profession that moves for money.

Even in the Butei world, there is a proverb that ‘money is equal to strength’.

This saying, even if not completely right, but also basically considered half right.

At least, having equipment is definitely better than not having equipment.

“So I’d rather keep the money for equipment than to misuse it,” Houri said with a frank face. “Of course, I will not be frugal just because of this, at most, just do not be extravagant.”

“I didn’t expect you to have such a traditional Butei philosophy.” Aria laughed half in a dumbfounded way, half in admiration. “Maybe that’s why you’re so reliable.”

Houri suddenly smiled, extended his elbow to Aria’s, and said. “Shouldn’t I be given a chance to be a beauty protector if I’m so reliable?”

The first time she saw Houri’s elbow, Aria, as a noble-born ojou-sama, could not have failed to grasp Houri’s meaning, and with a slight blush on her face, she coughed and said in a somewhat pretentious manner. “This is the only time, cherish this opportunity.”

After saying that, Aria then put her hand on Houri’s elbow and took Houri’s hand.

In this way, Britain’s most famous Holmes partner descendants walked with a strong pace in the direction of the oil tanker.

In front of the tanker, the staff bent down and bowed to Houri and Aria with a polite smile.

“Distinguished guest, please present your own invitation and allow us to look through it a little.”

Houri and Aria looked at each other.

Immediately, Aria took out the invitation and handed it to Houri, who then handed it to the staff at the side.

After checking the invitation, the staff member immediately bowed once again.

“Houri-san, Miss Kanzaki, welcome to Matiya Haida.”

Houri and Aria both nodded with polite smiles, as if they were truly famous people, and walked towards the deck under the staff’s respectful attitude.

For the students of Assault Division, infiltration investigation was not an uncommon thing.

So, Houri has long been familiar with this level of disguise.

As for Aria, although she was too straightforward, she was originally from a noble family and would not make a mistake on such an occasion.

In this situation, Houri subtly looked around, and then subtly glanced at the top of a building near the port.

There, a faint reflected light was flickering.

Next to her, Aria seemed to sense Houri’s gaze and whispered to Houri. “Reki is right there.”

Houri nodded lightly, withdrew his gaze, followed Aria, and walked up to the tanker.

On the top floor of the tanker, in a room, a shoujo is looking through the glass window, slowly walking up to the deck Houri and Aria, her delicate face gradually emerged with a bewitching smile.

That smile, although bewitching, but like a thorny rose, poisonous wine, giving people a dangerous feeling.

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